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Certificate and Work Show 15 

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6.7.20 Certificates and Workshow 

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26.6.20 Friday Certificates 

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Wildlife Competition 

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Home Learning Opportunities - week beginning 6.7.20  

Dear 3/4L,

Please see this weeks home learning opportunities below.
You will see I have added the Year 3 and Year 4 Maths separately, please choose the ability that suits you best.....or you could even work through the Year 3 and follow onto the Year 4 as a challenge!

There is a fun Science club activity and some lovely artwork around patterns; we would love to see your end results! Please send some photos :) 

We are getting close to the Summer holidays now and hope we will be able to get out even more as the weeks continue to be a little better.

Remember to get in touch if we can do anything to help.
Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Birch

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Reading: Mid-Summer's Night Dream 

More Mid-Summer's Night Dream,

As we enjoyed our learning earlier in the year about Shakespeare's Mid-Summer Night's Dream you can learn more and hear a retelling on the BBC Bitesize website. Check it out and have a go at the activities. Enjoy!


Home Learning Opportunities - week beginning 29.06.20 

Dear Year 3/4L,

Below please find some home learning resources to support you, as we continue into another week of strange times!

The Maths has been split into Year 3 and Year 4 lessons. Use the powerpoint to guide you through the lesson, then choose an activity from the work pack.

Remember to choose the level that is best for your ability.

Have a great week.
Mrs Birch

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English: National Writing Day 

National Writing Day

Go to this BBC webpage to learn how to write a short story for National Writing Day.

Send in your creations so that I can share them with everyone.


Reading: Inference skills 

Inference skills in Reading.

This is a great skill to learn and expecially if it was one of your targets on your report. The lesson on this webpage helps you learn what the skill of inference is and how to apply it.


Reading: Book reviews 

BBC Bitesize Daily Book Review Activity

On the BBC website today is a lovely lesson on Authors, their love of books and how to write a bok review. Check it out and have a go yourselves. Remember to send me your book reviews.


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