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Friday 8th January 2021 

This brilliant Andy Goldsworthy art sculpture was made by a Year 5 pupil at home yesterday - at the same time as our School Year 4/5s were up in the top garden in the beautiful sunshine. They had a great time and we hope that all of you at home, did too.
We worked on Parenthesis again on Thursday and talked about main clauses and subordinate clauses.
In English today, we will be going over our spellings and the children are going to do a dictation. This helps you to work on your spelling, but also on your punctuation and grammar. Try out today`s at home.
Today is "Feel Fit Friday" so we hope that all of you, wherever you are, will be able to get a bit of exercise this morning. Why not try one of the activities you can find on this Feel Fit Friday list provided by Mr J? (These are You Tube activities, so you must make sure that your parents know that you are going on them.) We have also included the sevens ball game activity. This helps develop your ball skills, co-ordination and balance. Being able to throw and catch is very important.
This afternoon, we will be doing a music lesson using the xylophones and glockenspiels. Please have a look (if you are able to) at bbc bitesize KS2 Music - Pulse and Rhythm.
Have a go at making up some pulses and rhythms of your own. You can use words (like they do in the video), but you can also use sticks or things around the house that make different sounds. Check with your parents first though, please.
We have started to make some teaching videos for you to do at home and Mrs N and Mrs B have tried out live lessons, so we hope to provide more of these next week.
We will provide paper packs of the work we will cover next week in the Reception (on request) and that work will link directly to the work provided on this blog and also on Teams. The work will be the same, just provided in different forms so that you can access it in the way that suits you best. A combination of two or all three may work best for you.
We are also working very hard to keep lines of communication open in a variety of ways - Teams, email and phone calls. It has been lovely to talk/communicate with the children. Thank you for all the supportive comments we have had.
Tomorrow, we are hoping to have a shared Teams story with children from all three classes: we want to see if this can work.
Please bear with us and keep safe everyone.
4/5 Team (Teachers and TAs).

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Thursday 7th January 2021 

The inside of a human ear doesn`t look that appealing, does it?!
But, it is incredible how so many bits and pieces work together to give, most of us, the amazing ability to hear sound.
The 4/5 Bubble started yesterday to learn all about the ear and how we hear and the science behind it. We are attaching some science activities and a powerpoint narrated by Mrs B. (This work is also on our Teams pages so if you want to do them as an assignment on that, you can.)
In our maths lessons, we are nearing the end of a unit on Area and Perimeter and we are attaching this sheet to have a go at.
Today, we will be looking at the art work and sculptures of Andy Golsdworthy and this afternoon, our in-school Year 4/5s will be out in the garden (weather permitting) carrying out some fun activities.
Take a look at these Land Art Challenge Cards and, if you are able to have a go at any of these tasks, that would be great. You ay need to adapt them for the situation you are in and please be safe if you are out and about in the garden.
During the last two days, we have worked really hard as a team to make contact with you all and to find out what types of outreach are going to work for you. Our number one aim is to support the children (especially emotionally at the moment) and to educate them as best as we can. You have requested a variety of different forms that you would like that support to take: paper copies; blog tasks (like this); direct online lessons; Teams assignments and teaching videos. Your feedback has been very helpful.
In order to meet everyone`s needs, we are trying to cover all these bases. We are working flat out to get to grips with the technology and to use it to best effect. Your home circumstances are very different and we are trying our best to give the right kind of support.
We also have our Year 4/5 school children in every day and we are making sure that their needs are met too.
Please bear with us and keep in touch. 
Assignments have now been put onto Teams and this enables children to complete work that we can look over. We won`t be able to mark all of their work, but we will oversee it and give feedback when we can. We hope this is helpful.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and support. 
And THANK YOU, PARENTS for all your hard work - we understand how hard this situation is for all of you.
Take care and keep nice and safe.

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Wednesday 6th January 2021 

Hello Everyone in Year 4/5.

We hope you are all doing OK.
Our first day in School for this lockdown was very busy. We had 12 children in from our Year group and lots and lots of messages from the rest of you.
Mrs N spoke to her class through a Teams Chat, so we will be hoping to make contact with you all in the next couple of days.
Many of you have requested paper copies of the week`s work and we have left these at Reception, whilst some of you have had work sent through by email.
We spent every minute that we could yesterday contacting you all to check in and say hello. It was lovely to hear what you have been up to over Christmas.

In school, we are trying to stick to our curriculum plan and so, we are sending home the same tasks so children at home can keep on track with us.
We have attached the maths sheet on area and perimeter and some sheets on PARENTHESIS along with a supporting powerpoint.
Each day, we carry out a six in six maths task, where we practise maths skills. Have a go at one a day on attached file.
Aside from this, it would be really helpful if you read your reading book, work on your spellings (attached yesterday) and keep working on your x tables.
In the afternoon, we will start our Science lesson on "Sound."
Can you tackle the attached sheet?
We are already missing you and we will keep in touch.
If parents/carers/guardians have any concerns, please get a message to us.
Take care,
4/5P Team.

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Tuesday 5th January 2021 

Dear 4/5P Parents  and Children,

Eat some comfort food today, everyone!

We hope that you are all safe and keeping well.
Yesterday`s news will have caused a lot of change and plans for all of you, so we want to do all that we can to support you and your children.
In school today, we will be teaching the children who do need to come in, but after that we will be trying our best to get in touch with all of you.
Parents who received an email from me at the the weekend, please email me today to let me know what would help you most.
Anyone who hasn`t got back to me will probably get a phone call.
The different options are:
* work to be put daily on the blog (this will happen anyway) (powerpoints, worksheets, explanations of lessons, videos)
* work can be posted /delivered to you/ left in the main reception in paper form
* direct sending of work though email - I will only send to a parent/carer`s/guardian`s email address
* Microsoft Teams- this option will be useful for direct chat and some teaching, but we understand that this can be a challenge for parents who have more than 1 child.
* Videos with a pre-recorded lesson. (Learning how to do this, but I will get there soon, I hope).

I will post work on to this blog later today, but in the meanwhile, this is what our day today would have looked like:
* come in, wash hands, say hello, then make a mindmap of what the children did at Christmas and do a piece of writing.
* sort out a really good book to read
* learn about something called "parenthesis" - this is when you use a dash, a comma or a hyphen
* maths work on area and perimeter - draw some shapes on cm squared paper and work out the perimeter and the area
* learn our spellings - I will send the list later, but working on the statutory Y3/4 or Y4/5 lists would be useful
* art - learning how to use sketching pencils and having a go at drawing a person sitting or standing
* story - we are going to read "The Magician`s Nephew" by C.S. Lewis

Apologies that the worksheets are not on here yet, but I think parents will be busy sorting childcare today anyway, so please just do what you can and be kind to yourselves.
I am so disappointed that I am "losing" my class again for a while, but I want everyone to be safe.
I will be in touch as much as I can and please make contact through email or ring school. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

4/5P Team

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Welcome to the Spring Term 2021.
We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas.
This term, we will be starting a new Learning Adventure: "What Inspires a Great Creation?"
We will be asking what a creation" is and what "inspires" it?
Our class will be looking in particular at the artist L.S. Lowry and the author C.S.Lewis.
In Maths, we continue to work on "Measure" at the beginning of this term and in English lessons, we will start by focusing on "Explanation Text."
Our Science unit is "Sound"- we will be learning about sound waves and how we hear.
There will be  a strong focus on creativity this term because our Learning Adventures will all be based around the arts (music, drama, dance, art, DT, design, singing, performance)
Our Games lessons will now be on WEDNESDAYS, so can the children wear their P.E. kits to school on that day?
Also, every day, the children will need to wear warm clothing as the classroom will be ventilated more than it would in normal times at this time of year.
Please continue to look at this blog for up to date information and for online learning, should the situation arise. I am in the process of making contact with all of you so that we can keep lines of communication open. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, please do get in touch.


Christmas is coming! 14th December 

It is the last week before a well deserved rest for you all.
Last week was very busy. We carried out some very important assessments that will help us support the children in the work they do next term. They really worked hard and were very mature about doing them. I am really proud of their attitude.
We also had a great "Christmas Santa Run" organised and carried out by Tracey, Hayley and John. I managed three laps in my welly boots and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some money was raised for the Cat Rescue Centre and alongside this, several children from 4/5P organised and ran a very successful cake sale. Money raised from this will go towards the WWF -  the World Wildlife Fund (not the World Wrestling Foundation!)
This week will be very busy too. We will be getting out and about in the school gardens on TUESDAY (instead of gymnastics) so the children will need to wear Wild Tribe clothes. Welly boots are essential - or a definite change of shoes with spare socks.
We will also have our Class Reward Morning on THURSDAY. The children can bring games from home - preferably board games so that we can play together and be nice and sociable. No bikes this time and no computer gadgets.
A letter is coming home on Monday with information about both of these events.
Each class has produced a song for you all to hear. They are Christmas songs on the whole, but our class voted to do "Keep Hauling" by The Fisherman`s Friends because it is a real favourite of ours and the children sing it beautifully and with real passion. It has the spirit of Christmas in it, so we hope you enjoy it. The staff have also got a song for you and that too, sounds really good.
Finally, just to say "Thank You" for all of your support this term. All of you have helped to make it run so smoothly.
Please do not hesitate to catch up with me if you have any concerns or questions about your child.
HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and we will see you in the New Year: 2021!

From Everyone in the 4/5P Team.

P.S Apologies because for some reason, last week`s blog did not get made "live." It is "live" to read now.


A Sprinkling of Snow...4th December 

It was very exciting yesterday (Friday 4th December) when we had a small smattering of snow. Technically, it probably wasn`t snow, more a mixture of sleet, snow and hail, but nevertheless, it gave a lovely white cover over the school fields and grounds.
As it melted, we watched and listened to it falling off the classroom roof in quite big lumps! This caused a lot of interest and entertainment.
Find out why we get snow in St Cleer when many other nearby places do not get it.
Wouldn`t it be lovely to have a "white Christmas?"
Meanwhile, we have been learning about the Trinity in R.E. and we investigated "Dissolving" in Science. Key words have been solution, soluble and insoluble.
In maths lessons, we have started a new unit on measure. The children need to be able to convert mms to cm and cm to m and m to km etc.
In English, the children finished some excellent instruction texts and they had a go at writing us some Christmas stories. These are very funny and entertaining.
In the next week, we will be carrying out end of term assessments in Reading, Writing and Maths. In between, we will be doing some lovely Christmas activities, including making Christmas decorations and on FRIDAY, there will be a "Christmas Fun Run" for Y4/5 organised by two energetic, kind Mums and we will be mixing up the Y4/5 classes so that the children can work alongside their other peers. That day is also CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY.
On a different note, many of you ordered Christmas cards, key rings and mugs: we are still waiting for the order to come in, so we will send these things out as soon as we can.
Our class have been learning two songs: Cowboy Carol (very much a Christmas song) and "Keep Hauling" by Fisherman`s Friends. This is not a Christmas song, but it is a stirring melody that could easily be sung around the fire at Christmas. The children sing this beautifully. We are hoping to send this as a link or attachment on this blog so that you can hear it.
On a less exciting note, we have sent home letters about headlice as there appears to have been some cases in school recently. I will attach it to this blog in case you have not received a copy. 
Meanwhile, thank you for all your support (parents and guardians). Many of you have caught up with me in the last week: please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a good week.



We had such fun trying to insulate ice cubes to stop them from melting!
Some scientific words that we have been learning this week include: permeable, impermeable, absorbent, insulator and conductor.
In maths lessons, we have been learning the vocabulary: multiple, factor, product, prime number and composite number,
The children continue to work on their x tables - we recommend www.mathsframe times table checker. This is a really good way to practise x tables, especially for the Year 4s who will probably undertake a nationwide test in the Summer Term.
In English, we are working on our own instruction texts. The children have come up with some lovely ideas.
This week, we will be sending home a very important letter with an email login which you can use with your child to link into "Microsoft Teams" at school. This is one form of communication that we may use in the unlikely event of a lockdown of our bubble. Hopefully, this will not happen, but we want to make sure that children and parents feel connected to school and continue to be supported in learning even if it happens at home.
Mr L has made a really super video link which talks you through "Teams." You can find this link on 4/5BN`s blog page from last week, (Login to office online-YouTube). I have also attached (on this blog) the letter that will be coming home on Monday.
In other areas, we continue to use the amazing school apparatus for gymnastics lessons and we are learning about both Ancient and modern Egypt.
Last week, we learned the days of the week in French.
Thank you for your continued support.
The 4/5P Team.

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How long exactly is the River Nile?! 

The big question has been "How long IS the River Nile?"
As we have discovered in Year 4/5, every book, every search engine seems to tell us a different answer and this has raised questions such as: how do we know things, who finds out this information and how reliable is information?
What we do know for certain, is that the River Nile is very long and that it is the life-source for humans and animals in Egypt. Without it, man would not have settled there.
It shapes the landscape and acts as a source of inspiration.
Last week, we had a really great time on "Egyptian Day" and the children and parents did so well to come up with lots of imaginative ways to dress up.
We did some pyramid painting and made Egyptian mummy sarcophaguses.
We also wrapped each other up in toilet roll!
Our Learning Adventure has a strong history focus, but it also incorporates geography, art, computing, drama, research skills and design - and a lot more!
In other subjects, we have continued to work on multiplication and division and in particular, the terms, multiple and factor. The children are working hard to learn their x tables.
In English, we are working on instruction text and in science, we continue to look at the different properties of materials. We learnt the words: permeable, absorbent and flexible.
Next week, we will have gymnastics on Tuesday, so please remember  to wear/ bring P.E kit.
Please take care and look after each other.



Hello Everyone,
I hope you have had a relaxing weekend.

This week, we will be continuing to learn all about the Ancient Egyptians and on Tuesday, we will be having our Egyptian Day. 
The children can dress up if they wish (not compulsory). There will be no gymnastics lesson that day, but we will be trying out some Egyptian dance!
So far we have been carrying out research using books and the internet and the children have been learning about the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We also did a timeline activity and I was very impressed at the children`s knowledge of events in the past and their chronological sequence.
In science, we have been learning all about materials and how they change. We will be doing lots of experiments and tests on materials.
4/5 P have started learning a Christmas song and we have become firm fans of "The Fisherman`s Friends" so we sing along to them quite often.

Important dates:
- 17th November - Egyptian Day

- 18th November - Wacky Wednesday If children want to, they can come in funny clothes and bring in a small donation. The donation will go towards a pet at school.

I am going to send home a very short "mini report" giving you some information about your child`s wellbeing and progress.
I try hard to catch up with parents on the playground, but this is difficult because I need to be with children in the class too. So, if you need to catch up with me, please let the office know and I will give you a call.

4/5P Team


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