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Thursday 7th January 

Good morning everyone 
Sorry for the delay today 
We hope that home learning is going well so far. Please see below the documents for todays learning tasks. 
Remember only do what you can and are comfortable with everyone is doing such an amazing job. 
Miss Hughes and Miss Adams 

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Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning please find todays work overview  attached for year 1 . There are links to access within the document.  
Miss Hughes and Miss Adams 

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Tuesday 5th January

Afternoon everyone -we have made short videos to inform you of the logistics over the next few weeks ( Miss Adams video is on 1/2A) 
Take care and stay safe
Miss Hughes and Miss Adams 



Dear Parents and Carers,


We worked extremely hard yesterday to get ready to welcome you all back today. I would like nothing more than to be open as usual but the  announcement changes our plans. We will continue to work with your children and with you to meet the needs of an ever changing situation.


As you will have heard from the Prime Minister, the school site is now closed to all children (including Preschool and Reception) except for children of Key Worker parents and Vulnerable groups.


If you believe your child(ren) to be in this category they can attend the site from 8.45am, entering at the usual entrance doors that we have already been using this year. A member of the staff team for your child(ren) will be there to welcome them. The categories for Key Workers are the same as the last lockdown with a new category added. Please see: if you need to check your Key Worker status.


Children who are attending should wear their school uniform.


The school site will close at 3.15pm for children and tomorrow please collect them from the usual collection point for your child's class. An earlier collection can be arranged if wanted/needed.


I am expecting the school kitchen to be open tomorrow but if you want to send your child with a packed lunch please do so.


If you are a Key Worker/Vulnerable group, I will ask you to book your child in a week in advance as much as is possible, moving forward.


For all other children we will move to online learning on Wednesday 6th January. If you choose not to send your child to school even though you are a Key Worker then online learning can be accessed.


For EYFS we will use Tapestry; KS1 will use Dojo, resources shared and the Blogs; KS2 will use a combination of TEAMs, Blogs and resources shared.


The office will be open today from 8.30am so please do call or email in the meantime if you have any questions/queries.


The PM indicated that this will be the situation for the coming 6 weeks of half term but of course we will communicate any changes/updates as the arise.


I hope you all stay safe and stay well.


Kind regards





Monday 4th January 2021

Good afternoon all and a very Happy New Year to everyone!

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and are all ready for the new term! 

Just a couple of reminders for this week and thereafter:

Full school uniform tomorrow ( Tuesday ) no changes. 

On Mondays we will be completing PE lessons again therefore can all children come to school dressed in their PE kit every Monday starting the 11th January please

You may have seen Mrs Spencer's message- Fridays will now be 'Fit Friday' and children can come to school dressed in their fitness clothes ready to complete some fitness activities throughout the day in between our learning to ensure we are looking after ourselves by being active , healthy and keeping moving. ( no football boots or football shirts please

Please also remember that masks must be worn when you are dropping and collecting your children.

Door opening times are now as follows:
open at 8:45am and close at 9:00am 
Open from 3pm and close at 3:20pm 

We are excited for our Spring term and have lots of great learning planned. 

Please remember if you have any questions you can ask to speak with me in the mornings or afternoon and you can also contact me via dojo or phone.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 18th December 2020 

Hi everyone

Well, we are here at the end of term – It has gone so quick. We have all worked so hard to learn lots of new things and we have had lots of fun along the way.

This week’s learning:

This week we have joined our learning with Christmas fun!

In English we have written instructions about how to make a Christmas craft and then we have made it. We hope you have loved our paper chains, Christmas hats, spiral trees, Christmas cards, peppermint creams and our beautiful painted Diya’s.

In maths we have completed and revisited our learning this half term but with a Christmas twist.

Year1’s have added and subtracted Christmas presents and baubles and Year 2 have made arrays using counters learning about multiplication.

We have had a quiz in class and the children were fantastic at answering questions from learning that we completed back in September. The Christmas Hats won however everyone received a prize for their effort.

Today we have worked hard in our spelling quiz and we have watched a Christmas movie- it has been brilliant.

We have had a wonderful term and we would just like to thank you for your support and adapting to the changes and government guidance during these strange times.

A massive thank you for our Christmas wishes and gifts ,we feel very lucky! (Picture credit- Our Christmas decorations made by
Jacob S). 

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

We look forward to seeing all the children on Tuesday 5th January 2021( normal school uniform please) 

Mathletics activities have been set

Notes: Children will be resuming PE activities on Monday 11th January 2021 so please can they come dressed n PE kits each Monday - thank you. 

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 11th December 2020 

Good afternoon everyone

We hope you are well and have had a lovely week- One school week to go until the Christmas holidays, the children are so excited!

The children all looked great in their Christmas jumpers today – its beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas! We have loved filming our Christmas song for you and this will be available for you to watch soon.

This week’s learning:


This week we have been learning about instructions. We have explored the features of instructions and we have explored Imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and Adverbs. We have written a letter to Father Christmas and included instructions on where he can park his sleigh when he visits us. Next week we will be writing instructions for Christmas craft activities and then making them- we are super excited.


Year 1 children have been exploring greater than and less than and ordering numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.

Year 2 children have started to explore multiplication and repeated addition.

We have all been practicing and singing our 2, 5, and 10 times tables songs.


This week we looked at different objects in the room, as a class we decided what material those objects were made from and then we explored the properties of the objects. We then predicted whether the objects could bend, twist, squish and if they were flexible. We conducted an experiment on some objects in the room and wrote down our results. We had a very squishy banana!

Learning Adventure

We explored and compared Christmas in Victorian times and the modern day this week. We were shocked to learn that at the beginning of Victorian times there were no Christmas trees, no Christmas cards and they did not hang stockings out for Father Christmas to fill. We learnt who introduced the Christmas tree to our country and replicated a Victorian Christmas tree in art.


This week we have looked at friendship and what that means to us. We have looked at positive qualities in our friends and ourselves and we wrote our friends a friendship token.


This week we read the Christmas story and in groups we worked as part of a team and sequenced the Christmas story together.


Wild tribe clothes on Monday please/Mathletics activities have been set 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see all the children on Monday for our last week of term!

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 4th December 2020 
Good afternoon everyone
wow only two weeks to go until the Christmas holidays , hasn't this term gone super quick. We have done so much , its been fab! 

This weeks learning:


This week we have been revisiting and writing diary entries for our writing assessment. The children have worked so hard and have really tried to remember and include key features of a dairy entry. 

This week year ones have worked hard at place value to twenty and are really beginning to understand tens and ones. 
The year twos have been continuing to work out change and making different amounts of money. They have worked individually and as part of a team to solve tricky money word problems. 

Learning Adventure
This week in our learning Adventure we have explored lots of Victorian inventors - we found out that there were many inventions in Victorian times. The children thought of inventions that they would create. On Thursday we explored Alexander Graham Bell and made a string telephone. We have set a little challenge for the children- if you have string at home can you make the string telephones even longer and test if they work. Feel free to share with pictures! 

Mr Tinsel visits our class!
An elf has appeared in our class this week. he wrote us a letter explaining wo he was and what he was doing in our class. He has been hiding lots of Miss Hughes' classroom equipment this week and he ate some of our fruit however he was really kind and also decorated our class with tinsel. We are excited to see what happens next! 

we hope that you all have a lovely weekend 

Wild tribe clothes on Monday/Mathletics activities have been set.

Miss Hughes , Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Good afternoon all

This week’s learning:


We have worked super hard this week at trying to write our stories. Some children have written stories, and some children have practiced sentence structure. We changed the Oliver Twist story to our own imaginative characters and settings and there have been some brilliant suggestions!


This week Year 1’s have begun to explore place value. They have been working hard counting to 20, counting back from 20 and counting on starting from different numbers. They have also started to look at how many tens and ones are in different numbers.  

This week Year 2’s have been continuing to explore money. They have worked really hard  to work out the change they would be given if spending money in a shop. We have looked at how we can solve this using addition and subtraction.

Learning Adventure:

Our Question this half term is: What happened in Victorian times?

This week we have explored Victorian schools– We were so shocked at some of the information we have learnt. Ask your children to tell you a fact about Victorian schools!  We compared modern day schools and schools in the past and we also made a slate board and wrote interesting Victorian facts on them- it was such fun!

Wild tribe clothes on Monday please/ Mathletics homework has been set

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Hughes , Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Friday 20th November 2020 

Good afternoon everyone

Happy Friday!

Christmas cards- if you would like to purchase your children's Christmas cards then the order must be back on Monday 23rd November - Many thanks. 

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday was a great success, thank you so much to everyone for putting so much thought into the outfits – EVERYONE LOOKED AMAZING!

This week’s learning:


We have continued exploring storytelling and this week the children have looked at different settings, different characters, and dilemmas within a story. They have explored how to structure a story, using a story mountain. All children have been thinking really hard about what kind of story they would like to write next week.


This week Year 1’s have began to explore 2d and 3d shapes and their properties. The children have had a shape quiz and learnt 2d and 3d shape songs- which we loved singing. The children have completed some great work in their books about the different shapes and have worked really hard.

This week Year 2’s have been continuing to explore money. All children have worked hard to make different amounts using different coins and notes. They have also been making different amounts and then comparing them to see which amount is greater, less or the same as. They have also been choosing two items to buy and figuring out how much money they would need to buy both items.


This week we have continued to explore different materials however we have looked at the different properties of materials this week and found out whether they are hard, soft, bumpy, rough, smooth and transparent.


In RE this week we continued to look at the celebration Diwali and the children loved making Diya’s from clay- Miss Parris will kindly fire them for us and we will paint them in time for bringing them home at the end of term.

Learning Adventure:

Our Question this half term is: What happened in Victorian times?

This week we have explored Victorian toys – some children brought in toys from home and we looked at these toys and discussed how different they may be from Victorian toys. We then looked at some information on Victorian toys. We compared Victorian dolls to modern-day dolls. On Thursday we made our own Victorian toy – a cup and ball game.

Wild Tribe:

As per the note that went home can the children bring in either an old carrot OR an old potato for Monday’s Wild Tribe with Mr Jones- thank you.

Wild tribe clothes on Monday please/ Mathletics homework has been set

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Hughes , Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 


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