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Holiday Work 

Our question for next term is 'Who are the Italians?'

For your home learning, I'd like you to do something about the Italians. You could make a pizza, learn some Italian, make a flag or anything else you can think of - be creative!

Make sure you read lots, exercise lots and go outside as much as you can.

Take care 3W,
Miss Wright

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Spellings 30.03.20 (Holidays) 



Learning - Friday 27th March 

Good morning all!

It's the last day of school before the holidays - hooray!

For English, I'd like you to finish the best copy of your stories. Remember, to use your fanciest words and handwriting.

For maths, I'd like you to apply what you've learnt about measuring weight, length, time and capacity. You could do this by making a cake or helping to cook dinner as this involves measuring out different ingredients.

I'd also like you to learn about maps. is a free maps website. Ordnance survey maps are great because they have the symbols and keys that children need to learn for the curriculum. You could use the website or a physical map to plan a walk with different things in it like a school, car park or post office. Alternatively, you might want to go for a walk and draw a map of this.

As it's the end of the week, you might also want to have a spelling test like we do in school.

I hope you have a wonderful last day of school!

Best wishes,
Miss Wright


Learning - Thursday 26th March 

Good morning everyone,

I hope you found lots of interesting things in nature yesterday and are ready for another day of learning!

In maths, I'd like you to look at comparing lengths. You might want to measure different objects and find out which is bigger, for example. If you're looking for a challenge, you could measure in metres, centimetres and millimetres. I have also put some example worksheets down below if you wish.

In English, you should have hopefully finished your first draft by now. You should now either be editing or starting your 'best copy'. This is your chance to write in your fanciest handwriting and best words.

In the afternoon, I'd like you to focus on the question, 'What would you do in an emergency?' For this, you could discuss numbers to call and who helps us in the community. If you can, you could practice putting bandages on and looking up basic first aid online. St John Ambulance has some 'how to' guides on their website and you can access school resources here: . A fun way to learn about first aid is by practicing on teddies and setting up a 'teddy bear hospital'.

I hope you have a lovely day and please remember to take photos or put things in your home learning books for when we're back at school.

All the best,
Miss Wright

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Learning - Wednesday 25th March 

Good morning all!

I hope you're enjoying your week so far and getting on with some lovely work at home.

In English, I'd like you to finish the first draft of your stories and begin editing them. If you have a purple pen, you can use this to edit your work. If you don't, then crossings out are fine too. You might want to read your work to your brothers/sisters/parents/guardians to ask for their advice on how to make it better. You can edit for things like spellings, capital letters, commas, more exciting words and so on.

In maths today, I'd like you to carry on looking at measuring the length of things. If you're looking for more of a challenge, NCETM has ideas on page 22: . I'd also like you to practice your times tables or do a page from your home learning maths pack.

After lunch, I'd like you to learn about flowers. You could go for a walk and find different flowers. You might want to draw a flower in detail and learn about the different parts. After this, your parents/guardians might have something planned for you or you can do something from your home learning list. Please note that 'Audible' has also announced that it's made hundreds of books free for as long as children are not at school. Just click on this link: .

All the best,
Miss Wright


Learning - Tuesday 24th March 

Good morning parents and 3W, I hope you had a lovely day measuring yesterday and got up to lots of home learning work.

Today, I would like you to focus on measuring again in maths. This time, I'd like you to focus on using metres and centimetres together. You can get a worksheet from online if you want to or you can measure something big like your living room. In school, some children in 3W measured the perimeter of the playground - we discovered that it was 143.03 metres long!

In English, I'd like you to carry on writing the first draft of your stories. You can edit as you go and take your time. Remember to look at your story mountains to help you if you get stuck.

In the afternoon, I'd like you to find out what it means to be healthy. Perhaps you could make a healthy salad or do some exercise and see how that makes you feel. If you're looking for an extra challenge, you could do an experiment to see which exercise makes your heart beat faster or which food gives you the most energy. After that, you could do something from your home learning list or pack.

Hope you have another lovely day of learning from home!

Best wishes,
Miss Wright


Learning - Monday 23rd March 

Good morning parents and 3W,

Sunday was a lovely day and I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine.

Today, I would like you to focus on measuring in maths. You might want to measure things around the house or outside. Websites like '' and '' are safe and free to use at the moment for everyone. You simply need to make an account with them. If you'd like to, you can print worksheets or read PowerPoints on how to measure different things.

In English, I'd like you to finish off your story maps and begin to write the first draft of your stories. Remember, this can be messy and change as you go along. Take your time as you'll be carrying on with your stories throughout the week.

As today looks like another beautiful day, I'd like you to get outside if you can and make some art from nature. Your aim is to use only materials found from the environment (for example, leaves, flowers, pebbles and sticks). You might want to leave it somewhere for someone else to see. The photos on the left are some things I did, you can use that for inspiration. If you aren't able to go outside, I'd like you to draw something from nature instead.

Apart from that, you can do a page from your home learning book or your parents/guardians might have an activity lined up for you. You can also look at your list for other ideas.

Have fun and take care. I will miss you all but cannot wait to see all the wonderful learning you do when you come back.

All the best,
Miss Wright

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Spellings 23.03.20 



Learning - Thursday 19th March 

Good afternoon,

Today children have been learning more about measuring millilitres and litres using different scales. We also did some times table practice at the end of the lesson.

In English, children started drawing out their 'story map'. They used the old story map to help them but changed things like characters and objects. At home, children can finish their story maps.

This afternoon, children did P.E. and made covers for their home learning books. There are plenty of videos


Maths Learning 

This term, 3W has been learning all about measurements. We have been learning: how to tell the time, weigh in grams and kilograms, measure liquid in millilitres and litres, and later we will be learning how to measure length in centimetres and metres. At the end of the term, we are going to make cakes to help us use all these skills.

Below are also some mental maths and capacity questions that children can do.

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