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Learning Opportunities - wk beginning 1.6.20 

Hello 5B,

I hope you have all enjoyed half term - the weather has been extremely kind and with some of the rules being lifted, it has given a bit more opportunity to leave the house! My boys and I have been for a few early morning sea swims and done lots of walking across the moors - it has been lovely!

Back to the grindstone though! As each week, I have attached resources below for you to access - please continue to visit the Year 5 bitesize website if that is suiting you better, or if you are completing some of your own written activities, then I look forward to seeing some of these when we return again! Remember to do what you can - and thank you, to you and your families - putting so much effort into your learning at such an odd time!

This weeks spellings are also attached below. Have a great week - I feel like we are getting closer to seeing each other.....fingers crossed! I miss you all - Mrs B x

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Learning Opportunities for the week beginning 18.04.20 

Morning 5B, I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend and managed to get out in the glorious weather. My family and I have begun sea swimming again and are very relieved to have had the rules lifted to enable this each morning.

Please find below:

* Spellings
* 6 in 6
* Home learning pack for classroom secrets which included; daily English and Maths and a reading comprehension
* Home learning pack for Twinkl which includes: writing, Science, Maths mystery, reading comnprehension.

Remember to do what you can......and it's half term next week!! 

This weeks spellings

Challenge words from the Year 5/6 Statutory List


I am thinking about you all! I miss your smiles, I miss your jokes, I miss our chats and I miss seeing you every day. Stay safe and take care. See you soon 
Mrs Birch x

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English and Maths Oportunities 

* This week try writing an adventure story, making a link with our topic of 'Cornwall'. Below I have attached some resources to help you; including an example story.

* Below you will find some other English opportunities: including creating an advert.

* There is a reading comprehension - choose the level that suits you the best....but remember to give yourself a challenge too!

* I have attached this weeks 6 in 6: can you do it in an even shorter time this week?

* There are some addition and subtraction word problems to have a go at. Remember to read them carefully and pull out the important parts first.

* Have a go at some of the multiplication and division questions in the attached booklet.

Also remember to keep reading daily, practice your times tables and have some exercise :)
Have a great week.

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Spellings - week beginning 11.4.20 

Words with an -ear sound, spelt -ere


Read the spellings, learn the spellings, what do they mean? Write them in a sentence, use the resources below, make your own wordsearch.

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Learning Opportunities for week beginning 11.4.20 

Good Morning 5B, I hope you are all well as we creep into another week of strange times! My family and I are all well but looking forward to some more 'normal' times!

I thought I would start the week with a fun Cornish themed challenge......look at the emojis opposite and see if you can work out the places in Cornwall! Good luck.

As each previous week, I will add a range of learning opportunities for you to access - with a few extras if you want/need a change!

Below you will find two links. These are for some online safety lessons - it would be a great idea to complete these, especially while you are at home on the computer more regularly than usual. I have also put links for; a Science challenge with Whizz, Pop, Bang (you can also access this online for free) and youtube learning.



Have a little fun with all of these activities.


Learning Opportunities - week beginning 4.4.20 

Welcome to another week of home learning - I hope you are all well and are managing to get some work done when you can.

There are a number of opportunities for you this week, so I hope you can find plenty of activities to keep you busy!

- Please continue to use the bitesize daily lessons on the following link: These cover a really wide range of our learning skills for Year 5.

- Do some research on Cape Cornwall; there is a report example below. You do not have to use this format but it is a useful starting point.

- There are some 6 in 6 morning starters below to get your brain thinking. Try and do these without workings - remember to time yourself too.

- Reading comprehension: included below you will find the text, answer booklet and questions and the marking scheme to check your work after.

- Grammar and punctuation practice.

Remember you do not have to do all of these activities but try and do a range of different subjects and at least a couple a day. Please continue to read daily and learn all of your times tables - in order, out of order and in quick recall.

Have a great week and take care.
Mrs Birch :)

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Spellings - week beginning 4.4.20 

Adverbials of Place


Below you will see the usual activities, plus a couple of extras. These include some dictation and some statutory spelling word activities.

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Learning Opportunities for the wk beginning 27.4.20 

Please continue to use the bitesize link:
Each day new lessons are available for English, Maths and another subject. These lessons are revising lessons we have already covered, as well as adding in new skills for you to begin to apply in your work.

For English this week, why don't you choose one of the Cornish artists below. You could write a report about them, a step by step of instructions on how to copy their work, a biography, a short story, a fact sheet. The ideas are endless - use your skills. Always remember to check and edit your work after so you can make improvements too - use a different colour pen if you have one.

There is also your classroomsecretskids login - they have full packs of work here for all subjects. If you are having trouble logging in, please get in touch so that I can help you to access the site.   continues to be a favourite of ours at home. So many easy things to follow; including art, Science, DT etc.

I know some of you have completed your SPaG and arithmetic booklets now, which is great. If you haven't this is ok too! I am sure whatever you are doing, it is going to benefit you along the way.

Take care and be safe. I miss you all!!
Mrs Birch


Cornish Art - Wk beginning 27.4.20 

Art in Cornwall!

This week - I would like you to have a go at some art following the style of some Cornish Artists.

* John Dyer:

* Sue Lewington:

* Kurt Jackson:  

* Alfred Wallis:

* Terry Frost:

Look at the different styles of art; can you copy a piece? Design your own piece? Use a range of different materials and try any new skills we have looked at in class.

You could also write a biography for any of the artists for your English work. 

I would love to see any of the work you come up with so, please send an email if you can :) 


Spellings 27.4.20 

Adverbials of time


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