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Recorders, RE, Paintings and Inventions! 

Blowing up a storm!

We have been very lucky to hare Sally from the Cornwall music hub coming in to teach us how to play the recorder. Every Tuesday afternoon we have been working very hard to learn how to hold, blow and play the recorder. So far we have learnt to play 'Hot Cross Buns'. We have learnt the notes B, A and G as well as reading music and thinking about rhythm.

Watch out for details of a small performance coming soon......

R.E. with Deborah

We have had an amazing time learning all about stories from the Old Testament with Deborah. With all of the dressing up, actions, acting and story telling we have learnt so much in the first few weeks of this term. We are woring our way through all of the actions for the story. By the end of Spring term we will know all 40!

This week we have been looking at the painting techniques of Leonardo Da Vinci.
We are looking to try and use some if our sketching techniques with paint just like he did. We also found out that he was the first to use his own oil paints. We will investigate this when we start to create our own colours.

We have also been learning about some of Da Vinci's inventions. Although he didn't actually make these machines and ideas in real life he used his skill as an artist to show what they would look like and how they might work.

What could this be?


Reading Poetry 

We have been learning to read with expression

This week we have been looking at a variety of form of poetry as well as learning to make a poem come to life by the way that we read it. Using expression and picking out patterns has been one of the key skills that we have been working on.

Click the link below to hear some of our efforts:

Performing Poetry


What is it like climbing Everest? 

Everest Video Diaries

Of course every Primary School child wonders what it is like to climb the world's highest mountain. Year 3/4 got to imagine just that when they learnt how to write recounts as well as using the DoInk green screen App on the iPads. By combining their writing skills with their IT skills they were able to not only imagine what it would be like reporting from the Mountain but actually see what it would look like if they did.

Click the Pictures below to see some of our creations:

Live from the Mountain!

Click the photos to watch the video report.


Into the Caverns 

Last Friday we went on an excting trip to Carnglaze Caverns

We travelled to Carglaze Caverns near to St Neot in order to take part in some Rocks and Soils workshops as well as to get a very close up look at how rocks form underground. We spent most of the day deep under the ground and even ate our lunch sitting in the cavern.

We learnt a lot in our workshops

After seeing the Cornish Uranium glowing in the dark (not dangerous levels may I add) we set off for the main house where an experiement was ready to be conducted. We learnt many new names for rocks and how they formed as well as testing to see if they were water repelant or not.

We finished off with a Woodland walk

After spending so long underground it was great to get out into the rare sunshine. We set off up the step singletrack path that winds its way up over the top of the caverns. Many fairies and goblins were lurking in the bushes as well as a multitude of woodlands animals. 


Very Short and Scary Stories. 

As it is Halloween and we are learning about mountains we thought we should write
some very short and very scary mountain stories.

What Happened on the Mountain?

Ice cliff.
Stuck with a moan.
Frozen bone.
All Alone.

Henry C.

In the death zone.
No phone.
All alone.
No way home.


Summit Goal.
Frozen phone.
Broken bones.
No way home.


Death zone.
All alone.
Far from home.
Broken bone.


Edmund Hillary.
Very Silly.
Enters the death zone.
All alone.


Death Zone.
New home.
All alone.


Mountain high.
Eagles fly.
The end is nigh.
You die.


Death Zone.
People moan.
No mobile phone.
A human bone.
All alone.


Death zone.
All Alone.
I spy a bone.
I hear a groan.


Death zone.
Drop your phone.
Want to go home.
All alone.

Death zone.
Broken bone.
Mysterious moan.
Death alone.

Mark S

Lots of fog.
frozen log.
Think of my dog.
Slowly sob.


On a mountain.
No Food.
Blood low.
Death slow.


Mountain climb.
Eagle fly.
Rocks fall.
Loud cry.


Ice cliff.
Covered in mist.
Rope missed.
Head 'biffed'.

Henry L

Death zone.
No way home.
Broken bone.
Death moan.


Death zone.
There was a bone.
I was all alone.
I had no phone.

Ethan Finley

Ice cliff.
My legs are stiff.
Mysterious roar.
My Throat is sore.


No secret scroll.
We reach the goal.
All link arms.
One mate falls.
Us he pulls.



Fires and Eruptions! 

In Forest School this week we learnt how to make, light and stay safe around a fire.

After learning about the essential nature of creating fire in History just like the people in the Stone Age we used the tools and materials around us to help light a fire. We had a safety talk and video before venturing out into the woods. After finding a suitable spot we gathered materials to start and maintain a small fire for our science demonstration.

Following on from our work on the structure of the Earth we modelled the Earth's crust and the flowing inner mantle by toasting marshmallows over the fore we made. Science has never been so tasty!

Click this link to see an arty video of our fire!

Volcanic Eruptions.

We have also learnt that not all fire is man made. We have also been learning about the rock cycle and volcanoes. Having made our own model of a volcano we then used some chemisty skills to make the magma erupt into a lava flow.

It was great fun and as we used lemon juice instead of vinegar it was also quite a pleasant smell.


Methods of addition 

This week we have been learning all about addition. As part of this we have been looking at written methods and our understanding of these methods.

Please click the link below to see a video of the stages of progress in our learnng that we will make to be able to use efficient written methods.

Click here for the video: Written Methods of Addition Video


A Mammoth day of Instructions 

Following instructions to Make a Mammoth!

Today we became expert readers and editors as we followed a sheet of instructions to create a Woolly Mammoth from some simple items. 
Having had the experience of following someone else's instructions we not only know how we should write our own set of instructions we have made some very useful edits to improve our mammoth making.

I am sure you will agree they look fantastic. Look out next week for our very own instructions.

To follow and create our mammoths we not only honed our reading skills but also used many of our arts and craft skills. Luckily, Mr Lewis was the only one to slice his finger!

Forest School Art Work

Inspired by the art work of Andy Goldsworthy we took to the outdoors to create our very own nature inspired art work. We used only items we could find in the forest school area and got very creative. Art work of all shapes and sizes was created.


History Day 

A day in the past.

Today we all made a great effort to dress up as events of people from the past. We managed to cover from prehistory all the way up to modern history whilst having a lot of fun.

We spent the morning estimating using inches, feet, hands and yards before tackling some estimations of Stone Age animals and people. Have a go at one of our challenges here on the left.

It was fun using old style measurements and our estimating was much more accurate using inches and feet!

The Mammoth Hunt.

After playtime we went on a mammoth hunt by reading this poem. We then used our fantastic skills with adjectives and powerful verbs to rewrite one of the verses. Please play our video to hear some of our poetry describing the mammoth that we were hunting.

Hunters and Gatherers

During the afternoon we went out onto the field to learn how to throw over a distance with accuracy. As we did so well we progressed to trying to hit moving targets with quite some success. We finished off with a game of hunter by trying to sneak up on animals without them hearing us.


Book suggestion for Year 3/4 

Books recommendations from Mr Lewis

Enjoying reading is the most important thing about learning to read. This includes not only reading a story but listening to someone else read to you and talking about what you are reading.

Here are some book recommendations of books that are great fun. There should be something for everyone so why not visit the school library or go down to the (temporary) library in Liskeard and borrow some of them to see if they are for you.

Astrosuars by Steve Cole

I love this series of books by Steve Cole. Full of brilliant characters and super adventures across the universe. 

Captain Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur – he’s an astrosaur! On the incredible spaceship DSS Sauropod, along with his faithful crew, Gypsy, Arx and Iggy, Teggs rights wrongs, fights evil… and eats a lot of grass.

Other series by Steve Cole - Cows in Action, Slime Squad, Astrosaurs Academy.

Here is his website - Steve Cole

Roald Dahl

Literally anything he has writtenis wonderful. Some books are well within reach of Year 3 and 4 children but some may be a stretch but that is just a good excuse for adults to read these wonderful books to the children.

My favourite is very hard to choose but Fantastic Mr Fox is a right up there because I love to do the voices of the animals when I read it out loud to the class.

Danny Champion of the World is also a firm favourite as it reminds me of what an exciting and adventurous childhood should be like as well as reminding of the times I went playing in the woods as a child.

Check out the official Roald Dahl website here.

Our class book this term
Stig of the Dump

A great book full of adventure, friendship, magic and mystery. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to read this book to the class. I cannot remember the number of times I have read this book but I never grow tired of it. Just imagine you had a friend like Stig! What could you learn from him? What could you teach him? What adventures would you get up to?


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