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Howework and learning Week 2 

Watch the video to find out about our learning this week and what we are up to next...

There are also some suggestions for homework activities. See below for links to resources about reading, spelling games and our letter writing learning journey.

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Our first week and first homework 

Watch the video below to find out about our learning this week...

Here are some links to useful websites that will help you with your homework:

A 100 square that can be used on the computer for the counter game instead of printing it out can be found here.

A website that has letters that might have been sent by the Pilgrim fathers to those at home can be found here.

The TT RockStars website can be found here.

Features of a letter

Here is s short video that explains the features of a letter.

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Our First Day in Class 3L 


Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

Welcome back to's to a wonderful Autumn term 2020!

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