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Learning - Tuesday 2nd June 

Hello everyone,

I hope you're feeling refreshed and ready to learn after your holiday. It's the last half term of the year - wow!

We are still continuing with our theme: 'Who are the Italians?' We will also be learning about Sikhism, animals including humans, Cornwall, the Romans and more.

In English, we will be writing an information leaflet about Cornwall over the next couple of weeks. We will then be writing a leaflet about Italy. For today, just have a read of some leaflets down below and highlight the key words. Which leaflet do you think is the best? Why? This also explains what a leaflet is:

In maths, we are learning about shapes. Today, I'd just like you to draw and label as many 2D shapes and 3D shapes as you can. If you're finding it tricky to draw the 3D shapes, just write their names.

After this, please learn about the human skeleton. Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body? I've attached a diagram of a skeleton. On a sticky note, please write these bones down and then stick them to your body. For example, you would write 'skull' on a sticky note and stick it on your head. Alternatively, you can label a skeleton down below. There is an easier one and a harder one so you can choose which you'd prefer.

Take care,
Miss Wright

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Spellings - Holidays 

Please choose 5 words you're least comfortable with from the lists and then learn these:



Learning - Friday 22nd May 

Good morning everyone,

It's the last day before the holidays - yay! It's almost time for you to have a well-deserved break.

In English, please edit a piece of work. I've attached a sheet for this.

In maths, please review fractions one last time. You can add, subtract or find the equivalent fraction. You might want to cut something into equal pieces, like a pie or piece of cake.

After this, please learn about birds. You could go to a green space and play 'I-Spy' for the different wildlife you see. I've attached an 'I Spy' sheet you can use and this tells you which bird you've seen: . Alternatively, you could make a bird feeder. This is how you could do it:  I've also attached some ideas for the holidays.

Have fun, enjoy the holidays and I'll speak to you soon!

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Learning - Thursday 21st May 

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're all well. Mrs Clack came to collect some of your lovely letters today. It's been great to see that you're all keeping in touch.

In English, we are learning about fronted adverbials. These are adverbs (nicely, slowly, gradually) that go at the start of a sentence. Don't forget that fronted adverbials need a comma! Please write a couple of sentences starting with a fronted adverbial. This is mine: Quickly, the superhero flew away.

In maths, we are still learning about fractions. This time, please focus on explaining answers. You can choose a question from the 'Classroom Secrets' worksheet posted on Monday or something else. The main thing you need to do is explain how you found the answer.

Afterwards, get active - walk, run, cycle and dance!


Home Learning Photos 

Here are some photos sent in by Daisy, Tommy and Alex.

If you'd also like to share photos on the blog, just email them in saying you're happy to share. It doesn't have to be a picture of you. It could be work that you've done.


Learning - Wednesday 20th May 

Hello 3W,

It's been lovely to catch up with some of you, only a few days to go!

In English, please learn about speech marks or inverted commas. Please can you write a conversation between two or more characters. They can be animals, people, or characters from a book. It can be as silly or as serious as you like.

In maths, we are still subtracting fractions. You can either use White Rose maths, page 16 or something else. Please look at Monday's blog entry for the link.

After this, please learn about Italy's history. You you can read about the Romans here: or you can do something else like design a shield.

There are also some posters that might be useful to explain things like social distancing here:

Miss Wright


Learning - Tuesday 19th May 

Good morning everyone,

In English, please learn about conjunctions. Can you write a sentence with 'when', 'if', 'because' or 'although' in it? I've also attached a worksheet where you can add the commas.

[Edit: A lot of people have been struggling to access the conjunctions sheet. Please just write sentences instead.]

In maths, please carry on learning about fractions. You can either use White Rose maths page 15 (see Monday) or something else. We are subtracting fractions today.

After this, I have a thinking question for you.. What do you think the government should spend their money on? Why? Get your thinking caps on! I've attached a sheet to give you some ideas.
Good luck,
Miss Wright

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Learning - Monday 18th May 

Hello all,

It's only one week until the holidays - yay!

In English, we're revising grammar this week. If you have a particular area that you'd prefer to work on, please do. If not, I'll be posting a different thing to focus on each day. Today, we're learning about possessive apostrophes. I've attached a sheet below that you can do or you can write some sentences with possessive apostrophes instead.

In maths, we are still revising fractions. This week we are focusing on adding and subtracting fractions. Please focus on adding fractions today. You can go to White Rose maths, page 13 or I've attached some other questions below if you'd prefer these.

Afterwards, please learn about how water travels up a plant. I've attached an experiment you can do. You can replace the flower with celery if you want to or learn another way. Don't forget to send in your photos for the blog as well, I've already received a few and can't wait to post them for you.

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Spellings 18.05.20 

As with last week's spellings, please choose 5 words from the lists attached that you're least confident with, then learn the following words as well:


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Home Schooling Timetable 

Hi all,

I just had a few questions from parents about the extra resources I put up the other day. This is for children that might have finished their original home learning packs that were sent home. I understand this may not be practical every day and that not everyone is able to do all these activities. Please don't worry and just do what you can. The school is here to support you and if you need extra books, materials, etc., please just ask and we will do our best to provide them.

This is a rough guide on how much work to do. I've put in bold the things that I'm putting up regularly on the blog anyway; the rest of the work is extra things that will help Year 3 when they come back.

Home Schooling Timetable:

* 15 minutes of spellings (uploaded weekly).

* 15 minutes of times-tables (2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s).

* 20-30 minutes of English writing: I will upload some things you can write about on the blog.

* 15 minutes of spelling and grammar: use your workbooks and any resources I add on here. (Next week, we will be doing some grammar revision, so please don't panic if children haven't been doing much of this.)

* 15 minutes of maths arithmetic - use your workbooks and any additional resources I add on here.

* 30 minutes of maths revision work: I will post revision work to do in maths daily on the blog. These are some examples: measurement, place value, column addition and subtraction, shapes, roman numerals.

* 15 minutes of reading comprehension: use the workbooks, children's own books and any other resources I add onto here. In school, we use something called VIPERS. This is a set of skills that children need in order to understand a text. There are some example questions you can ask here:

* Read as much as you can! At least 15 minutes a day.

* 20 minutes of exercise.

* Spend time doing family projects, science experiments, art and DT, play and listen to music, geography, and so on. These are put on the blog daily.

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