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Friday 27th March

Easter Holidays!!

All of the adults in Year 1 want you to have the best Easter holidays and enjoy a more relaxing time.

We encourage you to get outside in the garden and enjoy the weather whilst we still have it! If you don’t have a garden (like me!) you could do these inside and from the window.

Here are some fun suggestions of what you could do:

1.     Build dens

2.     Go mini beast hunting in the garden

3.     Do some baking (Easter nests are always a hit with the family!)

4.     Have an Easter egg hunt

5.     Design an Easter egg

6.     Have an egg and spoon race (try not to get too messy!)

7.     Make your own Easter bunny

8.      Bird watching in the garden

9.      Arts and crafts afternoon

Remember these are only examples 

In addition to the daily maths activity today, attached is an Easter Maths and English booklet that could be completed if you run out of amazing Easter activities during the break.

Here is also a link to twinkl that tells the Easter story.

We wish you all a lovely Easter break and hope that you all have time to relax and enjoy it. More activities will be posted on the blog after the holidays!

You are doing a great job! Try not to eat too much chocolate! J

Miss Adams and Miss Hughes

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Thursday 26th March 

Good morning everyone

Today, as well as the maths activity, I have also attached a selection of science activities that your children can complete at home. The unit is ‘Everyday Materials’. If you do not have access to a printer then you can complete the activities in the small blue exercise books that were provided or on any paper. If this is not possible then using the document as a guide for discussion/hands on task with your child is ok to.

Yesterday Carol Vorderman also made her maths website free for the duration that schools are shut- yet another fantastic resource to use at home.

Hoping you all have a wonderful day and the sun keeps shining for us all

Miss Hughes

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Wednesday 25th March 

Good morning parents and children. 

I hope that home learning is going well and although we are not with you be assured that our thoughts are with you all.  

Attached is todays maths activity. Remember to try and read every day - if you are accessing PHONICS PLAY then a good sound to try today would be /tion/ -attention/ conversation/ celebration -if this sound is not preloaded on there you can 'add your own' real and nonsense words to play the game! 

Other information:

I came across this amazon information last night and tried it myself and it is genuine- SO many stories available for you to use at home:

"Amazon have cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids."

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link -

The Royal Cornwall show are offering activities under the hash tag #frontroomfarming – I believe this was advertised on facebook and you can follow the link

BSL – British Sign Language are also offering a free course for children under 18 presently which is a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn a new skill. This was also a facebook advert but has the link-

Have a great day

Miss Hughes

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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning all. Its so nice to see the sun out again!  

Below is todays maths activity that you may want to ask your child to complete. If you have accessed 'Phonics play' one of our  more tricky sounds last week was /URE/ -sure/pure/picture/future. Phonics play is a great fun way to practice reading words with these sounds in and also recognising real and nonsense words - the children love it at the end of every phonics lesson! 

Some parents have said that they are experiencing difficulties in downloading 'The magic paintbrush' power point , please use  this link and hopefully it will take you to twinkl where you can access it free at the moment-   - hopefully this will work. 

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Monday 23rd March

Hi all 
we hope you have had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed the sun! attached is some useful info for activities we have found. Also PHONIC PLAY is a website we use at school and is currently free to use! 
Also attached is todays maths activity. 
have a lovely day. 

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Friday 20th March - daily maths activity 

Please feel free to use these activities to encourage your child to complete in their small blue exercise books. 

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Documents attached  

Dear Parent/ Carers,


Attached with this entry are the links to the year 1 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar mats as stated in the letter to parents.  Within each of the mats there are three levels of difficulty. Please try and encourage your children to do the middle or harder mat. The answers are on there if needed.

Please share the social story attached about coronavirus with your child to help with their understanding of the current situation. It may help to relieve some anxiety if your child is worried.

There is also a home school family learning project which you can do as a family if you wish.

The Magic paintbrush story will help your child with the Literacy tasks set out in the school closure letter.

We hope all the resources can support you at home and will update this blog regularly while your child is off school - please do enjoy the Easter holidays though!

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Work packs will be sent home today or ready to collect from the school office!

Hi all,  attached to this blog is a copy of the letter to parents. A hard copy is with the work packs. On the letter there are ideas and links that you can use with your children daily. We are sending home all packs and extra reading books at the end of school today.  Please refer to the letter for extra ideas that can be done also.  I will endeavour to set small projects occasionally and each day I will upload a picture from our maths text books for the children to complete in their small blue exercise books. Can we just thank you all for your understanding in this difficult time and be assured that we are doing all we can to support your children. 

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Year 1 have worked so hard this week!


This week we have started a new topic -story telling. We have been looking at and learning the story The Magic Paintbrush. The children have worked hard at and enjoyed sequencing the story using pictures. They have also acted the story out in small groups. In our reading lesson this week children read a paragraph from Winnies Midnight Dragon then used their VIPER skills to Retrieve, Infer and use Vocabulary to answer key questions. We will be starting assessments next week in English.


This week we have been looking at addition, subtraction and problem solving. Children have been looking at doubling and halving numbers to 20. They loved testing each other in pairs using cubes. We also started to look at problem solving calculations with missing numbers for instance 7+_=?  we will be continuing to practice missing number calculations next week also. We will be starting assessments in maths next week also.

Wider Curriculum

Our question in the wider curriculum is: Where can we find magic? This week the children have been using DT skills to make cards with pop up and movable features. We have been linking this to science by learning about our solar system and have included planets, astronauts and stars on our pop-up cards. Next week we will be learning about plants.


This week we have been reading:  Enid Blyton’s collection of short stories and Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent!  Our target is to have two story times a day so that all children get immersed in the love of reading.


Mathletics activities have been set. Please remember to read at home every day!

Please remember to come dressed in PE kit on Mondays.




This week we have been writing diary entries in character as ‘Puck’ from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. We have learnt to write in first person, in chronological order and using past tense.  We have also been learning to spell the days of the week.  The children have been using fantastic words to describe ‘Pucks’ adventures – such as Mischievous!


This week we have been learning to partition numbers into tens and ones. We have worked hard to show if a number is 1-digit or 2-digits. We have all achieved counting to 50 with ease and even counted backwards from 50. Children have been adding one more to numbers from 0-50 and showing one less also. We have all been trying hard to remember our five times tables however we are great at sharing our two’s and ten times tables with confidence.

Wider Curriculum

Our question in the wider curriculum is: Where can we find magic? This week the children have been using DT skills to design and construct fairy houses. We will be hanging them in the classroom for a few weeks but will send them home for everyone to admire at the end of term.

World Book Day

It was World Book Day on Thursday and our Shakespeare theme was a great hit, we saw so many fantastic costumes.


This week we have been reading:  Winnie’s amazing pumpkin


Mathletics activities have been set. Please remember to read at home every day!

Message from Miss Hughes

I would like to say thank you to all the children and parents for welcoming me into the class, I have had a fantastic first two weeks at St Cleer.  I promise I will get to know all the parents over the next few weeks so I can handover the children without Mrs Tromans help!


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