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22nd Septmeber 
Home learning activities 

Good morning

Activities that can be completed at home today :



Our sound of the day is /ou/  ‘ou shout it out’

Look at some of the words below and ‘fred and blend’ them







Can you put these words into a sentence- write them down if you can if not you can say them out loud.



We are looking at  ‘The great Fire of London’

Can you look at the power point attached that includes lots of facts about the significant event.

Can you tell your adult what you found out about?

Can you then look at the setting power point please – can you think of words that describe what you may have HEARD, SEEN, SMELT, FELT during the Great fire of London. Can you write these words down on some paper. If you want to challenge yourself can you write in full sentences remembering to use your capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops.

May be you could also draw a picture of what you think it may have looked like.



Today we are looking at number bonds to ten – have a look at the power point. If you have any buttons, counters etc at home then please use them to show how you can make number bonds to ten. Have a go a writing the addition calculation on some paper  for example :

10+0=10    9+1=10

I have also attached todays 6 in 6 – remember only 6 minutes to complete 6 questions – believe you can.



Today we are looking at habitats

What does habitat mean? Can you research and write it down.

Look at the pictures and say what animals you think may live there.

Can you now draw and label some habitats and their animals?  choose three.



In PSHE today we are discussing  how we can feel safe and happy in school.

Our ‘jigsaw’ friends are feeling a little worried with the recent changes in school and would like your help to feel safe. What things have we changed in school and can you say why?

How do you feel at school and why?

Can you draw and label three ways that you feel safe at school?

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Friday 18th September

Good afternoon all

We have had another fantastic week in 1/2H.

All children have been working super hard with their learning tasks.

Some of the learning this week:


We have been learning how to write a recount and on Thursday we wrote a recount of what it may have been like aboard The Mayflower. We learnt what an adjective was and used lots of adjectives verbally to describe each other and different things.


We have been learning to count to 100 consistently. We have learnt about teen numbers and year 2’s have been working hard to count to 20 and 100 in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Miss Hughes made a mistake and chopped some of the number grids off and all the children used their number knowledge to remember what numbers were missing to 100. The children are getting fantastic at completing their 6 in 6 (6 maths questions in 6 minutes) activity each maths lesson – this week the children have beat the timer three times!

Learning Adventure:

This week we have continued to look at The Mayflower and  we designed and made our own boats from junk modelling materials. We also learnt what a timeline is, and we plotted significant dates in the 1600’s.

We have completed so many great activities this week – well done year 1/2.

Can we please remind you that books will be coming home Monday (Monday for the first week only)

If you have completed the book at home, please bring it back to school on the Friday and another book will be sent home. Please be aware some books may be repeated if we feel that your child needs a little more practice. Please DO NOT write in the photocopy books - even though it says 'write your name here'- thank you :-)

Can we also ask that you check all the children’s jumpers/cardigans and write their names in them if they are not already, the children have been struggling to recognise their own jumper if they take them off in the playground and it can take over ten minutes to try and sort them- thank you in advance for your help with this matter.
Just a gentle reminder that the school day starts at 8:50 , we are opening the doors at 8:30 presently to minimise numbers of children arriving together however the door will be closed at 8:50. 
Thank you all for your support.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing the children on Monday. 
Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 11th September 

Good afternoon 
Firstly can I say what a pleasure it has been to welcome all the children back to school. I feel they have all settled back into school life really well and we are so proud of them! 
This week has been a fantastic week and the children have adapted to the routines and expectations of yr1/2H so well- well done everyone!

This weeks learning:
Firstly the children started a recount of what they had been up to during the summer holidays. We have also been looking at The Mayflower and The Pilgrim fathers. Children enjoyed describing what it may have been like aboard the Mayflower back in 1620! Everyone came up with some very interesting questions they would have asked a Pilgrim father- Where did the animals go to the toilet? ( yes there were animals on board too) - Where was the baby born on the boat? What did the journey feel like? Today the children started to look at features of a 'recount' as next week we will be learning about writing recounts and then producing our own from the view of a Pilgrim Father! 

In maths we have been counting, signing times tables songs, finding missing numbers to 20 and 100. We have also been sorting and grouping. We went into the playground and thought of lots of different ways to sort our class. Including by our hair colour , eye colour and girls and boys. 

In PSHE we discussed the changes to our school and how we can keep ourselves and others safe. 

In Science we discussed body parts and what body parts link to our senses- Miss Hughes had all her body parts wrong and the children helped her!!! 

In RE we learnt what a Parable is and we read the story of 'The lost sheep'. 

During our Learning Adventure this week we made a Pilgrim ( they will be coming home on Monday ) and we also learnt a Pilgrim song and practiced making a rhythm to accompany our song using musical instruments. 

The children have also been reading with Mrs Stone and Mrs Tromans. 

They really have all worked so very hard and had a fab week having lots of fun in class. We are all excited for next week. 
Pleases remember Mondays children come to school in their PE kits. 

We hope you and the children all have a lovely well rested weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 
Miss Hughes , Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Monday 7th September 

Well what a FANTASTIC first day we have had! All the children appeared to have a great day and settled really well. 
We have drawn self portraits, sang maths songs and chalked numbers on the playground. We had some great physical games in PE and definitely wore Miss Hughes out!! We wrote a lovely recount of our summer holidays too!  
Each day the children come into class, they have the opportunity to vote for the story they would like read during story time.  Today the winning book was -Blue by Michael Rosen - the children liked this story very much. 
We look forward to seeing all the children at school tomorrow morning - please remember full school uniform tomorrow please. 

Please look in the book bags tomorrow  for our invite to the 'meet and greet' this Friday at 11:30 

Miss Hughes/Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 4th September 

Good afternoon all

Monday, we welcome you all back to school and we are so happy to do so!

Just a gentle reminder that on Monday all children need to wear their PE kit to school as it is our PE day! 

For the first two weeks we will be easing the children into a routine and getting to know each other. We will be ensuring that we assess where the children are with their learning. Due to this, no reading books will be sent home during this time. Children will be reading regularly at school with us.

When it is time to allocate books, we will allocate 1-2 books a week to each child. The first time we send books home will be on a Monday however after the first-time books will always be sent home on a Friday and returned the following Friday. These books will be cleaned and quarantined over the weekend ready for circulation the following week. If the children have not read both books please only return the one they have read and keep the other book until the following Friday.

Due to these uncertain times we will consistently review how these plans work and will let you know if and when there are any changes to the systems in place.

I have attached a video of the adults in our class, apologies ,as it was brought to my attention yesterday that there were difficulties uploading this when you received the parent letter and you had not received it. I have also attached a video walk around of our class and other areas.  

We really are looking forward to seeing all the children on Monday.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend

Miss Hughes , Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone  



Thursday 3rd September 

Good afternoon all

We hope you have all had a fantastic summer break.

We are excited to see all the children back to school on Monday the 7th and looking smart in their full school uniform. On a Monday we have PE. As part of St Cleer Primary practice all children can wear their PE kits to school all day. They do not need to wear their usual uniform. 1/2 H ‘s PE day is a Monday. All other days normal school uniform is expected.

We would just like to remind you of a few housekeeping notes before the return to school.

When bringing your children to school please come to the side double doors down the drive to the left of the front of the school. There will be signs on the doors and the class adults will be there to greet the children daily.

Parents must all continue to social distance when dropping and collecting the children.

At this point in time, no parents will be allowed to drop their children to the classroom doors or come into class.

To collect your children at the end of the day please wait in the same place as drop off and the adults will release the children from class, to you.

Both 1/2 classes will be holding a ‘meet and greet’ session for you to say hello and ask any questions you may have, please look in book bags/bags and the blog for an invite with details.

We look forward to welcoming and continuing with you and your children into year 1/2

Kind regards

Miss Hughes and Miss Adams

1/2H and 1/2A



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