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Timetable for Week 7 

Timetable for week 7

Please see the timetable for lessons and blog videos below.

Any questions then please ask. Remember to login to One Note to access your work.

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26.2.21 English - Writing Cafe 

English Writing Cafe

Today you get to put into action the skills we have been working on this week.

Choose one of these pictures and write a short story that involves that picture.

You should make sure that you have spelt any homophones correctly. Used 'a' and 'an' correctly as well as suing the apostrophe for possession correctly.

Answer these quick questions before you get going:

Who is in your story?
What will happen in your story?
Where will your story take place?
When will your story take place?
Why do the events in your story happen?

After that you must decide if you are writing the story in the first or third person. Then get writing - If you are not completing your work on onenote please send it to me via email.

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26.2.21 FRENCH Lesson 

French - Fruits - Les fruits

Today we are learning the names in French of some common fruits.

Follow this link to the language angels website and then use these login details.

all capitals - login: FREEHOMESCHOOL password:FREEHOMESCHOOL

Follow the directions in the video below to find the first lesson. Work through the examples and see how much talking in French you can do. Keep to working on speaking to start with rather than any written activities. Try to find some fruits at home that you can name in French, perhaps make some labels for them.


26.2.21 Maths Live Lesson 

Maths - Investigating Perimeter

Today we are learning to use our knowledge of perimeter to investigate patterns.

To be successful you will be able to:
Measure accurately.
Calculate the perimeter of a shape.
Test a rule to see if it is always, sometime or never true.

The lesson today is entirely on TEAMS - although the questions are also in the downloads section below. For the lesson you will need a sharp pencil, some paper and a ruler.

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26.2.21 Fit Friday - get outside... 

Outdoor learning - If you can!

As the sun looks like it might be out here is a great opportunity to get out into the woods and do some learning. Whatch the video and have sa go at teh activities. If you cannot get to the woods don't worry as all the activites can be done at home also.


25.2.21 PSHCE - Balanced lifestyle 

PSHCE - A balanced lifestyle

This is the first lesson in a series on eating well and living well.

Follow this link to access the lesson.


25.2.21 Art- Creating Shadows 

Art - shadows and shading

Following on from last lesson we are putting our shading skills to use. We are learning to create shadows when drawing real objects. In this case an apple.
Watch the video below - pausing and/or rewinding when you need to and have a go at your own drawings with shadow. Send them in so that we can create a gallery of your work for when you return to school.


25.2.21 English Live Lesson 

English - Possessive Apostrophes

Today we are learning to use a possessive apostrophe.

To be successful you will be able to:

Recognise an apostrophe.

Use an apostrophe to signal singular and plural possession.

Write the short or long form of a sentence.

After activity 1 watch this video before activity 3

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25.2.21 Maths live lesson 

Maths Perimeter

Today we are learning to calculate the perimeter of a shape.

To be successful you will be able to:

Recognise the perimeter of a shape.

Measure the perimeter of a shape.

Calculate the perimeter of a shape by adding.

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24.2.21 Geography 

Geography - Landmarks of the United Kingdom

Today we are learning to discover the characteristics of the United Kingdom’s four countries.

To be successful you will be able to:

Identify key landmarks of the United Kingdom and place them on a map.

The work for today is on the class one note. The resources are also available in the downloads section below - althoug the one note page contains more information about each of the landmarks.

There is a video that can be viewed here that will help.

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