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Spellings for the week. 

Spellings for this week.

Please find your list and spelling rule below. Download them and learn them in as amny different ways as you can.

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Legends and mud! 

The Rillaton Cup

A week of legends and mud

This week we have been learning all about the legend of the Rilalton cup. If you look below this blog post you can find a copy of the legend that we have been learning. We have been learning to use adventurous adjectives to describe Bodmin moor. 

We have also been learning more about soil by conducting an experiment to seperate the different particles that can be found in soil. You can see the results below for yourself.

In maths we have started our learning about multiplication and division. I have added some questions below for those who wish to work more on their written methods of addition and subtraction as well as a couple of videos showing addition and subtraction methods. Take a look and have a go at reviewing your learning by looking at the methods and trying the questions.

We have been reading the book 'The Worst Class in the world' written by Joanna Nadin. I have attached a book review sheet below (if you cannot print it you can make up your own version). Have a go at reviewing the book you are reading at the moment or one you have recently finished.

Written methods of addition

Written methods of subtraction

The Scent of the Moors

In our forest school lesson we learnt how to create a 'smell scape'.

Take a look at the video below to find out how our 'perfumes' smelt...

Parfume de Bodmin Moor!

We will be using what we have discovered in forest school today to help us with our setting description when writing our own 'legend of Bodmin moor'.

We came up with some descriptive phrases and thought it would be fun for Mr Lewis to present them in the style of a wine taster!

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How to login to Microsoft Teams 


Getting our cogs turning 

Spellings are available for download under this blog post.

Group 4 spellings are for Group 4, Yellow, blue and Orange groups.

Gears, Instructions, Maths games and more

This week we have been putting our learning into action by writing instructions and then starting to turn them into films. If you want to know how to get your unicorn ready for a party or how to wash a wild chicken then check back next week to see our movies!

We have also been making good progress in our learning about gears. We learnt how to create cogs for gears and then mount them on card to get them turning. It took a lot of measuring drawing, cutting and joining skills. We will soon be putting these skills to good work when we deisgn and make our automated mammoth wash...

We have been playing a game in maths where we have to beat our partner by stopping them being able to add! There is a number line below this blog that you can use to play the game. There is a short video here that demonstrates how to play. We have also had a go at this game. Can you work out how to beat the computer? If the target number was 33 how would that change your tactics? What if it was an even number target? 

During forest school this week we learnt about different types of fossil. We had a go at creating a cast fossil by designing and making a dinosaur footprint then filling it with plaster. We then discovered that millions of years ago dinosuars had roamed the forest school area and left behind a series of cast fossils. Have a look at the images below to try nd make your own dinosaur footprint fossils.

A good job dinosaurs didn't ride bicycles!

Can you hit the target?

In RE with Deborah this week we learnt about how hard it is to get things right straight away. We also learnt that the word SIN comes from archery - if you miss the target you score SIN - we tried to hit the bullseye but many things made it difficult for us to succeed! We also worked on our paper aeroplane making skills. Deborah has challenged us to work on our aeroplane making skills. I have attached some instructions for you to read and have a go at during the week.

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Learning this week 

Wow it has been a busy week!

We have been working very hard this week on learning in a variety of subjects. In maths we have been getting confident using the column methods of adition and subtraction. In english we have produced some lovely instructions on how to wash a mammoth, both on video using green screen and written in our books. We have learnt about gears and cogs in DT ready to start designing our "automated mammoth washer'. In PE we have learnt new skillds to help us control a rugby ball when passing, catching and moving. In RE with Deborah this week we learnt that we can all make choices and our choices have consequences. During forest schools we learnt about the legend of the cheesewring, made our own version of the cheesewring and then exoerimented with soil erosion.

Next week we will be learning about subtracting with exchanges using a written method. We will be learning to plan and write our own instructions on how to care for an animal or pet. We will delve deeper into the Bronze age to find out how life may have changed during that period. We will continue to be scientists by learning to design an experiment to seperate out the different parts of a soil sample. We will be learning to play attacking and defending games in rugby. We also be learning more about fossils in froest school when we attempt to make our own dinosaur footprints....

Spelling have been a bit disjointed this week as I was ill at the start of the week and not in school. I will test the children on Monday and then they will have a week to learn the spellings listed below. Yellow group and orange and blue group are to learn group 4 spellings.

I have set more mathletics activities for you all to complete this week.

Below you wil find some more maths questions to have a go at to perfect your column addition and subtraction (without exchanging).

Have a great weekend and check out some of the photos below to see us hard at work learning in forest school.

Mr Lewis

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Spellings for the week 

Spellling lists and look cover write sheets for the week.

Find your list and worksheet below. Work hard on your spellings ready for the test next Monday.

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Autumn Term 2 Week 1 

We have been busy...

Here are just a few pictures from the fun we have been having this week. We have been learning about creation, instructions, fossils, types of soil, methods of subtraction and addition as well as rugby and how to make our own videos. Check out the video below to find out more...

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Spellings Week 5 

Spellings for Week 5

Below are your spelling lists for this week. The test will be after half term on the first day back.

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Learning and Homework Week 6 

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Spellings Week 4 

Spellings for week 4

Please download your spelling list below.

Have a look at this website for some fun ideas on how to learn your spellings.

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