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What is a Super Wolf Blood Moon? 

Posted: 29/11/2019
Rebecca Parris

We continue our fascinating Science unit: Earth and Space. This is a photograph Miss P took on the night of 20-21 January 2019 - the Super Wolf Blood Moon. The children could look up why this moon was given such a long and interesting title.
We are learning about the orbit of the planets around the Sun and how Earth rotates creating night and day. We will, hopefully have a visit from an astronomer in a few weeks time and will learn about our planet in greater depth.
In English, we will be looking at EXPLANATION texts and this will link very closely to our Science work.
In Maths, we continue to study graphs and the children are building up their skills in interpreting tallies, tables, pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs (especially the Year 5s.)
On Tuesday (weather permitting), we will have FOREST SCHOOL so wellies or old shoes are needed and on Thursday, we hope to have a Games lesson outside, so the children need their P.E kits.
On Friday, we will be going up to the Church to sing Carols and look at all the lovely trees between 11.15 and 12.00.
The PTA Christmas Fair is after school on Friday too so please come along!



Posted: 22/11/2019
Rebecca Parris

Another week has passed and we have been really enjoying our beautiful Forest School Garden. We spotted these unusual toadstools as we gathered natural materials to create amazing space pictures. We also collected ingredients for potions. These were used as a stimulus for instruction writing in our English lessons.
In Maths, we are drawing to a close with our work on Multiplication and Division, but we will continue to work very hard on our times tables.
Our class, along with Year 3 and 6 have been learning carols that we will be singing at the church while members of the community decorate their Christmas trees. St Cleer always have a tree in the festival and the church is well worth a visit.
We will be there on Friday 6th December from 11.15-12.00 and parents may pop in to hear us sing.
For our Earth and Space project, we have been searching hard to find a suitable trip or visit and we hope that we will have a visit from a local astronomer at some point this half term.
It would be lovely for the children to be able to engage in star gazing in the evenings with their families - it gets dark so early that they may be able to recognise some constellations well before bedtime.
The children have persuaded the 45P teachers that we should all bring in our teddies Friday next week to share our stories with!! (Never too old...) 
We have Forest School on Tuesday and Games on Thursday - as usual.
Keep reading, please!



Posted: 15/11/2019
Rebecca Parris

CLASS 4/5 P had another very busy and exciting week last week.
We began our Science Project on "Earth and Space." We will be learning about "Night and Day" and the planets in or solar system. We have been discussing the different theories that the Earth was flat, not round and the children have been able to put forward evidence that proves our amazing planet is spherical.
Last week, we had a times tables test and the teaching team is very pleased to see that the children are really learning their tables. Many of us know them randomly and at pace. Some children are focusing on division linked to their tables.
Thank you for all the effort children put into "Children in Need Day" and also for wearing odd socks to remind us that it was anti-bullying week.
There were many examples of the children "being kind" and we are impressed with the mature way in which our class can discuss issues surrounding bullying and falling out. In Year 4/5, the children have been showing that they are able to sort out fall outs and move on - and indeed, strengthen their friendships.
In Maths lessons, we continue to work on Multiplication and Division and in English, we are working on Instruction Text.
Parents often ask how they can help their child: Please: read together; support children with learning their spellings; work on number bonds and times tables; practise dividing and take a look at some real life instructions for things around the house.
Also, talk about the Earth and Space  and share the discussion. Encourage your child to bring in a snippet of information that could help or interest us all.



Posted: 09/11/2019
Rebecca Parris

Class 4/5P are finishing their Learning Adventure on the "Groovy Greeks" and are about to launch into Space where they will be learning about our Solar System and our amazing Planet Earth. Our planet is the only one that we know of that contains such beautiful scenes as the one in this picture. Why is this? We hope to find out why.
Any parents who have any knowledge about Space and Earth would be very welcome to come and tell us what they know. Meanwhile, the children can carry out some research at home and extend their own knowledge and understanding.
In English, we are moving from poetry to instructional text - following and being able to give instructions is a really important skill.
In Maths lessons, we are continuing with our unit on "Multiplication and Division" and we are learning what multiples, factors, prime numbers are and also the meaning of the word product.
On Friday, we took part in a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Day and in Forest School, we built little model fires from natural materials. The Forest Garden looked really Autumnal and the sun shone on us!
Thank you to all the parents for coming to Parent Consultations and for your lovely, positive comments.
Please remember that the Book Fair is in school this week and please keep reading!
The children brought some homophone spellings home last week and they will be tested on FRIDAY.
Please have Forest School boots or shoes here on TUESDAY and P.E. kits here on THURSDAY.
And, finally, please keep learning those times tables. Try out MATHSFRAME - we like it.


Rebecca`s World 

Posted: 02/11/2019
Rebecca Parris

This week, we have finished reading this super book, "Rebecca`s World" by Terry Nation. Miss Parris has been reading this story to pupils for twenty years and it has stood the test of time. We believe that Terry Nation was involved in writing the early scripts for Doctor Who and you can see the influence of the space theme within this incredible story.
Last week, the children started composing their own poems based on their own criteria. They are looking really good so far.
We have also started working on multiplication and division in maths lessons and we are targeting the 6x, 7x and 9x tables.
This week, we will be thinking about Remembrance Sunday and we will be making our salads in Design Technology lessons.
With Parents` Afternoons coming up on Wednesday and Thursday, it will be a busy week ahead.
Our P.E. lessons have been focusing on gymnastics and we are so pleased to see the children challenging themselves to produce good quality work. It is very scary up on the wall bars and it is really challenging to climb up a rope, but everyone is giving it a go!
Soon, we will be leaving the "Groovy Greeks" behind and will be thinking about "Earth and Space."


Classic and Narrative Poetry 

Posted: 25/10/2019
Rebecca Parris

4/5P have really enjoyed their English unit on Classic and Narrative Poetry. We recommend "The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare, a spooky poem set in a creepy forest on a moonlit night. Miss Parris was very impressed at the language the children used to discuss the poem and we are looking forward to writing our own poems next week.
In Maths, we will be moving on from Addition and Subtraction to Multiplication and Division, so there will be lots of opportunity to work on learning our times tables.
In English, our next area of study is Instruction writing and the children will have opportunity to write instructions on a subject that really interests them.
Further into the half term, we will be learning about "Earth and Space" in our Science lessons - and with the dark evenings coming on, we hope that the children might have chance to do some star gazing.


An Eventful Week 

Posted: 17/10/2019
Rebecca Parris

Miss Parris isn`t so sure about the title of this recommended read, but she is assured that David Walliams is a real hit for children of this age and she has seen the joy that many children have had from reading his very funny books.
This week has been so busy in 4/5P. The Year 5s have had two amazing days at Liskeard and Callington Schools. The first day was a really exciting music event where the children could participate in various musical activities and the second day was a life changing orienteering experience.
Thanks to Mrs Birch and her team for helping the children have a super time.
Meanwhile, back in the classroom, the Year 4s were a joy to be with. They designed, made and evaluated incredible Greek houses. They learned how to use saws, how to measure accurately and how to overcome a huge number of problems to stop a structure from collapsing!
Their Greek village /town looks amazing.
Tomorrow, we will be sampling Greek salad ingredients and working as teams to prepare the salad.
We hope that the children have a super holiday.
Please keep reading!


Greek Salad! 

Posted: 11/10/2019
Rebecca Parris

We have had a really busy week in 4/5P. The children have completed their amazing Greek myths and have shared them with pupils from 3T. It was lovely to see them reading together and discussing their favourite parts of the story.
Next week is equally busy, especially for the Year 5s who will be out on Wednesday at a Music Workshop in Liskeard School and on Thursday at a P.E Festival at Callington.
Harvest Festival is on Tuesday morning at 9.30am.
We are also hoping to be tasting, designing, creating and evaluating Greek salads next week.
The children will be preparing and sampling the following foods: tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives, oregano, feta cheese, pitta bread - and possibly mint leaves and lemon juice. Working in groups, they will think about the presentation of a salad and under close supervision, will be chopping up ingredients.
Thank you to the parents for supporting the children in learning their spellings and times tables. We are hopeful that all children will know their tables by the end of the year.
Keep reading! BOOK RECOMMENDATION FOR THIS WEEK: Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone.


October poetry 

Posted: 06/10/2019
Rebecca Parris

Last week, the children worked really hard on their own Greek myth after we spent several lessons looking at the famous myth "Theseus and the Minotaur." 
Next week, in English, we will be studying Classic and Narrative Poetry and we will be using three inspiring poems: "The Listeners" by Walter de la Mare, ""The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll
and "The Tale of Custard the Dragon" by Ogden Nash.
The pupils in 4/5P have been working incredibly hard on their times tables and we have been testing them when they feel they have mastered a particular table.
In Maths lessons, we are starting a new unit on Addition and Subtraction. Children need the tools (such as being able to do column addition and subtraction), but our big focus is on their reasoning and being able to give explanations when tackling a problem. (The answer is ... because...)
Last week, we sent the children home with a list of personalised spellings - words that they still needed to learn. They will be tested on Friday this week. (11th)
You may have read on the newsletter that there will be Class Photographs on Wednesday 9th October and the Harvest Festival will be the following week: Tuesday 15th October
It has been lovely to meet the parents of 4/5P pupils - if you still haven`t caught up, please feel free to catch us before school (when I am often on the playground) or after school (when I stand outside the classroom or just inside the door.) Messages can also be relayed to the class Teaching Assistants.

A book on our wish list is "Tilly and the Time Machine" by Ade Edmondson and the children may also be interested in "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown and "The Iron Man" by Ted Hughes - a real classic that children of this age seem to love.
Some children have been bringing in a poem to read each morning - the more the merrier!


Poem of the Day in 4/5P 

Posted: 24/09/2019
Rebecca Parris

Our Poem of the Day is going really well, from classical poetry to nature to funny poems and it is lovely that the children are bringing in poetry books from home and are talking to their parents and grandparents about their favourite poems. In class, we have been studying a poem called "The Minotaur" - this fits in really well with our current Learning Adventure on The Ancient Greeks.
We look forward to seeing the children dressed up for History Day on Friday and we hope to be excited historians.
Reading for pleasure has also been on our agenda and we are encouraging the children to read whatever they enjoy and to share their reading with a sibling or parent. The impact that confident reading can have on learning is huge - plus, it is a lot of fun!
Being creative and learning through creativity is also a focus for us and we hope to bring that into our lessons throughout this adventure. Last Friday, the children had to make a temple out of newspaper and tape. We learnt about the different types of Greek columns and gained an insight into what makes a strong, stable structure. Keep reading!


Book Recommendations 

Posted: 20/09/2019
Rebecca Parris

4/5P have made a really good start to the term. We have been enjoying our Learning Adventure on the Ancient Greeks and we are looking forward to our History Day on Friday 27th September when we can dress up as any historical figure.
Reading is a really big focus in our school at the moment and we are encouraging the children to read at home and to find a book that excites them.
Our  class reading book is called "Rebecca`s World" by Terry Nation. 
Each day, we hear a "Poem of the Day." We encourage the children to bring in a poem from home and we read it out to the rest of the class.
On our reading display and on the door, we have a list of recommended reads for Year 4s and Year 5s.
Two books that we are recommending for this week are: "The Nowhere Emporium" by Ross MacKenzie and "The Firework Maker`s Daughter" by Philip Pullman. 


Start to the new year! 

Posted: 10/09/2019
Michele Spencer

Welcome back to the new school year! We have an exciting new learning adventure this term based on the question 'What are rocks good for?'.

We will be historians discovering all about the Stone Age, scientists researching and testing rocks, writers creating stories from a time before writing existed as well as improving our outdoor skills and art work just like the Stone Age people. 

Check back here reguarly to find out about our learning.


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