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Lockdown Project 

Hello everyone,

Some of you have been asking whether you could do your own project whilst schools are shut. If you would like to do a project, we're happy for you to do so on a subject of your choice. This could be on nature, sport, science, geography, history or something else. Your project might be inventing a game or making a complex model. A teacher from another school in our trust has made a 15 minute tutorial on how to make a game using scratch. The link for this is here:  

This is optional and if you do choose to do a project, we would love for you to share it with us when we're back in school. As it's optional, we won't be putting this assignment on teams.

Have fun and take care,
4/5 Team


Friday 29th January 2021 

Hello everyone,

It's Friday - yay! You've all been working so hard and there is a celebration assembly on the Head's blog, where certificates will be announced.

There are also live chats on teams today:

9.30am - Live chat with Miss Parris (4/5P only)
9.30am - Live chat with Miss Wright (4/5W only)
11.15am - Live chat with Mrs Bartlett (4/5BN only)

In English, we're planning our stories set in Narnia. There is a PowerPoint and sheet down below, explaining how to do this and a plan to fill in if you need it. Some of you might want to draw up with your own plan instead though.

In maths, year 4s are dividing 3-digit numbers and year 5s are dividing with remainders. There are chilli challenges on teams and on Monday's blog if you're looking for a challenge.

After this, it's time for Fit Friday again! Mr Jones has been busy making exercise challenges and workouts for you so check out his YouTube channel here: 

We then have some science for you below. We are investigating how sound is affected by different materials. There is a PowerPoint and worksheet below. This week you are planning an investigation - which materials stop sound the best? For this, you need to design a pair of earmuffs to test different materials. Next week, you'll be testing the materials and writing up the results. If you were in school and have already done this, please go to Tuesday's blog page for the music assignment.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Thursday 28th January 2021 

Good morning everyone,

There is more guided reading below. We are continuing to focus on our story in English.

In English, we are creating a toolkit for what makes a good story together. Miss Wright is doing a live English lesson at 9.30am today.

In maths, we are doing something a bit different today. There is an investigation to do. We are looking at different numbers and 'always, sometimes or never' statements. Have a look at the attachments below or on teams for more information.

After this, we are learning all about the Pentecost. This was put onto teams early by accident so some of you might have done this already. There is a prerecorded lesson below along with an assignment. You need to look at the pictures and write about how the people are feeling in them, along with some other questions.

If you've done this already, you could practice your times tables, go for a walk, do some reading or practice a skill you want to get better at. Attached below is a fitness challenge for February that you might want to start early.

Take care,
4/5 Team

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Wednesday 27th January 2021 

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're having a good week so far - keep sending us your brilliant work.

There is a guided reading task below. For this, we're continuing to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

In English, we are looking at the character of the story. You need to think of descriptions for the characters and then write a short piece of the first time that character is introduced. There is an example on the prerecorded lesson below.

In maths, we are looking at multiplying and dividing numbers. We are especially looking at problem solving. Don't forget, to look at the videos on teams first or, if you can't access these, I've put the links for the videos down below. Mrs Bartlett is doing a live maths lesson at 9.30am today.

After this, there is an art lesson below. We are learning all about pop art and then you are having a go at making your own piece of pop art. Have a look at the different styles and play around with colours and styles. There is also an artist study for you to do.

Take care,
4/5 Team

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Dear YEAR 4/5,
Just to let you know that the paper packs are in the Reception area and are ready to collect from school.


Tuesday 26th January 2021 

Good morning everyone,

There is a guided reading task below that still focuses on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

In maths, year 4s are working on correspondance. Year 5s are dividing 4 digits by 1-digit. There are videos on teams available and another BBC guide here:

In English, children are writing a description of the landscape of Narnia, using powerful adjectives and rich language. There are documents below for this. If you're unable to edit on the documents, you can write your descriptions on a piece of paper. You should write a detailed piece of work - more than just a few sentences. There is a live English lesson with Miss Parris at 9.30am. This will be on the team 'Year 4 and 5'.

After this, we are continuing to learn all about musical instruments. There is a pre-recorded music lesson below. The last few slides can be printed to write music down on or children can use lines on paper.

All the best,
4/5 team

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Monday 25th January 2021 

Good morning everyone,

I hope you're all feeling refreshed after the weekend.

For children having work printed: The printer is broken so packs won't be ready today. We will let you know when they are ready.

We've got lots of things planned for this week, including some live lessons on teams. All the live lessons will be on the team 'Years 4 and 5' and all the informal chats for individual classes will be on that team for that class. For example, a 4/5P meeting would be in the 4/5P team. These are all the live lessons:

Monday - 9.30am - Guided Reading with Mrs Nute
Tuesday - 9.30am - English with Miss Parris
Wednesday - 9.30am - Maths with Mrs Bartlett
Thursday - 9.30am - English with Miss Wright
Friday - 9.30am - Live chat with Miss Wright (4/5W only)
Friday - 9.30am - Live chat with Miss Parris (4/5P only)
Friday - 11.15am - Live chat with Mrs Bartlett (4/5BN only)

In guided reading, there are some questions based on the book, 'the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. Mrs Nute will also be doing a live guided reading lesson today at 9.30am. This will be on the team 'Year 4 and 5'.

In English, we're starting a new topic, based on the story, 'the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. Today, you are thinking of a quest or dilemma for a character from the story. There is a pre-recorded PowerPoint below and a PDF version in case you can't open this. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we will be building up to writing a story in Narnia. You might want to read the story as well.

In maths, we're learning about correspondence and there is a 6 in 6. There are some chilli challenges for the week as well. Some of the questions are the same on the Year 4 and 5 one as only a couple of questions were done by children.

After this, there is a forest school activity based on Narnia. There are instructions on how to make ice sculptures using things found from outside in the natural environment. Please look at the activity below.

Have fun and keep sending in your photos,
4/5 Team

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Friday 22nd January 2021 

Hello everyone,

It's Friday - yay! One more day of learning to go before a well deserved rest. It's also the day we have our celebration assembly so make sure you check the 'Head' blog for this. There is also a '4/5P live chat' with Miss Parris at 9.30am and a '4/5W live chat' with Miss Wright at 1.30pm today.

In maths, year 4s and 5s are dividing 2-digits by 1-digit. There is a video for this available on teams and the work is attached below. There is a link for the maths video here: and here:

In English, please finish the final drafts of your explanation texts. There are attachments below for this to support you. Remember to check your toolkits and share your piece of work with us. If you're having a 'live chat' with us, we might ask you to share some of your work today.

Afterwards, we're learning all about music. This time we're beginning to learn about how music is recorded on paper. Your task is to record a simple piece of music on paper with 8 notes or more. If you have a musical instrument, you might want to have a go at playing this and sending it in to us.

It's also Fit Friday! There are plenty of online workouts you can do (We've been doing lots of Just Dance and Jo Wicks!) or there are some good ideas here: A good activity for 4/5 children is called Battleships. The sheet for this is below and the video for it is here: 

Have a lovely weekend,
4/5 Team

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Thursday 21st January 2021 

Good morning everyone,

It's great to see so many of you joining in on live lessons, sending us work via teams or email and picking up your printed packs! Keep it up everyone.

For guided reading, Miss Wright is doing a live lesson at 9.30am today. Our focus will be 'retrieval' and the text will be on earthquakes. Some of you might have already done this text in school. If this is the case, please do the text on 'bees' and I will stay online after the lesson so you can join the call with questions.

In English, you are finishing the first draft of your explanation texts, moving onto the editing stage. The PowerPoint for this is on yesterday's blog post. Remember - your 'best copies' should be finished tomorrow. We've all been really impressed so far.

In maths, year 4s and 5s are dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. There are videos for each of the maths lessons on teams. Unfortunately, we're unable to upload the videos to the blog page but the link for year 4 is here: and the link for year 5 is here:

Afterwards, we are learning all about Steven Claunch and how he inspires us. There is a pre-recorded lesson below and a video available on teams. When you've watched these, have a go at answering the questions on the worksheet below. 

After this, it's time to revise some French. This should be a quick, 20-minute activity. This week, we are focusing on colours and days of the week. Choose which worksheet you'd like to do or you might want to learn the colours and days of the week a different way. There are sound bites here: and a days of the week song here:

Have fun and keep up all your hard work!

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Wednesday 20th January 2021 

Hello everyone,

Please continue to send in your brilliant work - we love seeing what you've been up to. If you're still finding it difficult to access online work, either because of internet or devices, please let us know, either by email or phone call.

In maths, year 4s are dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Year 5s are continuing to multiply 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. There are extra chilli challenges on Monday's blog page as well if you're looking for a challenge. If you're finding it too tricky, please let us know or go back to multiplying and dividing smaller numbers. There are also some extra video guides here: and Mrs Bartlett is doing a live maths lesson at 9.30am today.

In English, it is time to write the first draft of your explanation texts. Below is a pre-recorded English lesson for this and PDF version if you're unable to open the PowerPoint. Please make sure you explanation texts are finished (final copy) by this Friday, ready to share on teams or by email.

Afterwards, we're learning all about Andy Warhol! Below is a pre-recorded lesson, teaching you all about his artwork. After this, have a go at making your own Andy Warhol inspired artwork - we'd love to see what you do!

We've also added 'help me' documents onto the files section in each of your teams. These are like our 'help me folders' in school and are there to support you if you're stuck. We will continue to update these as times go on so keep checking them if you're stuck.

Take care,
4/5 Team

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