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Learning in 4/5W 22.07.21 

Hello 4/5 parents

We will be featuring what we have been doing.


In sports day we did shuttles and then we did a teamwork hoop game when you had to pass the hoop to each other to reach the end and collect 10 points each way. After a few minutes we did some throwing at some cricket stumps if you knocked 1 down you would get 5 points. Then we done some litter picking up out of a recycling bag then we counted how much litter we collected and that’s how much points we got that round.


In English we have been planning a short story about an animal that follows us where there’s an opening, build up, dilemma, solution and ending. We also done our practice/first draft our editing and our best copy what we used pen for.


In maths we have been learning about advanced shapes and what symbols mean on them like parallel equal and others, these are some shapes we have been learning parallelogram, trapezium and rhombus.


In science we have figured out on a sheet of paper we have been locked in a lion enclosure and we had a code to figure out to get out we had a padlock code to figure out with animal question and if we got a question right it would give us one of the digits in the code if we got it right before 3 other groups we would have one lollypop each in our groups of 3.

See you next time

George and Devan


Learning in 4/5W - 19.07.21 


Hi, we are the blog!

Last week we have been exploring our New Classes (6K, 5/6H, and 4/5PN) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

In English we have been planning our short stories with a Dilemma.

In Maths, we’ve been learning about time (Analogue, Digital, Days, Months and Years).

Last week in P.E. we got to use the stilts, bouncy-hoppers, play badminton, etc. Monday 19th – this week – is Sports Day so we’re wearing our P.E kits, it’s exciting.

Year 4s have Forest School on Tuesday so Year 4s come in old clothes. Year 5s are still wearing School Uniform.

On Friday last week, we made delicious Empanadas! Yummy!

Also, since the start of the summer term, we’ve been doing singing on Fridays with Mr Warwick. Last Friday, all 4/5 classes recorded their songs together. The types of songs we’ve been learning are: Happy (the kind of song you’d tap your foot to), Comedy (funny), and a song with a thoughtful message that Mr Warwick wrote.

One week left ‘till the Holidays! Enjoy the lovely warm weather and have a great time. (What type of Poetical Language was in the last sentence?)

Bye! From the 4/5W blog – Talula and Elowen.



* No spellings this week.

* Sports day is Monday 19th so please can children come in their P.E. kits. Because of this, there will be no P.E. on Wednesday.

* Non-school uniform day on Friday - please see the newsletter for more information.

* There will also be an art and writing competition for all of 4/5, along with other challenges for the summer. Please see the attached letters for more information.

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Learning in 4/5W 09.07.21 

Hello, welcome to the blog.


This week in maths we have been learning all about time, and we have just finished our unit on line graphs. We have also been learning about years, months, days, weeks and hours. We have also learnt how many minutes are in an hour and how many seconds are in a minute.


We have been doing a diary entry about dragons and continuing on the diary on Henry blaze dragon hunter! Most of us have written our best copies in our books! We have coloured in/drawn our own dragons how we want the colour to be.


We have been doing sex education and how to make a baby. Also learnt about the parts of the female and male reproductive system and about puberty and periods! We have also learnt how to cope with the changes as your body grows older.


We have been learning about Chile and are doing posters/power point/ cardboard models/ dance all to do with Chile. We also made our own passports!


Year 4: regularly, occasionally, frequently, usually, rarely, perhaps, maybe, certainly, possibly, probably
Year 5: attractive, creative, addictive, assertive, abusive, co-operative, exhaustive, appreciative, offensive, expressive

By Evie MT and Henry L


Learning in 4/5W 02.07.21 

Hello welcome to the class blog.

We have been learning about line graphs and tables in maths. In science we have been learning about the digestive system of humans and animals. We were also labelling what was the same and what was different. In English we have been learning how to plot an information text about Chile to gather other information about the country. In P.E we have been doing football. We have also been playing against each other and so on. In music we have been learning a couple of songs that mean different things .In milo time milo our class hamster comes into his little pen and comes to see us.

For y4 spellings this week we have got: famous nervous ridiculous carnivorous herbivorous porous adventurous courageous outrageous advantageous.

For y5 spellings we have: boastful faithful doubtful fearful thankful beautiful pitiful plentiful fanciful merciful.

By Evie S and Lilly


Learning in 4/5W 25.06.21 


Y4 Various Furious Glorious Victorious Mysterious Humorous Glamorous Vigorous Odorous Rigorous

Y5 Overthrow Overturn Overslept Overcook Overreact Overestimate Overuse Overpaid Overlook Overbalance


This week we are doing information texts, some of us are on our 1st draft some are on their best copy and some are on their editing stage which is correcting mistakes in purple pen.


In PSHE we have been doing sex education, in sex education we are learning about puberty and relationships.


We have been doing Judaism.


In Science we are doing a Science experiment. So basically we are pouring different liquids in a egg shell to see what happens because they react similar to teeth soon we will see the results!


This week in maths we have been doing different types of graphs (bar charts and picture graphs mainly).


In music we have had MR Warwick teaching us music, like how to play instruments and tongue twisters (what a to do today at a quarter of ten to two there is a view of a room of a room with a view and another view due to do).

By Will and Gray


Learning in 4/5W 18.06.21 

Hello there,

these are the year 5/4 spelling for this week.

Year 5: deflate, recycle, deform, rebuild, decode, rewrite, decompose, replace, defuse and revisit.

Year 4: tremendous, enormous, jealous, serious, hideous, fabulous, curious, anxious, obvious and gorgeous.

In this week’s English we have been writing persuasive letters. You have to explain why you want to get something back, such as your favourite teddy. We were also writing are own information texts. We were researching facts about Chile to use in our information texts. We got to choose from animals, plants, places and sports.

In this week’s maths we have been doing money, such as ‘Danny wants to buy a balloon, he has £2.50, a balloon costs £2.39, how much money does he have left ?’

We also have being doing science. We have been learning about the digestive system and how it travels down your body. Did you know it takes 7 seconds for your food to travel from the oesophagus to the stomach!

In RE we have been doing Judaism and how Abraham founded Judaism in Cannon .

By Ethan and Finley


Learning in 4/5W 10.06.21 

Welcome to our blog, this is some of the stuff we have been doing in our lessons.

Our spellings for next week are:

Year 4

Dangerous, poisonous, mountainous, joyous, synonymous, hazardous, riotous, perilous, momentous and scandalous

Year 5

Definite, desperate, literate, secretary, stationary, dictionary, Wednesday, familiar, original and animal

In maths we have been working on money and fake money to help work out our questions. We used the fake money to work out how much money we had and what we could buy with it and how much we could by with it and who had the most money and who had the least money.

In English we have been getting ready to find facts on Chile so we can make a fact book on Chile. To get ready to make our fact books we were given some books to find some interesting facts to then wright in our own way.

In guided reading we were looking at a text called elephants in the wild which is about Asian and African elephants and there subspecies and answering questions.

In science were working on the digestive system then we will make our own digestive system

In P.E. we were going to do football but we had horrible weather so we set up stations in the hall like skipping push ups and sit-ups.

By Ava and Kailyn


Learning in 4/5W - Half Term 

Next half term we will be practising our football skills in PE. We will be learning lots about football such as dribbling, defending and attacking. Hopefully we will have some good footballers at the end of our football unit in PE.

These will be our spellings for next week (7th June):

Y4: calendar, grammar, regular, particular, peculiar, popular, consider, remember, quarter, integer

Y5: amateur, ancient, bargain, muscle, queue, recognise, twelfth, identify, develop, harass.

In maths we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have learnt how to convert decimals into fractions and fractions into decimals. We have been also learning in maths how to add and subtract decimals and fractions. We also have been learning how to make percentages into decimals and fractions.

In English we have been doing play scripts and have been practising our performances and on Friday we will be performing our plays 4/5P and 4/5BN.We have wrote our final draft and have done our editing and we have improved what we have mistaken.

We have been practising our cricket and have had our final lesson on cricket. We have also drawn an amazing picture of ST Cleer on a map. We have also been learning about living things and their habitats and have researched on the tablets why they are so endangered .

By Jenson and Lyndon.


Learning in 4/5W 24.05.21 


This week in Design Technology we’ve been working very hard on sewing, designing and making a functional poncho. The skills involved are measuring, sewing and cutting the material.

The Spellings for This Week: Year 4: non-stick, non-stop, non-starter, non-smoker, nonsense, non-fiction, non-drip, non-violent, non-profit, non-believer

Year 5: sincere, interfere, sphere, adhere, severe, persevere, atmosphere, mere, hemisphere, austere

In English we’ve been learning, writing (and editing) a play script based on Chile in South America. We were in groups of five to seven people to eventually act out a Chilean play at the end of this unit.

In science we’ve been learning about living things and their habitats, for example elephants have the longest gestation period of all animals carrying their young for almost two years! The emperor penguin has the longest uninterrupted incubation period of any bird. The male penguin incubates the egg for about sixty four days before it hatches.

In maths we’ve been learning about decimals, fractions and percentages. For example equivalent fractions as a decimal and percentage.

By Ellie and Millie in 4/5W .


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