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Thursday 7th January 

Good Morning,
Sorry for the delay today 
Here is the home learning for year 2 today, keep going as your doing amazingly! 

Miss Adams and Miss Hughes 

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Good Afternoon,
I have created a short video to explain home learning and what is going to be happening over the coming weeks.

Keep safe,
Miss Adams :)



Wednesday 6th January 2021 

Good morning please find todays work overview  attached for year 2. There are links to access within the document.  
Miss Hughes and Miss Adams 

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Welcome Back! 

Monday 4th January 2021

Good Afternoon!
Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you have had a lovely break and you are all ready to return back to school tomorrow. The classroom, lessons and adults are all ready and excited to see you and welcome you back! We have lots of exciting lessons planned and prepared for you.

A few little reminders for parents:
- Please could face masks be worn on drop off and pick up
- The side doors will now be open from 8:45 and will be closed at 9:00. Then at pick up we will open doors at 3:00 and they will be closed at 3:20.
- Our PE day is still Monday so please still come to school in your PE kits (starting next week).

Here is the link to a welcome back video from Mrs Spencer:

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Miss Adams


Autumn 2 - Week 6 

Friday 11th December 

Good afternoon,

What an amazing and very excitable week we have had! The children are already very excited for Christmas, especially today with all their Christmas jumpers on! They all looked amazing!

This week we have been doing lots of learning and even filmed something very exciting for you watch, you will be able to watch this soon.

Our learning this week:

This week we have been learning about instructions. We have learnt the features of instructions and we have started to use imperative verbs (we liked to call them bossy verbs) and adverbs. We have given our partners instructions and today we wrote a letter to Father Christmas and included instructions on where to park his sleigh.

In year 1 this week the children have been continuing to develop their knowledge on greater than and less than, then they learnt about ordering numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.

In year 2 this week we have started to learn about multiplication, using repeated addition to develop our understanding. They have done so well this this, especially when it is very tricky!

Learning Adventure
This week we have been comparing Christmas in Victorian times and the modern day. We were shocked that at the beginning of Victorian times there were no Christmas trees, no Christmas cards and they did not hang stockings out for Father Christmas to fill. We learnt about Prince Albert and designed our own Victorian Christmas tree. 

This week we read the Christmas story and worked in groups to sequence the Christmas story together. We then wrote what was happening underneath it (see picture below). 


  • It is Wild Tribe and PE on Monday, please come dressed in warm clothes and bring a pair of wellies in a named bag.
  • Please continue to read with your children and write in their reading records, thank you


Autumn 2 - Week 5 

Friday 4th December 

Good Afternoon everyone,
We have had yet another amazing week in 1/2A! Yet again we won the attendance cup along with 1/2H with 100%, thank you everyone!

Our learning this week: 
This week the children have been writing a dairy entry for our writing assessment, they have been really focusing on the key features and have all written some amazing diary entries completely independently! Well done everyone!

In year 1 this week we have been continuing to learn about place value to 20. We have been using the dienes to work out our tens and ones. Well done year 1!
Weekend challenge:
How many tens and ones are there in the number 15?
1 Dojo if you can tell me the answer on Monday!

In year 2 this week we have completed our money unit by competing an end of unit test, we have also completed some mental maths questions. Well done year 2!
Weekend challenge:
What is 45p + 24p?
1 Dojo if you can tell me the answer on Monday!

Learning Adventure 
This week we have been learning about Victorian inventions, the children had a go at making their own invention and then had a go at making plastic cup telephones. We are going to finish these off next week and then you can take them home to enjoy playing around with.


  • Please could all bookbags and books be in everyday, it is still really important to hear them read. Please could I remind you to write in the reading records so we know you have completed the books so they can be changed
  • Spellings have gone out again today, well done for all your practicing over the week, this has been shown by the amazing results you all got! Next test is on Friday 11th - The tests are being carried out in the back of the books
  • With the weather getting a little colder and as experienced today on the icy/snowy side, some of the children are getting quite cold in the classroom as we have to keep the door open for the majority of the day. Some children have been coming in wearing extra layers, please feel free to do this as we do not want the children to be sat there cold. With the weather being quite wet the children's feet are getting cold/ wet, they are more than welcome to bring in a pair wellies to change into for going to play outside. 
  • It is wild tribe on Monday, please could the children come in warm clothes wearing a pair of trainers and bring their wellies in a named plastic bag.
Mr Jangles the Elf
I'm sure you have all heard Mr Jangles the elf has been visiting our classroom, he has caused chaos! He has zip wired across the classroom, messed up the book corner, helped himself to fruit in the night and today we found him playing with the cubes making a den!
I wonder what he will get up to next week!

Thank you for a lovely week and have a lovely weekend,
Miss Adams 


Autumn 2 - Week 4 

Friday 27th November 

Hello Everyone,
We made it to Friday, what a very busy week we have had! I want to start of by saying a massive well done to all the year 2's for doing so amazingly on their phonics screening check this week, you should all be very proud of yourself.

A few notices

  • It is wild tribe and PE on Monday. Please could all the children come in dressed in their wild tribe clothes again wearing a pair of trainers but bring their wellies in a named bag, thank you. 
  • Reading for pleasure books - each of the children take home a reading book for pleasure from our reading corner each week, there are a large number of children that haven't returned a book for a while and we cannot give more books until we have the others back, please could we have these in on Friday so they can have them changed. 
  • Please keep reading with your children, it is lovely to see you hearing them read so much and I really enjoy reading your comments in their reading records. Even if they are a free reader it is still really important to hear them read.
Our Learning 

This week we have planned and written our own version of Oliver Twist. We had the challenge to include contractions, conjunctions and verbs in our story, hopefully the children will be able to tell you all about what they wrote! They were all amazing!

Year 1 have been learning about place value to 20. They have been busy counting objects to 20 and writing in words! They have been using tens frames and dienes to show how many tens and ones there are in a number. Well done year 1!
Weekend challenge:
How many tens and ones are there in the number 15? 1 dojo if you can tell me on Monday!
Year 2 have been continuing to learn about money, we have been looking at how to find the correct amount of change using a number line to help us. We then thought about what coins we would use to give the amount of change given, well done year 2!
Weekend challenge: how much change will I get from £1.56 if I gave the shopkeeper £2? 1 dojo on Monday if you can tell me the correct answer.

Learning Adventure
This week we have been learning about how strict it was for children to go to school in the Victorian times! I took on the role of being the 'mean', according to the children, teacher. We looked at their rules on Wednesday and then made our own chalkboards on Thursday (see picture below of examples).

in science this week we continued to think about materials and their properties. This week we did an experiment where the children had to predict and then carry out the experiment deciding if tin foil, cling film, cloth or tissue paper would make the best material to make an umbrella out of. We had a divide in our class between tin foil or cling film. 

Thank you again for another amazing week, enjoy putting up your Christmas tree to lots of you, we have heard all about it!

Have an amazing weekend,
Miss Adams 


Autumn 2 - Week 3 

Friday 20th November 

Good Afternoon,

What a fabulous week we have had in 1/2A, from Wacky Wednesday to making Victorian toys!

A few notices:

Wild Tribe
Today the children have come home with a wild tribe letter. As on Monday the children will be doing this with Mr Jones as part of there morning. Please could the children come in suitable clothing for this along with wellies and waterproof trousers (if you have them) in a named bag. They will also need trainers suitable for PE, they could wear these but have the wellies to change into. Mr Jones has also asked for the children to bring in an old potato or carrot that the children can use to cut. A potato or carrot is only needed for Monday 23rd November.

Christmas cards
Some of you have been asking about whether we can give out Christmas cards this year. This year it will be slightly different to normal, we will have a class post box where the children can post the Christmas cards they have written to their class friends. The post box will be up from 1st December, all cards need to be in by the 15th December to ensure they have had the correct quarantine time before we hand them out.
A class list will be give out on Monday.

I have a small selection of either school logo or plain red jumpers in the class that have no names in them. Please could you make sure the children have their name in them so we can make sure any spares go home with the correct person, thank you.

Phonics assessment
Next week is phonics assessment week for year 2 children. It is a national check that all children have to take, they will be assessed on their phonics knowledge one of the days across the week.

Our Learning:

In English this week we have continued to follow the story of Oliver Twist. We are aiming to write our own version of a story changing the characters, setting and dilemmas. So far we have though of lots of interesting characters, setting and dilemmas that we are going to use next week when we plan and write our story. We have also continued to think about adding verbs, contractions and conjunctions into our writing.

Year 1 – This week the children have been focusing on shape. They have explored both 2D and 3D shapes through physically holding shapes and searching around the playground on a ‘shape hunt’ for 3D shapes that we have in everyday life. They found some cylinders, cones, cuboids and syphers! Well done year 1!
Year 2 – This week we have continued to focus our learning on money. We have been pretending that we are at a shop and finding the total of some very tricky priced items! Next week we will be thinking about what change we would need when we are paying with a specific amount of money. Well done year 2 for your amazing hard work!

This week we have been learning about how different materials have different properties. We through about how glass is transparent, wood is hard, rubber is stretchy and many more! Maybe the children can find a material at home and tell you a property of it!

Learning Adventure
This week in learning adventure the children have been looking at Victorian toys. We learnt about the toys they have compared to those we have now and thought about their similarities and differences. We even had a go at making our own version of the cup and ball game (see picture below), we all had some much fun playing with this after we had made it.

This week and last week the children have been learning about Diwali. They made some beautiful diya’s out of clay last week and this week they painted them. They look amazing! Any photos you have of them lit would be lovely to share on dojo.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Adams



Remembrance Day  

Yesterday we made some beautiful poppies and did a two minute silence at 11am to pay our respects to everyone who has fought for our country. The children were really interested, asking lots of questions and engaged in this which was lovely to see!

Miss Adams 


Autumn 2 - Week 1 

Friday 6th November 

Hello Everyone!

What a fantastic week we have had in 1/2A, it has been lovely to see all of your smiley faces and how enthusiastic you have all been to get back into your learning. 

In English we have started to look at the story Oliver Twist, the children have loved reading this and have been really engaged in the story and learning how different life was for poor Oliver! We have been learning about contractions (can the children tell you one or more?) and on Thursday we learnt about verbs and what we use them for in our writing, we then had a go at writing some sentences that included a verb! Year 2's were also challenged to use a contraction in their sentence!

Year 1’s have been learning about subtraction, using the part whole models and today using number lines to work out some subtraction calculations - they have been working really hard, well done!
Year 2’s have been trying to work out some very tricky addition and subtraction calculations using the column method and exchanging! Any support at home to go through these would be much appreciated. 

This week we have started a new topic in Science called 'Everyday Materials', to start off with we have thought about different materials (glass, wood, plastic, stone, metal etc) and then had a look around the classroom to see what objects were made from. The children then completed a sorting activity where they had to decide whether the object was metal, plastic or glass. They really enjoyed this!

Learning Adventure:
We have now moved away from The Great Fire of London and we are focusing on the Victorians. Our new Learning Adventure question for this half term is: What happened in Victorian times?
This week the children wrote some questions of what they would like to find out about the Victorians. The children were very interested in what school was like for them, what they ate and what their houses were like. The next 5 weeks will be based on answering some of those questions and basing the learning around the children's interests. Yesterday we completed a timeline that showed when the Victorian times started and when they ended.


  • Please can you make sure all book bags/ reading books and records are in school daily and especially on a Friday for book change day. Today we had a high percentage of children not bringing their books in, if they are not brought in we sadly cannot change them.
  • When you read with your child please can you write in the reading record, we have had lots of empty reading record this week and we cannot see if your child has read the books we have been given them. They do not necessarily have to read to you, it could be to a sibling, teddy, to themselves or even to a pet as we understand it can be very difficult to fit reading in daily!
  • PE is still on a Monday so please can the children come to school in their PE Kit. It is getting really cold outside at the moment (we sometimes to PE outside) so please could the children wear joggers, PE t-shirt and their school jumpers. 
  • Mathletics homework is being set, if you need your login please let me know 

Have a lovely weekend and see you all again on Monday,
Miss Adams 


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