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Why do Volcanoes Erupt? 

This was a shorter week at school, but it has been a very busy one!

In English, we have started working on Explanation Text and we will be learning about why volcanoes and earthquakes occur. An Explanation text looks at the "How?" and the "Why?"

In Maths lessons, we continue to focus on decimals and percentages.

Thursday was WORLD BOOK DAY and the children dressed up as "Heroes from Books."
It was a wonderful day!
We have just started to read an amazing book, "Rebecca`s World" which contains some really funny, heroic characters.

Saturday 5th March is St Piran`s Day. On Friday, the children sang Trelawney on the playground and ate delicious Cornish pasties for school lunch on Thursday.

* Games Lesson on Monday - please have your kit.
* Spelling and X Tables tests on Friday - please learn your spellings and work on your tables.
* Science Week begins on Friday and we are ready to plant POTATOES!
* Please bring coats to school - it is cold and sometimes wet.

Thank you for all your support.
The 4/5NP Team


Friday 18th February - Home Learning 

Good Morning, and a very windy one out there today!! day to do at home then half term begins!!

I have attached below some resources:

* Reading Comprehension
* English Writing (choose a task       to complete)
* Maths
* Geography

I have also put some links below to an Art, Geography and PE lesson! Try and dip in to keep yourselves going today then put your feet up and enjoy a well deserved break next week. Remember it is an INSET on the first Monday back and World Book Day on the Thursday!

Year 4/5 multiplication and factors

Multiplication and division - Year 4 - P5 - Maths Collection - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Geography Lesson

Weather and climate - BBC Bitesize


Art Lesson

Drawing - KS2 Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

Joe Wicks Workout

The Joe Wicks School Workout - Bing video

Best Wishes

The Year 4 and 5 Team

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We made automatas! 

The half term holiday is nearly here.
We had a lot of fun on Monday dressing up as and behaving like chickens!
Hopefully, we have managed to raise some money to go towards a cosy chicken coop for some very lucky chickens.
A kind parent brought in his very tame and friendly chickens who wondered around the classroom pecking anything interesting they could find on the floor.
The children heard and chose some favourite poems and many of them performed them to the children in 3L.
In maths lessons, we continue to work on decimals and percentages and we will take this unit into next half term. 
We started to make automats in our Design Technology lessons. This was a very challenging task, but we hope that we will be able to innovate and improve the prototypes we have made. We have been learning the terms linked to mechanisms, such as cam and axle.
Next half term, we will learning about "Forces" in Science, classroom resources in French and in English, we will be writing "Explanation Texts" about Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
We hope you all have a lovely, relaxed half term.
Thank you for your support,
4/5NP Team


February is here! 

We had our first sighting of snowdrops last week and the bulbs are definitely popping up out of the ground. The evenings are drawing out a bit too so we look forward to more outdoor activity.
Last week, we carried out our ice cube experiment, trying to find out what material or containers were the best thermal insulators. We all know how to use a thermometer accurately, now.

Coming up next week (Monday 14th Feb) is "Chicken Day" and we will be doing a "Chicken Run" to raise money for a school chicken coop. Dressing up is optional! Please wear trainers on Chicken Day.

In PSHE lessons this half term, we are focusing on "Healthy Me." In these lessons we will be looking at the harm that smoking and alcohol can do to our bodies. Parents may wish to talk to their children about this, too.

In RE lessons, we continue to look at the religion of Islam and we will be focusing on "fasting and prayer" and what this means to Muslims.

Our new maths unit is Decimals and Percentages. This follows on from our work on Fractions. The children make connections between all three. Year 5s have to develop a good understanding of percentages and how these are used in the wider world.
The Year 4s had a letter last week about the upcoming times table tests in the summer term. These are really useful to know anyway and we hope to get all of our year 4s confident right up to 12x12 by that time.
Thank you for all your support this term.


Week beginning 24th January 2022 

We have had another busy week!
This picture shows the pilgrimage to Mecca.
This week in RE, we have been learning about Islam and we had a really interesting conversation about why people from different religions go on a pilgrimage.
The children have been editing and writing up their brilliant stories in the English lessons.
In maths lessons, we are continuing to work on fractions and we have been finding common denominators.
In the science lesson next week, we will be carrying out an investigation "Keeping Cool," and we will be trying to stop ice cubes from melting. We have been learning about thermal insulators and thermal conductors.
In art lessons, we painted our Fred Fowle designs and we used pens and colouring pencils to develop them. We talked about mixed media and the use of contrasting colours. The children are learning about primary and secondary colours and have thought about colour choices when being a designer.

* 14th February - fund raising for a chicken coop. Dress up as a chicken in full or a small token if you wish.
* Games lesson - Mondays, so PE kit is needed.
* Fit Fridays - make sure your trainers are here.
* Spelling tests  and times tables tests - Friday.

There will be an important email/letter next week about the upcoming x table tests in June. Please do not get anxious about this. We have lots of ideas about how to help you learn your x tables. It should be fun.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss P, Mrs N and Mrs H.



We have had another very busy week and the children have been working incredibly hard.
The children started writing their own adventures based on the story "Why the Whales Came" by Michael Morpurgo. They are incredible!
We continue to work on fractions. We made some fraction walls so that we could compare fractions and we have made connections and are figuring out how to identify equivalent fractions. The children continue to work hard on their times tables.
We did a dissolving investigation this week. We mixed different solids with liquids to see if we could make a solution.

We have started a unit called "Healthy Me." We had a good discussion about all the things we need to think about in order to feel healthy (and happy). We also learned some of the facts about smoking and the reasons why it is good to NEVER start to smoke.
We looked at the art work of FRED COWLE. He was famous for creating the wonderful, colourful art work designs on fairground rides. We  created our own designs and we will be using these as a basis for painting.
* Games lessons are on Mondays.
* Fit Friday - so please bring trainers.
* Spelling tests on Fridays.
* Times tables tests on Fridays.
* Chicken coop fundraising event 14th February. Dress up as a chicken or wear something small and chicken-like, if you wish. (We are hoping to hatch some chickens which we will look after in the school grounds.)


What is scientific about a fried egg?! 

Friday 13th January 2022
We have had a really busy and productive week at school.
We have been working on our unit on "Materials and their Properties." We learned about gas, liquid and solid molecules and we looked at "Irreversible changes."
We did the classic vinegar and bicarbonate of soda experiment and we made plastic using vinegar and warm milk.
We have really enjoyed fractions this week, especially practical tasks where we used manipulatives and carried out our own investigations. 
We are using the book "Why the Whales Came" as a stimulus for writing our own adventure stories about children who live on an island. Next week, we are going to start composing.
"Why the Whales Came" is a magical story set in the beautiful Isles of Scilly.

We painted our clay dragon eyes and Saxon brooches using sparkly paints. They look really good!
We are doing a unit called "En Famille" - "all about family." We are learning the names of different members of a family.
Learning Adventure
We have thought about what questions we can ask about fairs and what lessons we would like to do. We used the IPads to research the history of fairs.

The children have worked really hard this week and have had an excellent attitude to their work. They have been very DETERMINED!
Have a good weekend.

4/5NP Team



SPRING TERM 2022 – 4/5NP
Dear 4/5NP Parents and Children,
We hope you all managed to have a good Christmas and were able to catch up with your families.
This term, we are starting a new Learning Adventure based around the arts. This will include: Art, Music, DT and Drama with a particular focus on DT (Design Technology).
It focuses on “Fairs” and our question will be: “All the Fun of the Fair – or is it?” We will be looking at the history and origins of fairs and we have arranged to visit Dingles Heritage Fairground so that we can look at the mechanics of the rides. We hope to make automatas (moving toys) based around this work. Our DT focus this term is Mechanics.
Learning Adventure lessons aim to be very cross-curricular linking in many subjects across the curriculum. We will also be looking at the fairground art of Fred Cowle.

In Science, we will finish off our unit on Materials and we will start our new unit on Forces. For English, we are starting off with a unit on story writing based on the book “Why the Whales Came” by Michael Morpurgo.
In PSHE, our lessons will focus on being healthy; covering topics including healthy eating, smoking, alcohol, emergency first aid and body image.
Our school value for this term is DETERMINATION, whilst in R.E. we are studying the religion Islam.

Our ICT sessions will teach us new skills in Stop Animation.

Mr Warwick will continue to teach Music and in French lessons we will be continuing to try out short conversations.

The Maths curriculum will focus initially on Multiplication and we will then cover fractions, decimals and percentages.

Mr Jones will be teaching the Games lessons on a Monday so P.E. kit needs to be in School, please.

Particular focus will be placed on times tables this term because the Year 4s will undertake a National Test in May. It is very important that all the children become proficient in their x tables because this will really help them in all their lessons and, as we all know, they are very useful in real life too!
We are also eager to promote reading even more and are encouraging the children to read regularly and to read a range of genres. The acquisition of vocabulary, through reading, has been shown to have a big impact on children`s spoken language and on their writing. Hearing stories is also very valuable.

We are keen to make use of our amazing outdoor facilities where we can and will use the outdoors to support the children`s learning as and when appropriate.

We will keep you up to date with information on the class blog on the School website so please look at this  each week, if possible.

Miss Parris teaches on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Mrs Nute teaches on Thursdays and Fridays and Mrs Hill, our Teaching Assistant, is with 4/5NP all week. Please contact the school if you wish to catch up with us.

Thank you for your support.

Best Wishes from the 4/5NP Team


Online learning 

Online Learning

Hope you are all feeling well and those of you who are poorly get well soon.

All our online learning can be found on TEAMs. Well done to everyone who has completed assignments, joined live lessons and explored the work set on Deepening Understanding. Please do not hesitate to email or phone the school if you need any support with the online learning. Hopefully we will see you all back in school really soon. 

To get us all in the Christmas mood, here is a video of the children's amazing Christmas music from last week. 


Week Beginning 8th November 

This week's blog has  been written by Charlotte and Daisy

We have started to learn a new topic in English about writing a non-chronological report.  Mrs Nute decided it would be a good idea to write about Space because we have learnt all about Space in our Science.  Mrs Spencer came in for a couple of lessons and had a look at our magnificent planning and writing.

In PE, we have been doing gymnastics. Lots of amazing balances, jumps, bar work and stretches with Mr Jones and Mrs Nute. Also, Mr Jones is running a netball club on Mondays which is always very fun.

In ICT, we started creating some digital art and we will be turning them into animations on the app Key Note. We are using the book ‘The Boy the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy.  It is very difficult but fun. And we had to be very artistic to do this lesson. There is a photo of a piece of art by Jessica below.

In RE, we are learning about Diwali and we did some beautiful Rangoli patterns because in Diwali they use special powders to create Rangoli patterns to welcome the god of fortune (Lakshmi).

In Science, we have finished our topic on Space and we are now learning about materials. And in our first lesson we are talking about what we know already about materials and what we would like to find out.

In our amazing music lesson with Mr Warick, we are learning our school song with 3 counter melodies. We are also learning how to play a song on the glockenspiels and learning a Christmas song with sign language. 

In maths, are learning about multiplication and division. We will also be learning what prime and squared numbers are.

Our class read is ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio and we used this book to inspire our PSHE work on self-esteem. We have written about our special and unique characteristics.  Have a look at our work below.

Thanks for reading our blog this week.

Charlotte and Daisy 



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