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We hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend!
We have been working hard in 4/5BN to clear out and weed our area in the top garden. The children have asked if we can plant some fruit and vegetables and we will soon be planting them! I know that some of you have started to grow some from seeds at home so if you would like to bring any in to add to our bedding area then please do.
In English this week, we continue to work on newspaper reports and in Maths, we will be in our second week on a unit about decimals.
Our Learning Adventure: "Near and Far: What does our World Teach us?" is well underway, with a strong emphasis on Geography. We have been walking in the village and looking at local amenities, as well as drawing maps and learning about OS symbols.

Thank you,

4/5BN Team



We have had a great first week back after the Easter break. 

We have started our Learning Adventure topic ‘Near and Far: what does the world teach us?’ and have started to look at maps and atlases and locating Brazil and Cornwall. We have began to have some great discussions about the St Cleer, Cornwall and Brazil already and have thought of some great ideas for activities to do related to this topic. 

On Friday, the year 4’s had their bikeablilty session which was great fun, a big thank you to Jenny for this! We are thoroughly enjoying our music lessons with Mr Warwick (see video attached). 

This week in Maths we will be starting our new unit Decimals and in English we are continuing to focus on Newspapers reports. We have had some BRILLIANT acting out of a news report! You have us in giggles; it was fantastic to see you all have a really good go at this even though it might have been out of your comfort zone. 

Parent Consultations will take place on Tuesday 27th April and Wednesday 28th April.

4/5 BN Team


Monday 19th April 2021 

Welcome to the Summer Term!

This term we will be studying "St Cleer Village" and "Brazil" as part of our Learning Adventure: "Near and Far: What does our World teach us?"
We will be carrying out a lot of Geography, focusing on the human and physical geography of both places.
Furthermore, we will be cooking (food technology) and will make a traditional Brazilian dish. We will also listen to  music from the country and hope to try out some traditional Brazilian dance!
Our English unit is "Writing Newspaper Reports" and in Science lessons, we will be "Living Things and their Habitats" and "Animals. including Humans." These units will fit in very well with our work on Brazil.
We want to do some growing and planting and hope to make plant pots for every child which can be displayed at the front of the school.
The other two Year 4/5 classes will also be studying South American countries- Peru and Chile- and we will be making passports so that we can visit each other`s classes to learn more about their country!
In Games lessons, we will be learning the skills to play tag rugby. We will continue to learn French each week and our RE this term will focus on Judaism. Our PSHE sessions focus on  'Relationships' and then in the second half of the summer term 'Changing me'. 

* Bikeability will take place this Friday for the Year 4 children who were not able to take part during the Lockdown. If helmets and bikes could be brought into school on Thursday, we will keep them in a safe place in the school building overnight.
* We will continue to have PE with Mr Jones on a Monday (please continue to wear your PE kit to school on a Monday.)
* Parent Consultations will take place on Tuesday 27th April and Wednesday 28th April. You will receive an email to book your allocated slot. 
* We are having a push on telling the time and times tables. It would be very helpful if the children could work on these at home.
Please keep reading too!
* We will continue our forest school session on Wednesdays- please wear your usual school uniform and bring wellies or a spare pair of old/outdoor shoes. 

Thank you for your continued support

Year 4/5 Team



We have had a really good couple of weeks back at school and have been very busy getting stuck in to some great learning! The children have been full of enthusiasm, which has been so lovely to see.

In Maths we are focusing on Angles until Easter, the children have also applied their knowledge of angles to their art lesson and have completed some AMAZING pieces of art! We have also have an ongoing projected across year 4 and 5 to design, create and evaluate silk paintings. These are looking beautiful- we can not wait to share them with you.

Our Science lessons continue to focus on "FORCES" and have learned about Gravity and Water Resistance and Air resistance and next week are looking at Mechanisms. In R.E. we are learning about Hinduism, the children have found this very interesting to learn about all the deities and their qualities.

In French last week we looked at the phrase "Je peux." (I can) and a variety of verbs and this week have learnt to say some animals.

We have been having lots of fun in our Forest School session on a Wednesday! Remember to wear school uniform and bring in a pair of old shoes or wellies. Our Forest School session is in the afternoon so you can bring them in a bag to put on coat pegs. Please make sure that they are labelled clearly with your child’s name.

There will be no spellings next week (29th March).

**When schools were closed, children in 4/5 were given the option of making a presentation of their choice. If children have made a presentation and would like to share them, please could this be emailed to before we break up for Easter. This will make it easier to find.**

**Year 4s - Jenny Nash will be in school on FRIDAY 23RD APRIL to carry out Bikeability with the children who were not in school during Lockdown, so please return your form and start to get your bike ready so that you will be able to participate. ***

Thank you, 
4/5BN Team



We have had a lovely week, welcoming you all back to a normal routine. It has been a delight to see all of the children again and to have everyone back together.
This week has been full of great learning, energetic activities, creative masterpieces and much more!

Here are some key pieces of information:

• We will have our P.E. lessons on MONDAYS, so the children will need to wear their P.E. kit to school.

• We will have FOREST SCHOOL on WEDNESDAYS. Children only need to have old shoes, trainers or welly boots for this lesson, so they must wear their school uniform. (It is rare that we will get very muddy).

• FRIDAY is ‘FIT FRIDAY’ so the children will need to wear their P.E. kit to school.

• Our Learning Adventure for this term is “What Inspires a Great Creation?” so we will be continuing to do lots of creative tasks, involving ART, Music, DT (Silk Painting) and Forest School.

• The children have been told that they can do a mini project on something that inspires them. We will share these on 1st APRIL – the last day of term.

• We will be going back to the BLOG PAGE on the school website. Please refer to this for weekly updates.

• On a Friday afternoon, the children will have a 45 minute music lesson with an inspirational music teacher, Mr Warwick.

If you have any questions or anything that you want to catch up with us about, please get in touch by ringing school or emailing.

Best Wishes, Mrs Nute and Mrs Bartlett.


Thursday 7th January 2021 

The inside of a human ear doesn`t look that appealing, does it?! But, it is incredible how so many bits and pieces work together to give, most of us, the amazing ability to hear sound. The 4/5 Bubble started yesterday to learn all about the ear and how we hear and the science behind it. We are attaching some science activities and a powerpoint narrated by Mrs B. (This work is also on our Teams pages so if you want to do them as an assignment on that, you can.) In our maths lessons, we are nearing the end of a unit on Area and Perimeter and we are attaching this sheet to have a go at. Today, we will be looking at the art work and sculptures of Andy Golsdworthy and this afternoon, our in-school Year 4/5s will be out in the garden (weather permitting) carrying out some fun activities. Take a look at these Land Art Challenge Cards and, if you are able to have a go at any of these tasks, that would be great. You ay need to adapt them for the situation you are in and please be safe if you are out and about in the garden. During the last two days, we have worked really hard as a team to make contact with you all and to find out what types of outreach are going to work for you. Our number one aim is to support the children (especially emotionally at the moment) and to educate them as best as we can. You have requested a variety of different forms that you would like that support to take: paper copies; blog tasks (like this); direct online lessons; Teams assignments and teaching videos. Your feedback has been very helpful. In order to meet everyone`s needs, we are trying to cover all these bases. We are working flat out to get to grips with the technology and to use it to best effect. Your home circumstances are very different and we are trying our best to give the right kind of support. We also have our Year 4/5 school children in every day and we are making sure that their needs are met too. Please bear with us and keep in touch. Assignments have now been put onto Teams and this enables children to complete work that we can look over. We won`t be able to mark all of their work, but we will oversee it and give feedback when we can. We hope this is helpful. Thank you for all the lovely comments and support. And THANK YOU, PARENTS for all your hard work - we understand how hard this situation is for all of you. Take care and keep nice and safe.
P.S The powerpoint would not download onto this blog for some reason, so please refer to the 4/5P blog.

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Wednesday 6th January 

Hello Everyone in Year 4/5.

We hope you are all doing OK.
Our first day in School for this lockdown was very busy. We had 12 children in from our Year group and lots and lots of messages from the rest of you.
Well done to those of you who joined us for the practice Teams meeting yesterday- keep an eye out for the next live session. 
Some of you have requested paper copies of the week`s work and we have left these at Reception, for you to collect. Please email us if you are having difficulties accessing the assignments on Teams. 

We spent every minute that we could yesterday contacting you to check in and say hello. We will make sure we ring everyone over the next couple of weeks. 

In school, we are trying to stick to our curriculum plan and so, we are sending home the same tasks so children at home can keep on track with us.
Please try and complete the assignments set on Teams. The maths activities can now be found in the section called 'Class Notebook'. This can be found next to the assignment tab. There is a folder for year 4 an one for year 5 so select the correct one for you. You can write your answers straight onto the worksheet using the 'Draw' tab. Other activities can be found in 'Assignments' as we talked about yesterday on Teams. 
Aside from this, it would be really helpful if you read your reading book, work on your spellings and keep working on your x tables.
In the afternoon, we will start our Science lesson on "Sound."

We are already missing you and we will keep in touch.
If parents/carers/guardians have any concerns, please get a message to us.
Take care,
4/5 Team.


Happy New Year 5.1.21 

Dear 4/5BN Parents  and Children,

We hope that you are all safe and keeping well.
Yesterday`s news will have caused a lot of change of plans for all of you, so we want to do all that we can to support you and your children.
In school today, we will be teaching the children who do need to come in, but after that we will be trying our best to get in touch with all of you.
There will be different ways we will be providing online learning:
* work to be put daily on the blog (powerpoints, worksheets, explanations of lessons, videos)
* work can be left in the main reception in paper form
* Microsoft Teams- this option will be useful for direct chat and some teaching, but we understand that this can be a challenge for parents who have more than 1 child.
* Videos with a pre-recorded lesson.

I would like to have a little test of Microsoft TEAMs today at 1.30. I appreciate that this may not be possible for everyone so please don’t worry if you cannot connect via TEAMs as the above options for online learning will also be available. 

I will post work on to this blog later today, but in the meanwhile, this is what our day today would have looked like:
* make a mindmap of what the children did at Christmas and do a piece of writing.
* sort out a really good book to read
* learn about something called "parenthesis" - this is when you use a dash, a comma or a hyphen
* maths work on area and perimeter - draw some shapes on cm squared paper and work out the perimeter and the area
* learn our spellings - I will send the list later, but working on the statutory Y3/4 or Y4/5 lists would be useful
* science- introducing our topic on sound

Apologies that the worksheets are not on here yet, but I think parents will be busy sorting childcare today anyway, so please just do what you can and be kind to yourselves.
We are so disappointed that we are "losing" our class again for a while, but we want everyone to be safe.
I will be in touch as much as I can and please make contact through email or ring school. Hopefully, see you all via TEAMs at 1.30 today. 
4/5BN Team

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Hello! We have had a lovely end to the term by doing some great activities. We have been so impressed by all of your hard work and determination over the last term and have loved working with you.

When we return we will have a new Learning Adventure question – ‘What inspires a great creation?’ If you feel inspired to get creative through art, music, dance, photography or building during the Christmas break then we would love to add it to our display!

We have been in contact with some of you already regarding progress after our assessment week. If we have not called you, we will be sure to contact you in the first few weeks back in January.

Have a lovely Christmas,

Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Nute



We have had a great start to the week with some lovely activities in Wild Tribe and Science! We will be continuing our Maths unit of measurement by focusing on perimeter and area and writing a diary entry in English.

Friday 11th December is Christmas Jumper Day along with a Christmas Packed Lunched. Please remember to book the lunches by emailing by Tuesday 8th December. Additionally on Friday, there will be cake sale at the end of the day and year 4/5 will be doing a Santa fun run! What a great day! 

The children continue to work on their x tables in 4/5BN - we recommend www.mathsframe times table checker. This is a really good way to practise x tables, especially for the Year 4's who will probably undertake a nationwide test in the Summer Term.

Year 4: Interest, Experiment, Potatoes, Favourite, Imagine, Material, Promise, Opposite, Minute, Increase

Year 5: Vegetable, Vehicle, Bruise, Soldier, Stomach, Recommend, Leisure, Privilege ,Occur, Neighbour


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