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Thursday 7th January 2021 

Please see the blog message below regarding a Teams Chat tomorrow for 4/5W.
The inside of a human ear doesn`t look that appealing, does it?! But, it is incredible how so many bits and pieces work together to give, most of us, the amazing ability to hear sound. The 4/5 Bubble started yesterday to learn all about the ear and how we hear and the science behind it. We are attaching some science activities and a powerpoint narrated by Mrs B. (This work is also on our Teams pages so if you want to do them as an assignment on that, you can.) In our maths lessons, we are nearing the end of a unit on Area and Perimeter and we are attaching this sheet to have a go at. Today, we will be looking at the art work and sculptures of Andy Golsdworthy and this afternoon, our in-school Year 4/5s will be out in the garden (weather permitting) carrying out some fun activities. Take a look at these Land Art Challenge Cards and, if you are able to have a go at any of these tasks, that would be great. You ay need to adapt them for the situation you are in and please be safe if you are out and about in the garden. During the last two days, we have worked really hard as a team to make contact with you all and to find out what types of outreach are going to work for you. Our number one aim is to support the children (especially emotionally at the moment) and to educate them as best as we can. You have requested a variety of different forms that you would like that support to take: paper copies; blog tasks (like this); direct online lessons; Teams assignments and teaching videos. Your feedback has been very helpful. In order to meet everyone`s needs, we are trying to cover all these bases. We are working flat out to get to grips with the technology and to use it to best effect. Your home circumstances are very different and we are trying our best to give the right kind of support. We also have our Year 4/5 school children in every day and we are making sure that their needs are met too. Please bear with us and keep in touch. Assignments have now been put onto Teams and this enables children to complete work that we can look over. We won`t be able to mark all of their work, but we will oversee it and give feedback when we can. We hope this is helpful. Thank you for all the lovely comments and support. And THANK YOU, PARENTS for all your hard work - we understand how hard this situation is for all of you. Take care and keep nice and safe.
P.S. The Sound powerpoint file was too large to download on to this blog, but it can be found on the 4/5P blog instead.

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Teams Meeting - Friday 2pm 

Good afternoon 4/5W,

It was so lovely to see you today. I know some of you couldn't make it but hopefully as we get better at using teams, more of you can join.

I've seen that lots more children have 'viewed' their assignments and a few have managed to 'turn in' their assignments. Just a quick note - some of you have edited your work but haven't 'handed it in' so it comes up as just 'viewed'. Could you please make sure you 'turn in' your assignments? This is a guide to turn in assignments:

I'm also writing to say we are having another teams meeting this Friday (8th January) at 2pm. This will be another check in with everyone and chance to iron out any problems with assignments and so on. Please do not start any meetings and wait for the 'join meeting' button to appear at 2pm.

See you (virtually) soon,
Miss Wright


Wednesday 6th January 

Hello Everyone in Year 4/5.

We hope you are all doing OK. Our first day in School for this lockdown was very busy. We had 12 children in from our Year group and lots and lots of messages from the rest of you. Mrs N spoke to her class through a Teams Chat, and I'm hoping to do the same with most of you at 2pm today. Many of you have requested paper copies of the week`s work and we have left these at Reception, whilst some of you have had work sent through by email. We spent every minute that we could yesterday contacting you all to check in and say hello. It was lovely to hear what you have been up to over Christmas.

In school, we are trying to stick to our curriculum plan and so, we are sending home the same tasks so children at home can keep on track with us. It might look slightly different for this week whilst we grapple with online learning but I've attached the new maths sheet on area and perimeter. If you want to do the bronze, silver, gold sheets instead for this week, that's also fine. I've also attached some sheets on PARENTHESIS along with a supporting powerpoint. I've told some of you your child's specific targets for English as well, so if you'd like this, please just ask.

Each day, we carry out a six in six maths task, where we practise maths skills. Have a go at one a day on attached file. Aside from this, it would be really helpful if you read your reading book (we can provide books if needed), work on your spellings (attached yesterday) and keep working on your x tables (times table rockstars, hit the button and BBC Supermovers are useful for this). In the afternoon, we will start our Science lesson on "Sound." Can you tackle the attached sheet?

We are already missing you and we will keep in touch. If parents/carers/guardians have any concerns, please get a message to us.

Take care, 4/5W Team.

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Using Teams 

Hi everyone,

I'm looking forward to seeing you on teams at 2pm on Wednesday. I've attached a guide to teams to this and when we meet virtually, I can explain a few things. I've also put a few assignments on teams so hopefully some of you can have a go at doing them before the meeting. There's also a guide here:

See you soon!
Miss Wright

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Online Learning Update 

Morning 4/5W,

We hope that you are all safe and keeping well. Yesterday's news will have caused a lot of change in plans for you, so we want to do all that we can to support you and your children.

In school today, we will be teaching the children who do need to come in, but after that we will be trying our best to get in touch with all of you.
The different options for online learning are:
* work to be put daily on the blog (this will happen anyway) (powerpoints, worksheets, explanations of lessons, videos)
* work can be posted /delivered to you/ left in the main reception in paper form
* Microsoft Teams - this option will be useful for direct chat and some teaching, but we understand that this can be a challenge for parents who have more than 1 child.
* Videos with a pre-recorded lesson. (Learning how to do this, but we will get there soon, I hope).

I am planning an online teams meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January) at 2pm. Please make this if you can. This will just be a general 'hello' to the class to see how everyone is doing and answer any questions people might have. If children want to share any work they've done today (Tuesday) on Microsoft Teams that would also be really lovely.

Please just do what you can and be kind to yourselves. We are so disappointed to be "losing" our classes again for a while, but we want everyone to be safe. I will be in touch as much as I can and please make contact through email ( or ring school. If you need any resources such as pens, pencils, books, paper, please let us know.

4/5W Team


Happy New Year! 

Welcome to the Spring Term 2021.

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas. This term, we will be starting a new Learning Adventure: "What Inspires a Great Creation?" We will be asking what a creation" is and what "inspires" it?

Our class will be looking in particular at the artist Andy Goldsworthy. In Maths, we continue to work on "Measure" at the beginning of this term and, in particular, finding the perimeter and area of shapes. In English lessons, we will start by focusing on "Explanation Texts" and for the first week, we will be looking at the SPaG (spelling and grammar) for this. Our Science unit is "Sound"- we will be learning about sound waves and how we hear. There will be a strong focus on creativity this term because our Learning Adventures will all be based around the arts (music, drama, dance, art, DT, design, singing, performance).

I understand that many of you will have seen the announcement so I've just put below what we would have done on Tuesday for your information:
8.45am - 9.15am Spellings/Reading/Registration
9.15am - 9.45am Guided reading - children choose a text for the week. They read through the text, underline any words they don't understand and look these up in a dictionary. We would then normally discuss the different texts and what they mean.
9.45am - 9.50am Wake up, shake up - we normally focus on a times table each week from "Supermovers" - 
9.50am - 10.50am Maths - 6 in 6 (attached) for 6 minutes, then we were looking at area and perimeter. Children choose a few questions from the bronze, silver, gold challenges. Tuesday challenges are the first page on the PowerPoints labelled 'bronze, silver, gold'.
10.50am - 11.05am Break
11.05am - 12.05pm English - We were going to focus on parenthesis. I've attached a PowerPoint explaining this. I have attached some worksheets we might have used but we would have likely learned through games and then the children would have written a few sentences.
12.05pm - 12.15pm Times tables then wash hands
12.15pm - 1.15pm Lunch
1.15pm - 1.30pm Reading/Registration
1.30pm - 2pm Learning adventure - We were going to discuss our learning adventure question, and what questions the children want to answer over the term, alongside any skills they might want to learn.
2pm - 3pm Gymnastics - For this, we would normally get the equipment out so this will not be possible at home. The YouTube channel, "GET KIDS MOVING", has some good workouts that children can try though -
3pm - 3.15pm Class story and home time

I hope this helps. Please continue to look at this blog for up to date information and for online learning. I am in the process of making contact with all of you so that we can keep lines of communication open. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, please do get in touch.

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Spellings 04.01.20 

Year 4: This week we are doing homophones and near homophones. Children should know when to use these so they might want to try writing these in sentences.

Year 5: This week we are looking at creating nouns using the -ity suffix.

I've attached a copy of the spelling sheets we use in the mornings at schools and PowerPoints that explain the spellings. I've also attached a 'spelling menu' with some different ways of learning the spellings.

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Christmas Holidays 


It's been a wonderful end to the term and I've been so impressed by everyone's hard work! The trailers are all looking fantastic, the children's writing is brilliant and everyone has persevered this term with difficult maths problems.

Next term in maths, we'll be continuing to learn about measurement and then going onto learn about multiplication and division.

In English, we'll be doing stories in imaginary worlds.

Our learning adventure question will be, 'What inspires a great creation?' For this, it would be lovely to have some artwork or a creation put on our learning adventure wall. If the children wish to, this could be a picture, music, dance, model or something else - be creative!

Have a lovely Christmas,
Miss Wright


Film Trailers 

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm delighted to say that 4/5W are going to be making film trailers all next week! They have worked very hard so far, coming up with ideas for their trailers and practicing using iMovie and taking different types of photos. All next week, the children will be preparing props and costumes, filming and editing their work.

Therefore, there will be no gymnastics next Tuesday (15th December). However, children will continue to do gymnastics next half term for the first few weeks.

The children have also asked if they are allowed to wear make-up or have costumes for filming day. I have said that they can so long as parents put on their make-up before school. They can bring costumes in if they want to, but they need to bring them in a separate bag and get changed into them for filming only. Children are also allowed to bring props in if they wish. However, we cannot guarantee that these props won't get damaged during filming so please can children not bring anything valuable.

Filming days will be next Wednesday (16th December) and Thursday (17th December).
The children will likely get most or all of their filming done on the Wednesday. However, they might need to add small clips in whilst their editing, so might need some of their props for this.

There will also be no spellings next week.

All the best,
Miss Wright


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