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Hello Everyone,
Another very sunny, beautiful day.
I hope you were able to have a go at making the roto-copter. It was stiller today, less breeze so it may have worked well if you were able to try it outside. I hoped that it would spark some interesting discussion in your household and be fun as well. It reminds me of the sycamore seed which spins to the ground in a similar way. Perhaps Sikorsky got his inspiration from nature?
Tomorrow, I would like you to do a little more maths on decimals and to write a book review on the book you have been reading this week. It does not matter if you have not finished it. Summarise what it has been about so far.
During the holiday, please keep reading and try to relax.
Don`t play on those computer games too much!
I will be back on the blog on the first day of term with a work update.
Enjoy Easter!
Take care.

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I hope that you are all doing well and helping each other out at home.
How is the home-school work going? Well, I hope.
On Thursday, I would like you to carry out some research Igor Sikorsky - he designed the roto-copter.
Then , go into Google (with your parents` /guardians` guidance) and type in "Science Activity: Make a mini helicopter from paper - it`s on science_explorer. Using the worksheet and guidance, you can make an amazing roto-copter out of paper and have a lot of fun flying it.
What does this have to do with forces? Write a few sentences into your special book.
I am also attaching our class story writing toolkit. Last week, we were starting our stories based around the theme of magic. You don`t have your English books, but perhaps you could start a new story or continue this one if you can remember where you left off.
We are nearly into the Easter holiday and you can have a break from school work.
Take care, be happy and help each other out at home - a good chance to learn how to wash the dishes, make your bed, dust the shelves and spread your own toast (if you don`t already!)

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Hello 4/5P,
I can`t believe how lovely and sunny it has been again today. I have been in school playing hide and seek, basketball, colouring and eating pasty and chips - it has been very hard work!!
I hope that you managed to carry out the science task and to look at your spellings.
Tomorrow, could you do some observational drawing - make a still life arrangement.
Also, have a go at these decimals sheets - they say Year 4, but they are the next step in the work we have been doing in class, so they will be useful for all of you to do. If you want to extend your learning in decimals, please go onto Mathletics if you are able to.
That may be enough for you to work on - it depends on the adults who are with you - but if time, can you write me a short spring poem to go into your special book. And please remember to read every single day - share a book and enjoy it!
Please remember that I will be in school all week, so if your guardians/parents need to ask me anything, they can ring the school.
Take care and enjoy your learning! The holiday (rest time) is nearly here.


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Hello Children and Parents,

We hope that your first home-school day has gone well. We hope also that you have been able to enjoy doing your tasks and that you have enjoyed your learning.
Tomorrow, we would like you to think about Science "Forces." Have a go at this gravity task. Do you think that Sir Isaac Newton realised  he had made such an incredible discovery?
Many of you had chance to take the Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists, but I am attaching them again so that you can continue to learn them.
In maths, make up some money problems involving decimals. Practise adding and subtracting money.
Final task for Tuesday: think of a really good joke to write into your special book. I look forward to hearing it when you come back to school.
Take care.

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Dear Parents and 4/5P,
Sunday was a beautiful day and I hope that you were able to enjoy the sunshine.
For the first school day at home (for most of you), I would like you to think about MATHS and Decimals.
I have uploaded what would have been our next step with decimals. It says Year 5 and although this work is mainly aimed at Year 5, it would have been our next step as a class and the Year 4s will be able to have a go at it too.
A safe website called Classroom Secrets is offering free interactive resources for parents and children at home as well as home learning packs. You may wish to take a look at this - but do not feel obliged.
If the sun is shining, do some close up observational drawing outside in the garden or read your book in the sunshine.
Beside this, please feel free to do any other tasks or the list - or you may well have a fun activity already lined up with your parents/guardians.
Have fun, do at least one piece of work in your Home School Book (be neat) and please check into the blog each day.
I  will miss you all, but will think of you working away and having some fun at home. Take care.

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Dear Parents and 4/5P children,
I will be updating the class blog every school day so that the children can have a variety of pieces of work to focus on each day.
They each have a "Special Home School Book" to do work in. I have asked them to make sure they do neat, good quality work and to make it into something they can look back on and be very proud of. When we come back to school, they can bring it in for me to look at.
I hope this is useful.
Please take care of yourselves. We will be in next week for children of key workers and you can ring school that time to talk to me if you need any clarification.
Thank you again for your understanding and support.

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Home Learning Support 

We have had another very busy week at school. 
We have started writing our stories based on "magic" and we have continued to work on Decimals in the maths lessons.
It has been a strange week with visitors not coming into school and some childrn being away due to understandable concerns over the Coronavirus.
In the event that families need to self-isolate, I have attached a sheet to guide you with work that the children could do at home.
I will be in touch on a regular (probably daily basis) through this blog and I will let you know what work needs to be done.
Each child will have a "Special Homework Book" that they can do their work in and they can use this to carry out work outlined in the attached sheet.
Meanwhile, we will be continuing to work hard in class. We have been out and about making the most of any good weather. On Tuesday, we had fun testing out magnets, buggies and ramps and Newton meters - all part of our work on "Forces" in Science.
It would be really good if the children could look at any bbc clips linked to Key Stage 2 forces and find out as much as they can about Forces. This can also go into their special homework book, if required.
Thank you for all your support.

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May the FORCES be with you... 

Last week, we began thinking about creating a setting, characters and a plot for a story around the theme of "magic." This coming week, we will develop our ideas and look at how we can add more detail to our descriptions.
In maths, we have made good headway with Decimals and the children are able to say how decimals link to fractions, money and percentages. We will continue with this unit until the end of term.
On Monday, we start a new science unit on "Forces" and we will be undertaking practical as well as knowledge based tasks. We want the children to ask questions, to observe closely and to make scientific connections. There is also important vocabulary linked to this topic.
We continue to enjoy and benefit from our Yoga lessons and we have been working on "Just Dance" exercises in the classroom - the weather has not been conducive to going outside unfortunately. But, please can the children have P.E. kit here every day at the ready.
Please keep learning times tables (we are doing really well) and "KEEP READING FOR PLEASURE!"
We will have our Open Morning on Thursday in the hall from 9am-9.45. This will be an opportunity for parents to work alongside their child on "A Midsummer Night`s Dream" themed collage and to chat about their learning. The children whose parents cannot make it will do the same activity working in buddy pairs. We look forward to seeing you then.



Last week, we learned more about musical notation and the children had a go at composing their own rhythms and playing them on our African drums. It sounded amazing.
Radio Cornwall came in and interviewed some Year 4 pupils from 4/5P and the whole school singing the Cornish Anthem. It was played on Radio Cornwall on Wednesday and sounded fantastic.
Many of the children and adults dressed up as characters from Shakespeare`s plays on Thursday (which happened to be World Book Day as well as St Piran`s Day).
We continue to have Yoga lessons with Christina and we are hoping that the weather gets better soon so that we can start games lessons outside. (We have been very unlucky with the weather).
This week ahead, we will be starting a unit on narrative (story writing) based around the story "The Magic Finger" by Roald Dahl. This very funny book has been a favourite with children over the years. It is a lovely read for children who want a short, inspiring story.
In maths lessons, we are continuing with work on decimals and we are starting preparation for the Year 4 times tables assessment in June.
The children have new spellings to learn and we ask that they read at home as often as possible, please. They are old enough to fill in their own reading records now.
P.E. kit needs to be in school every day, ready to go out. 
A letter will be coming home at the beginning of the week to tell parents about an open morning on THURSDAY 19TH MARCH from 9am-9.45 - a chance to learn more about "A Midsummer Night`s Dream" from your child and to help them create a magical collage. We hope many of the parents/guardians will be able to make it.
Parents are also able to sign up for Parents` Meetings on 21st and 22nd April. The sign up sheet is on the inside of 4/5P`s door. Please pop in to sign up.
We look forward to another exciting and busy week ahead.



We had a lovely week last week working on "A Midsummer Night`s Dream." We recited poetry in the Forest Garden; we composed music based on a magical forest and we learned about the character Puck.
This week, we have World Book Day on Thursday and we would like everyone to dress up as a character from a Shakespeare play, if possible.
It is also St Piran`s Day on Thursday so we will be singing the Cornish Anthem on Tuesday with a local singer. 
On Monday, there will be a special assembly by the NSPCC and the Year 5s will be involved in a workshop at school.
In English lessons, we will be writing a diary using the character Puck as a stimulus.
In Maths lessons, we will continue working on telling the time and time conversions and then move on to DECIMALS.
In our Learning Adventure, we are focusing on MUSIC and have been using the xylophones, drums and other percussion to work in groups to compose and perform music. The children have produced some fantastic  compositions.
We are hoping for some better weather so that we can get outside to carry out P.E. and venture into the school gardens. The children need to have P.E kit at school every day. 


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