Class Blog for Year 45

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We have had another very busy week.
In our history lessons, we learnt about the Native Americans and the impact that European explorers had on their lives. As part of our Learning Adventure on the USA, we have focused on three great rivers: the Yukon, the Colorado and the Mississippi.
The Mojave People live alongside the Colorado River and archaeologists believe that their ancestors first arrived there about 30,000 years ago. That is a very long time before Christopher Columbus came along! We discussed the reasons why the Europeans tried to make the Mojave people be more "European."
In maths lessons, we started a new unit on "Shapes and their Properties." We focused on angles, including: right, acute, obtuse and reflex.
In English lessons, the children worked hard to write their own Persuasive Letters. They are very good at using persuasive language and putting forward their own point of view.
In our P.E. lesson, we practised running in relay teams, using the batons. We have also been working on our throwing skills, trying out different types of throwing techniques. We have got very good at frisbee throwing!
In Science, we continue to work on "Living Things and Their Habitats" and in R.E. we developed our understanding and knowledge of the Jewish religion.
Our Year 4s are working very determinedly to get to grips with their x tables and we support their efforts in preparation for their online test coming up in June.
Our preparations for STERTS are also underway and the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 groups are singing with gusto.
The parents have a real treat ahead on June 14th! Class 4/5NP sing with such enthusiasm and clear enjoyment - it is so lovely to see (and hear).
We also look forward to our Jubilee Tea Party on June 6th.
Thank you to the children for all their hard work.
Parents: Thank you, too, for your continued support.
Please sign up for forthcoming Parent Consultations on THURSDAY 9TH JUNE. Both teachers will be available to meet with you.



Last Tuesday, we had an amazing day at Newquay Zoo! We took our note books and found out lots of information about the habitats of the many animals we saw.
Thank you SO much to all the adults who helped us. We couldn`t have done the trip without your support.
It was a shorter week due to the Bank Holiday and our zoo trip meant that we were only in the classroom for three days.
In maths lessons, we used practical resources to help us understand how to do some complicated division problems. 
In English, we had a really interesting and mature discussion about zoos and the children planned and started to write their own points of views in persuasive letter form.
In French lessons, we are moving on to animals and pets and we want to work on conversation as well as vocabulary. The children have built up enough language to have short conversations.
In PE lessons, we will be continuing to focus on Athletics- running, throwing and jumping.
Our Science lessons are "Living Things and their Habitats." This is a good time of year for looking at plants and wildlife and we hope for good weather.
We have started learning songs for our upcoming Sterts production in June. The Year 5s will be singing in a Y5/6 group and the Y4S will be with the Y3/4 group. It will be amazing.
Please keep working on x tables and PLEASE read every day, if possible.
Thank you for your support.

4/5NP Team


The Summer Term is here! 

Welcome back to a new term, everyone! Let`s hope for lots of sunshine and many opportunities to be learning outdoors.
Our potatoes have been growing in the top garden for three weeks now and we are hoping for a bumper crop in July.
In a couple of weeks time, we will be visiting Newquay Zoo to support our learning in Science and we will be embarking on our new Learning Adventure: "Yukon, Colorado, Mississippi: What Stories Can You Tell Us?"
We will be learning about North America with a particular focus on the USA and three of its most iconic rivers. There will be a strong emphasis on the teaching of Geography this term.
In our Games lessons, we will be starting tennis and then move on to athletics.
Our Science topic will be "Animals and their Habitats."
In our English lessons, we will be starting off with "Persuasive Letter Writing." We will link this to our Learning Adventure and will decide whether we think we should persuade people to take their holiday in Cornwall (UK) or the U.S.A.
Thank you once again for all your support with the Class Fair. It was a great success and we were so proud of the children. Through their hard work, creativity and enthusiasm, they raised and incredible £250 for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal in under two hours!
* Games lessons will continue to be on a Monday so please bring kit. Trainers are essential.
* Spellings will be given out at the beginning of the week with a test on the Friday.
* Learning of x tables is a priority and we will be practising every day - please do the same at home. Use or
* We will be going to NEWQUAY ZOO on TUESDAY 3RD MAY.

We hope you have had a lovely holiday and we look forward to catching up with you on Monday.
The 4/5NP Team


Potato Planting! 

1st April 2022
We have had a busy week, as usual!
The Year 4s are really enjoying their swimming and are making good progress.
At School, the Year 5s planted potatoes in the top garden and have lots of good ideas about how we can make the shed look more homely and inviting.

The children have been composing their explanation texts independently. This is going really well and they are covering a very interesting range of subjects. We are pleased with their increased independence and their use of whiteboards to compose and refine sentences.

In maths lessons, we have started the Spring term multiplication and division unit and we are making good headway with multiplying by 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers.

In the afternoons, we have been working on the stalls and games for our fayre on Tuesday. There are some lovely ideas and we think that the KS2 classes will really enjoy the afternoon. Thank you to parents/guardians who have made contributions. The money will be donated to supporting Ukrainians and to Cancer Research - charities that the children felt strongly that they wanted to support.

In our P.E. lesson this week, we had some mini football matches. It was lovely to see the children supporting each other to develop their skills. Several pupils from 4/5NP took part in football matches after school on Monday against Sir Robert Geoffery School. We were so proud of them.

In French, we worked on learning days of the week and months of the year. The children are very fluent at counting to 20.

* Swimming will take place on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th April next week.
* Please bring P.E. kit on Monday.


All the Fun of the Fair 

21ST-28TH March 2022
Swimming for Year 4
This started last week and was very successful. The children have made a lot of progress so far and their confidence has definitely been growing.
This will continue over the next two weeks with swimming on Weds 30th March, Thurs 31st March, Fri 1st April, Tues 5th April and Weds 6th April.
Garden Project for Year 5
Meanwhile, the Year 5s have been undertaking their own project during some of the swimming time: they have worked like Trojans to clear the top garden, prepare the raised beds and to tidy out the spider-filled shed. (The screams could be heard from Liskeard!)
We will be growing potatoes. The shed will be an "Adventure Shed" where we can store games, toys and objects of interest.
Assessment Week
Last week, we undertook end of term tests in maths, reading and writing. The children were really sensible and took them in their stride.
The children will be writing their own Explanation Texts this coming week. We are working hard to promote greater independence and there has been a big focus on the "composition" of writing - turning ideas into sentences.
The children will be holding their own Fair on Tuesday 5th April in the afternoon for the other KS2 classes. This is the finale to their Learning Adventure "All the Fun of the Fair- or is it?" They have worked really hard on their stalls and banners and hopefully, we will raise some money to go to help Ukrainian refugees. (The children overwhelmingly voted for this as their cause).

Games: Mondays
Spellings and Times Tables tests on Fridays.

4/5NP Team


Talented Photographers! 

Week Beginning 14th March 2022
The weather was amazing last week and allowed us to get out and about.
We had a great Games lesson, continuing to develop our football skills. We are learning to keep the ball up, to dribble and to shoot. Next week, we will have some mini games (2V2 or 3V3) to practise defending, passing and attacking.
During our ICT lesson (linked to the theme of "Growth" during Science Week), we went outside to take a few carefully composed photographs of flowers and plants. The children then edited the photos to create artistic pictures. They really are very impressive and would pass as professional photographs in a gallery!
In R.E. we continue to learn about Islam and the importance of Ramadam, whilst in PSHE, the focus is on "Friendship" and how to show understanding of and empathy towards each other.
We completed our maths unit on Decimals, Percentages and Fractions and will be starting a new unit on Multiplication.
In English, the children will be choosing their own subject to write an Explanation Text on.
In Science lessons, Mrs B is teaching the children about "Forces."
Next week is also an Assessment Week and we will carry out end of term assessment tasks on Reading, Writing and Maths.
At the time of writing this Blog, there seemed to be some uncertainty about Swimming for Year 4, so I only hope that it will be going ahead next week. Please keep a close eye on the school website for updates. 

* Games lessons on Monday, so please have PE kit with you.
* Spelling Tests and X Tables on Fridays
* Please keep working on x tables. Use www.Mathsframe   (times table checker).  It is really good.

Thank you to the parents and children for all your kindness and support.
4/5NP Team


Friendship is a wonderful thing! 

Week Beginning 7th March 2022
We have had a really good week at school this week.

We are making amazing headway in our maths lessons on decimals and we are refining our skills in composing explanations in the English lessons.

In our Learning Adventure, we are starting to think about how we could have our own fair at school. The children have thought about different stalls they could run and next week, they will be planning and organising in their groups.

For our PSHE lessons, we continue to think about "Healthy Me" and we will be focusing on the theme of "Friendship."

In RE we continue to look at Islam and we will be recapping work on Ramadan, Prayer and Fasting.
* Swimming is coming up for the Year 4s from Tuesday 22nd March
* Year 4s will be tested on their x tables in the summer term so can they please keep working on these.
* Spellings come home on Mondays and the children will be tested on Fridays.
* X Tables tests on Fridays.
* Games lessons continue to be on Mondays. Please make sure PE kit is in school - especially trainers.


Why do Volcanoes Erupt? 

This was a shorter week at school, but it has been a very busy one!

In English, we have started working on Explanation Text and we will be learning about why volcanoes and earthquakes occur. An Explanation text looks at the "How?" and the "Why?"

In Maths lessons, we continue to focus on decimals and percentages.

Thursday was WORLD BOOK DAY and the children dressed up as "Heroes from Books."
It was a wonderful day!
We have just started to read an amazing book, "Rebecca`s World" which contains some really funny, heroic characters.

Saturday 5th March is St Piran`s Day. On Friday, the children sang Trelawney on the playground and ate delicious Cornish pasties for school lunch on Thursday.

* Games Lesson on Monday - please have your kit.
* Spelling and X Tables tests on Friday - please learn your spellings and work on your tables.
* Science Week begins on Friday and we are ready to plant POTATOES!
* Please bring coats to school - it is cold and sometimes wet.

Thank you for all your support.
The 4/5NP Team


Friday 18th February - Home Learning 

Good Morning, and a very windy one out there today!! day to do at home then half term begins!!

I have attached below some resources:

* Reading Comprehension
* English Writing (choose a task       to complete)
* Maths
* Geography

I have also put some links below to an Art, Geography and PE lesson! Try and dip in to keep yourselves going today then put your feet up and enjoy a well deserved break next week. Remember it is an INSET on the first Monday back and World Book Day on the Thursday!

Year 4/5 multiplication and factors

Multiplication and division - Year 4 - P5 - Maths Collection - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Geography Lesson

Weather and climate - BBC Bitesize


Art Lesson

Drawing - KS2 Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

Joe Wicks Workout

The Joe Wicks School Workout - Bing video

Best Wishes

The Year 4 and 5 Team

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We made automatas! 

The half term holiday is nearly here.
We had a lot of fun on Monday dressing up as and behaving like chickens!
Hopefully, we have managed to raise some money to go towards a cosy chicken coop for some very lucky chickens.
A kind parent brought in his very tame and friendly chickens who wondered around the classroom pecking anything interesting they could find on the floor.
The children heard and chose some favourite poems and many of them performed them to the children in 3L.
In maths lessons, we continue to work on decimals and percentages and we will take this unit into next half term. 
We started to make automats in our Design Technology lessons. This was a very challenging task, but we hope that we will be able to innovate and improve the prototypes we have made. We have been learning the terms linked to mechanisms, such as cam and axle.
Next half term, we will learning about "Forces" in Science, classroom resources in French and in English, we will be writing "Explanation Texts" about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
We hope you all have a lovely, relaxed half term.
Thank you for your support,
4/5NP Team


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