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We had such fun trying to insulate ice cubes to stop them from melting!
Some scientific words that we have been learning this week include: permeable, impermeable, absorbent, insulator and conductor.
In maths lessons, we have been learning the vocabulary: multiple, factor, product, prime number and composite number,
The children continue to work on their x tables - we recommend www.mathsframe times table checker. This is a really good way to practise x tables, especially for the Year 4s who will probably undertake a nationwide test in the Summer Term.
In English, we are working on our own instruction texts. The children have come up with some lovely ideas.
This week, we will be sending home a very important letter with an email login which you can use with your child to link into "Microsoft Teams" at school. This is one form of communication that we may use in the unlikely event of a lockdown of our bubble. Hopefully, this will not happen, but we want to make sure that children and parents feel connected to school and continue to be supported in learning even if it happens at home.
Mr L has made a really super video link which talks you through "Teams." You can find this link on 4/5BN`s blog page from last week, (Login to office online-YouTube). I have also attached (on this blog) the letter that will be coming home on Monday.
In other areas, we continue to use the amazing school apparatus for gymnastics lessons and we are learning about both Ancient and modern Egypt.
Last week, we learned the days of the week in French.
Thank you for your continued support.
The 4/5P Team.

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How long exactly is the River Nile?! 

The big question has been "How long IS the River Nile?"
As we have discovered in Year 4/5, every book, every search engine seems to tell us a different answer and this has raised questions such as: how do we know things, who finds out this information and how reliable is information?
What we do know for certain, is that the River Nile is very long and that it is the life-source for humans and animals in Egypt. Without it, man would not have settled there.
It shapes the landscape and acts as a source of inspiration.
Last week, we had a really great time on "Egyptian Day" and the children and parents did so well to come up with lots of imaginative ways to dress up.
We did some pyramid painting and made Egyptian mummy sarcophaguses.
We also wrapped each other up in toilet roll!
Our Learning Adventure has a strong history focus, but it also incorporates geography, art, computing, drama, research skills and design - and a lot more!
In other subjects, we have continued to work on multiplication and division and in particular, the terms, multiple and factor. The children are working hard to learn their x tables.
In English, we are working on instruction text and in science, we continue to look at the different properties of materials. We learnt the words: permeable, absorbent and flexible.
Next week, we will have gymnastics on Tuesday, so please remember  to wear/ bring P.E kit.
Please take care and look after each other.



Hello Everyone,
I hope you have had a relaxing weekend.

This week, we will be continuing to learn all about the Ancient Egyptians and on Tuesday, we will be having our Egyptian Day. 
The children can dress up if they wish (not compulsory). There will be no gymnastics lesson that day, but we will be trying out some Egyptian dance!
So far we have been carrying out research using books and the internet and the children have been learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We also did a timeline activity and I was very impressed at the children`s knowledge of events in the past and their chronological sequence.
In science, we have been learning all about materials and how they change. We will be doing lots of experiments and tests on materials.
4/5 P have started learning a Christmas song and we have become firm fans of "The Fisherman`s Friends" so we sing along to them quite often.

Important dates:
- 17th November - Egyptian Day

- 18th November - Wacky Wednesday If children want to, they can come in funny clothes and bring in a small donation. The donation will go towards a pet at school.

I am going to send home a very short "mini report" giving you some information about your child`s wellbeing and progress.
I try hard to catch up with parents on the playground, but this is difficult because I need to be with children in the class too. So, if you need to catch up with me, please let the office know and I will give you a call.

4/5P Team



The half term holiday feels like the dim and distant past now and the nights are beginning to get darker earlier.
However, the children have been working really hard and are very focused on their school work.
Our learning adventure this half term continues to be history based and is "THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS." Our overarching theme is: "Who was making History in Faraway Places?"
We have been carrying out research using books and the internet and the children have been creating their own questions and they have suggested some activities that they would like us to carry out in class.
In maths lessons, we are carrying out a unit on MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION and in English, we are composing our own poems around the theme of Cornwall.
We have started using the apparatus in our gym lessons on Tuesdays and we have had a lot of fun.
Next Tuesday 17th November, we will be having an Egyptian Day and the children are allowed to dress up, if they wish. We know that making costumes is a big ask, so please keep things simple. A badge or simple headdress is fine. There is no pressure at all.
We will not be doing gymnastics next Tuesday because of Egyptian Day, but we will be trying out some Egyptian dance instead!
Next week is also WHACKY WEDNESDAY! This idea was created by our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The children can wear whacky clothes or (to keep it simple) wear odd socks. This is to send the message that it is OK to be different - and it`s also OK to be the same!
Some of you may be aware that the children of 45P form a Microsoft Teams group. This may be helpful at times when education needs to be remote - hopefully, this won`t occur, but this would be a very good way of keeping in touch. I will let you know more about this in the next couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, take care everyone - and thank you for your support.



PLEASE BRING A CARDBOARD BOX TO SCHOOL ON THURSDAY - no bigger than a shoe box. Tissue box or shoe box size would be ideal.
This week, we will be continuing our Design Technology Project: "Designing, Making and Evaluating Pulleys."
On Friday, the children made a simple pulley from a wheel, an axle and some string. We learned about "simple machines" and how they can help us to move something heavy. We will continue this work at the end of the week, looking at how we can improve and innovate our original design.
Our poetry lessons have been lovely and the children have really enjoyed performing and learning poems. We have talked about how you go about learning a poem off by heart.
Next Wednesday, the children will be sharing their learned poems.
In Maths lessons, we have been continuing to focus on addition and in particular, the column method. The children have been using this method to help them solve some difficult problems.
We continue with "Wild Tribe" this week, but after half term, we will be doing Gymnastics lessons on TUESDAYS, so the children will need to wear P.E. kits to school on Tuesdays. We will do Outdoor Education when we can and will let you know when the children need to wear their outdoor clothes.
This week, the children need to work on learning their chosen poem off by heart and also on their spellings.
4/5P have been working really hard and their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is really encouraging. They have really settled in well into the class and are a good team.
This week, we played "Keep Hauling" by "Fisherman`s Friends" and we have heard some beautiful singing. We also made some "sea" music using the percussion instruments.
Finally, I am attaching a Bikeabilty letter and a Bikeability checklist for the YEAR 4s who will be doing Bikeablity Level 1 or "Learn2ride" with Mrs N in February. I know that this is a long way off, but we want to give parents/guardians time to sort bikes and we also need to know ASAP children`s riding ability so that we can let Mrs N know. If we could have this information by FRIDAY, that would be extremely helpful.
The Year 5s had their opportunity last year, but we will make sure that they do something nice on those days too.
Many thanks.
Have a great week.


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This week, we will be starting a new unit in English: Poetry Performance.
We will be looking at a range of poems, including narrative, nonsense, humorous and classic. Attached, is a selection of the poems we will be looking at and we want the children to choose one of these to learn off by heart. They will have until Wednesday 21st October. (If the poems are too long, find a shorter one of your own to learn or learn two or three verses of one of these).
In Maths, we have finished our work on Place Value and we will be starting to work on Addition and Subtraction this week.
The children need to keep working on their times tables at home and we are going to blast our number bonds to 20 as most of us would benefit from being a bit quicker with these.
The children have done really well with learning their weekly spellings and we are getting good results on a Friday. Well done everyone.
On Wednesday, last week, we had a lovely "Writing Gallery" in the hall, where the children shared the amazing stories they have written. They have really enjoyed writing them and have had such a good attitude to their learning.
We have been talking a lot in 4/5P about being pro-active in lessons and taking greater responsibility for ourselves and for trying to be  a little more independent and getting ourselves organised. We are really pleased with the children for taking this on board.
In Design Technology this week and next week, we are going to be designing, making and evaluating pulleys. The children may want to do some research into pulleys and how to make them. They will be making a prototype pulley that could be used to lift cargo from the hold of the Mayflower  and rotate and deposit the load on the quayside.
Finally, we had a lovely PE lesson on Friday with two parents who worked really hard and gave the children some great fitness activities to do. The children really enjoyed it. Many thanks!
Have a good weekend everyone.

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Making Electrical Circuits 

We learned how to make an electrical circuit and as you can see here, some children made a switch for their circuit.
We are having a lot of fun in our Science lessons and, as well as making electrical circuits, we have also learned the scientific symbols for the equipment and we will be learning about the possible dangers of electricity too.
Who discovered the potential of electricity?
How fast is lightning?
In our maths lessons, we continue to focus on place value and in English, the children have been writing amazing historical stories. We are so proud of them. It has been lovely to share the stories and especially to hear some of the wonderful accents the children have created for their story characters. (There has been a lot of laughter!)
In our Learning Adventure, we made some clay tiles based on the symbols/heiroglyphs of the Wampanoags and other North American Indian tribes. We are also hoping to make some bead jewellery out of clay.
In R.E. we have been looking at the Christian Creation story and we will be thinking about the awe and wonder of our amazing planet. We are lucky to have beautiful school grounds in which to experience this first hand. Weather permitting, we will be getting out and about.
It would be good if the children could find out about Creation stories from other cultures.


We have been focussing on the Daily Mile (Health and Fitness) and creating playtime games this half term.
We will be starting Gymnastics next half term and Mr J will be teaching more formal games, but this half term, we have been benefitting from his expertise in Wild Tribe/Forest School. 
Can we ask that the children wear their P.E. kit to school each WEDNESDAY up until half term and that they continue to wear Forest School gear on Mondays? We will keep you posted about what they need to wear and on which days after half term.
Many thanks.

Lastly, the children have been working very hard on their spellings and they have done really well in their Friday tests. 
Keep up the good work!



When the Pilgrim Fathers travelled to America in 1620, they made their home in the area where the Wampanoags lived.
We will be learning more about them in our Learning Adventure, but see what you can find out about them at home.
We have been getting some amazing work brought in - extra tasks that children have carried out at home based on what we have been learning in class. We are filling our class display board very quickly! Thank you to the children who have contributed.
Last week, we looked at the wave prints of Katushika Hokusai and the children created some abstract sea pictures using pastels on different coloured backgrounds.
In Science, we made electrical circuits using bulbs, crocodile clips and batteries and we will be continuing to work on the theme of Electricity for the next few weeks.
In maths lessons, we are still focusing on Place Value and in English, the children have been writing some really super time travel stories, based on the Mayflower ship.
We are having a big push with reading and are encouraging the children to share books at home. Pleasure for reading is key to making a confident reader - a skill that helps us every day of our lives.
The children have been making a big effort to learn their spellings and they will be bringing their new list home on Monday. If it doesn`t appear, they may need a gentle reminder. It is very important that they try to learn them. They are tested on Fridays.
We also hope that they are working on their x tables. The Year 4s will be doing a national x table test in May and as this will be computer based, it would really help them if they get practice using www, mathsframe times table checker. It is fun and also helps them to get speedier with their x tables. (Again, a very useful skill for life).
Thank you for your support. The children have been great and we are lucky to have such an enthusiastic, lovely class.
Have a good weekend.



We are so lucky at St Cleer to have such beautiful grounds. Not only is it a lovely environment to be in, it is also an extension of our classroom. The outdoors provides amazing opportunities in which to learn.
In my old school (inner city Plymouth), all we had was a concrete playground, so I still really appreciate what we have in this school.
Thank you to the parents who supplied the school with some lovely logs to sit on: they are very comfortable and allow the whole class to sit in a big circle. Mr J has been doing some great lessons with the children and I know how much they love getting outdoors.
The class have been working very hard and we are now working at the full curriculum capacity. The current situation has meant a lot of adjustments for us all, but the children have been really sensible and seem to be taking it in their stride.
I have been trying hard to catch up with all the parents on the playground or by phone, so please don`t hesitate to say hello at the beginning or end of the day. I will be ringing those of you I have not had chance to speak to over the next week or so.
A gentle reminder to the children to read at home, practise their x tables and learn their spellings (which they are given on a Monday). It is their responsibility to bring the spellings home.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine.
Have a good week ahead.
4/5P Team.




What do you know about "The Pilgrim Fathers" and "The Mayflower?"
This is what we are going to be learning about in our Learning Adventure this week.
4/5P made a really good start last week and the children have been amazing. They all seem happy and they have settled back into school really well. We are very proud of their enthusiasm, support for each other and general all round good attitude to their learning.
For the majority, it has not been easy to come back to school after such a long break and for those who were here during the Lockdown, they have done well to adjust to another set of rules and circumstances. 
This week, we will be diving back into our learning. The week will be very busy and we will be starting our work on the Pilgrim Fathers and the voyage of the Mayflower to America 600 years ago. If you want to find out more at home, please bring in your information to share with us.
Remember that we have Wild Tribe (Forest School) on Monday and that the children can wear their wild tribe clothes to school. It is going to be hot, so please be prepared for this.
A list of spellings will come home on Monday and there will be a test on Friday. 
Keep reading and filling in your reading record and also work on your x tables. You need to know all of them by the end of the year.
Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend sunshine!


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