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20th and 21st July 2020 Days 69/70 


Thank you so much for being an AMAZING class to teach. I am sorry that we only had chance to be together as a class for the first  half of the school year, but I feel like we have been together in thought and spirit for this strange and unprecedented second half of the year. It is something we will always remember for the rest of our lives and we can say that we went through it together.
Thank you for all the e mails, phone calls, notes, pictures, letters, messages and videos you have sent me and for the lovely chats I have had face to face or on the telephone.
When we meet up again in September, you will be in your new classes and starting a whole new adventure. I am very lucky that I will have chance to teach some of you again, but I will also have chance to catch up with the rest of you around school.
I am attaching the SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) revision for the Year 5s following our meeting on Friday.
It would help you to look through this before you go into Year 6 and, if any Year 4s look at it, it will also be good revision and preparation for you before heading into Year 5. 

This is the last blog I will be sending this school year and it is just to say THANK YOU and HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!
SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER (unless we bump into you in B and M before that).

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Today, we went out onto the field and blew bubbles. It was such fun, very simple and very relaxing. Why not try it? You can make some mixture from washing up liquid or buy it very cheaply at a supermarket.
I am glad that some of you have been enjoying the puzzles and colouring I attached yesterday.
I am going to attach a quiz today - try not to look at the answers until you have had a go at it! You may need to carry out a bit of research to find out the answers because it is a challenging quiz designed for adults as well as children.
There are also two crosswords.
Please keep reading through the holiday. I know that I keep saying this, but it is so important and a lot of fun.
Have a lovely weekend.
Take care and keep safe.

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Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all well. I am attaching a few little puzzles and fun things to tackle today.
We are getting very near to the end of term, so these are a few things just to keep your brain ticking over and to look help you relax into the holiday.

We are going to watch "Shaun the Sheep" today and play Bingo!
I found this picture of the school. It is not the best quality, but I thought it would be nice for you to know that all of us in this building are thinking of you.
I will see some of the Year 5s tomorrow and will will, no doubt be chatting about you all. It is nice for us to hear what you are all up to.
Take care and keep safe.


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I have had a lovely day today hearing about all the hard work that 4/5P pupils have been up to during Lockdown.
I met one of our Year 4 girls who brought in a HUGE folder of work. She has learnt so much these last months and has worked so hard. It was lovely to see her. She has had a lot of support from her family so that she can keep up with her learning.
I also had a great phone call with the Mum of another Year 4 girl - she has worked very hard and has really benefitted from her Mum`s amazing home tuition.
I then tried to ring another Year 4 girl, but she was with her grandparents. However, I had a very nice chat with her Mum.
I then turned on my emails and found a lovely video from one of the Year 4 boys - it really made my day. Thank you so much for all your lovely, positive messages.
At school, we are not doing a huge amount of work because this is the last week of primary school for the Year 6 pupils. We have been in the Forest Garden a lot and we have been planning a leaving party for them.
I am not going to send you any more curriculum tasks now, but I will keep in touch each day and I will try to find some fun things for you to do.
Today, I have attached a fun General Knowledge Quiz for KS2 pupils. See how you get on. Test your family!
If you want to safely pop into school (or even outside the school) to say hello from 2 metres, you would be very welcome.
Just ring the school and I will arrange a time to meet you.
Please take care and keep safe everyone.

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Here are some fun Science investigations and experiments that you could do at home over the summer - or in the next week.
Some of them are a bit messy, so please check with your parents/carers and do some of them outside on a nice day.
Also, please talk to an adult before undertaking any of these experiments, especially if you need to use scissors, mirrors and any other potentially sharp resources.
Also, I would like you to remember all the day to day skills you need to keep working on.
These will help to keep your brain active and will also be a great help to you when you return to school in September.
These activities include:
* reading
* working on the year 4 and 5 spellings
* x tables
* column addition and subtraction
* multiplication methods
It is so easy to forget how to do things so it is important to check every now and then and give yourself a little test.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the wet weather!
Take care and keep safe.

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Hello Everyone,
On Friday, it was lovely to see or speak to most of our Year 5s. It is good to see that they still have a lovely sense of humour and that they are happy and well.
They are definitely ready to be back at school and to see all their friends again, so let`s hope that things are a little bit more normal in September. It will be so lovely to see all of the Year 4s too!
The Year 5s did some maths work and we began to go over some of the formal methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
We did not get as far as we could because we were so busy chatting and catching up and the time flew. So, I am attaching the powerpoints that were put together by Mrs Birch and these will be very helpful for both Year 4 and Year 5 pupils. They will also be helpful for your parents because they show step by step how to approach these calculations.
Please look at them and practise doing some calculations. You can work out what you need to work on and what your next steps are. If you have time to practise them in the holiday, you will feel more confident when you are back in school in September.
The weather at the weekend was lovely and I got out into the garden and went on some beautiful walks. We are really lucky to live where we do and, in particular to have the countryside so close at hand. 
I hope you have had a relaxing, sunny weekend too.
Take care and keep safe.

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I thought it would be good for you all to think about your last home/ school year. It has obviously been a very strange time for you all and I know that you must be feeling a bit nervous about coming back to school in September.
I think that only two members of 4/5P have been in the key worker group and three year 5s will be coming in on the next two Fridays, so many of you have not been in or near school for a long time, now.
I am attaching some sheets that will help you to reflect on the past year and also think about the year ahead. The sheets are a little babyish for most of you, but they give you a guide and some starting points.
It would be good if you could record your memories and a letter for your new teacher in your Special Book.
If you want to send anything in, I will pass it on for you.
We have been sorting out the new classes and I think that you will soon hear where you will be in September.
I am also attaching this fun end of term activity about a machine invention. I am not sure how much writing you have all been doing these last few months, but this activity will help you to get your imagination going and allow you to see where you are with your own writing.
We did a lot of self-assessing in the time you were in my class and I know that you would be able to edit and improve your writing and also work out what your targets should be for next year. I would expect that you could tell your new teacher what these targets are.
March 20th seems so far away now and I never thought for one moment that you wouldn`t be back in my class this school year.
I am just lucky that I will get chance to catch up with you all in September.
Yesterday, I received some lovely art work from a Year 4 girl - it included a superb portrait and some incredible 3D dog art. You will be able to see it on the hall display when you are back in September.
Please keep reading!
Take care and keep safe.

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Do you know anything about this football player? He has recently been in the news. Can you find out why.
Attached is a comprehension for the Year 4s, but Year 5s may enjoy reading this too.
I would like Year 5 to tackle the Apollo 11 comprehension, but again, Year 4 can also have a go at it.
Today, we did a fun activity with our group at school. We drew an apple and then we "dressed" it up and made it into a little friend.
There were some very interesting end products!
Have a go at this at home. You could try it with a different type of fruit. I would love to see you pictures.
Take care and keep safe.


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I have been sending home a lot of revision tasks, so thought you might  want to tackle something a little more practical today.
Use this "How to Draw a Face" attachment to have a go at drawing a portrait of someone in your family. Or, you could try a self- portrait using a photo or by looking in a mirror, but this can be harder to do.
I would love to see your drawings.

Also, today, I would like you to practise your French. Can you remember your numbers, the days of the week, the months of the year, colours and some different foods?
Attached is some vocabulary that covers classroom objects. See how many you can learn. How would you say: "Could I have a ruler, please?"
We hope that you are all well.
Take care and keep safe.

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Today, is World Chocolate Day, so I would like you to find out a little about chocolate. What is it? Where does it come from? How is it made?
What is the history of chocolate?
Obviously, it is important that we have a healthy, balanced diet, so how much chocolate can we eat?
I know that many of you have been making some delicious recipes that contain chocolate, such as chocolate cake, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
I am attaching today an English revision ppt for Year 5 and a maths revision summer themed booklet for Year 4.
They both contain a lot of work and information, so pace yourself. Year 4s can dip into the Year 5 work and vice versa as both tasks will be useful to you all.
For a bit of fun, why not play this History Timeline Board Game (if you are able to print it out). We have had some lovely, sunny weather today, but you could save this for a rainy day. How many of these dates do you know?
Building up a timeline of events through history is very hard, but an understanding of chronology (when things happened) helps us to understand the world today.
Don`t eat too much chocolate! Enjoy the sunshine.
I look forward to seeing the Year 5s on Friday. For those who cannot make it, I will send a short video on our blog or on Mrs Birch`s blog and I will send home the work we do on those days.
Take care and keep safe.

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