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Home Learning Opportunities  

Dear 5B,

It was so great to see so many of you last week for the Maths sessions! I have missed all of you over the last few months and was really happy to be able to offer the opportunity to invite you in! Although there were initial nerves as you arrived, I am confident in saying that each of you left smiling......including myself, Mrs Mills and Miss Kite!

This week we are jumping into a bit of English and in the sessions I am offering, we are going to do some reading comprehension, a short writing task and some SPaG revision.

Remember if you have any questions or worries, come armed and we will work through them in order to ensure you are confident and happy when you return in September.

This week I will record a short video outlining all that we have discussed and worked on during the two sessions most of you will have attended. I am aware that some of you didn't return for various reasons and at school we fully understand and respect those terms. I don't however want you to think that the other children have accessed something that you have not been able to.

I was really excited to be able to tell the children in school about some of the staffing in September. As a Year 5 cohort this year, we have got 42 children. It has been really important to us as the staff to be able to offer you the best we can as you progress into your final year at primary school in Year 6. With this in mind, we have made the decision to have two Year 6 classes; having only 21 children in each of those classes! With the two groups being much smaller than the classes they have been in this year, we will be able to offer a lot more time to each of you individually. We are very conscious of the time we have all spent away from school during your Year 5 time and we are thrilled to be able to continue with this new set up. 

As I told the children who attended last week, the two class teachers for Year 6 next year will be myself and a newly appointed teacher called Miss Jeni Kite. Miss Kite is joining us with a wide and varied field of experience and knowledge and we are all really looking forward to working with her. The two groups have been chosen with great care and we hope to inform you of these groups early this week. The children who have met Miss Kite this week, have thoroughly enjoyed talking to her and all felt comfortable and confident that she is going to be great a great Year 6 teacher. 

Although you will be set up in two different groups/classes, our aim is to be one big team; we will be able to offer our experience across the whole cohort, with some of you being able to work in the adjacent classroom when necessary for certain subjects or groupings. We have a very strong team for Year 6 and know you will embrace the changes and enjoy your final year here with us!

As we are already very busy planning our working timetable for September, we are also thinking about the Year 6 residential trip and other exciting topics for the year ahead. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all back in September to hopefully continue in a more 'normal' way of learning!

As last week with the Maths pack, I have made you all an English pack of work to do during the next month and until we return to school. In the English pack you will find; some writing tasks, reading comprehension, SPaG activities and some practice SATs papers. Below I will also upload some of these, including the answers and some other resources to keep you in the flow. These will be available from the office to collect from the start of the week, so please try and collect them before we break up for the Summer holidays. If you can't collect them for any reason, please let us know and I will do my best to deliver them when I get the chance.

As all previous home learning weeks, please let me know if I can do anything to help you. If you need any additional resources, you want me to check anything or you just have a question; work/school related or even just a question or concern! My school email is and you are welcome to email me directly until September when we return.

Please continue to stay safe, be well and take care. See you all very soon.
Much love Mrs Birch x

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Home Learning Opportunities - week beginning 6.7.20  

Dear 5B,

I am so excited to be seeing most of you in the coming week; it has been such a long time!

The first aim of the sessions next week is going to be welcoming you back into the building and reassuring you that it is safe; still the place you left back in March! I understand that this is a really daunting time for you and know you will have anxieties. Please be sure that we are here to answer any questions or worries you have; about moving into Year 6 or the current way of life we are experiencing. We are following all of the Government guidelines carefully.

Once you are in and are feeling comfortable with the situation, I would like to do a short Maths assessment so that rigid planning can begin to plug any gaps in your learning during Year 6. Year 5 has been an odd year for you and it is really important that we (the teachers) give you the best opportunities we can offer, as you move through your final year at primary school.

After this I am going to do some refresher sessions in the key areas of Maths - thank you to those parents who have given me an indication of some of these! 

At the end of the session, I will give everyone the opportunity to ask any questions you have, before you leave at 12pm. When you leave, you will be given a pack of Maths revision resources to take home and complete when you can. You will find these resources on the blog with the answer schemes too. I will also aim to do a video at the end of each session; outlining any questions that were asked and uploading resources we have used.

If you are unable to attend the Maths refresher session, please collect a pack from the school office any time from today. If you did not attend, you will find a Maths Summer assessment in your pack. Please complete this as soon as you can and return it to school before the Summer break. It is really important that you do this assessment on your own, with no help. This will enable us to place you in the right groups for September when we return and bridge the gaps that each individual has.

I have added some other Maths resources below; some you will find in the pack I have printed for you, others can be printed/downloaded at home. The Maths consolidation packs are revision for all of the Year 5 units. Please do have a go at these when you can. 

You will also find some Science and some Art this week. Next week will be an English focus and there will be resources as I have prepared for the Maths to collect.

I hope you are all well and am really looking forward to a catch up and to see your lovely faces very soon!

Continue to be safe.
Much love
Mrs B x

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Home Learning Opportunities - week beginning 29.06.20 

Dear 5B,

Another week on and another set of home learning opportunities. Please see below for the weekly uploads.

I am really excited that I will be able to see most of you before we finish up for the Summer break! Please try not to feel anxious about this return - it will be relaxed and very gentle! If you have questions, please bring them with you. We will have time to chat and ease your nerves.

It has been such a long time since I was with you but I haven't changed......

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries, I am always available to help where I can.

                                                                                                                                    See you very soon.
                                                                                                                                     Love Mrs B x

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Maths Challenge Activities 

For those of you who are flying through the Maths tasks, why not have a go at these challenges!

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Home Learning Opportunities - Week Beginning 22.06.20 

Dear 5B,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe and well.

As per previous weeks, I have uploaded some work tasks below - Please do what you can. 

Missing you all and hope to see you soon.

Mrs Birch x

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Home Learning Opportunities - Week Beginning 15.06.20 

Dear 5B,

Another week ahead of us........time is flying by! I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

The weather wasn't so good to us this weekend but I hope you still managed to find time to get out in between the heavy showers! We managed to have a home-made McDonalds in the garden and a very muddy and wet walk at Siblyback Lake!!

As previous weeks, I have uploaded work for you below. Have a go at as much as you can. This week I would like you to have a go at 'Time' in Maths and some work on Gravity in Science. I have also included the 'Be a Super Scientist' worksheet again - why not have a go and earn yourself a Super Scientist badge! I'd love to see some of these....and the work you submitted to gain it!

Please email me anything you are doing: we have a display of home-learning at school and I would love to add anything you have been doing to it.

Remember life skills are equally important at this time. This week, I would like you to put the rubbish out on bin day and help sort through your recycling. Do you find there is more recycling since you have been at home during lockdown? There is a little more time in our house to sort and wash recyclable containers, we are finding this has really increased our recycling and reduced our bin bag rubbish. It feels good to be doing extra to help in this way!!

Please continue to be safe and have a great week. 
Take care.
Mrs B x

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Learning Opportunities - week beginning 08.06.20 

Dear 5B,

I hope you are all well. It has been great for staff during the last two weeks, beginning the transition of certain year groups back into school. I really hope you will be back soon too!

This weeks learning includes:

* Times tables activities
* 6 in 6 - daily starter activities
* Science club investigation
* How to claim a 'Super Scientist Badge' instructions
* Writing task
* Spellings
* Book report 
* Reading comprehension
* Roman numerals task
* The hundred club worksheets

Please work through these as much as you can. I know some of you are preferring the bitesize website - this is absolutely fine as well. At home with my own children, we have been doing a lot of 'life skill' activities too: why not learn how to use the washing machine this week? Give your parents/carers a week off!!

Spellings - adding verb prefixes de- and re-


Have a great week and I really hope to see you all soon.
Mrs B x

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Learning Opportunities - wk beginning 1.6.20 

Hello 5B,

I hope you have all enjoyed half term - the weather has been extremely kind and with some of the rules being lifted, it has given a bit more opportunity to leave the house! My boys and I have been for a few early morning sea swims and done lots of walking across the moors - it has been lovely!

Back to the grindstone though! As each week, I have attached resources below for you to access - please continue to visit the Year 5 bitesize website if that is suiting you better, or if you are completing some of your own written activities, then I look forward to seeing some of these when we return again! Remember to do what you can - and thank you, to you and your families - putting so much effort into your learning at such an odd time!

This weeks spellings are also attached below. Have a great week - I feel like we are getting closer to seeing each other.....fingers crossed! I miss you all - Mrs B x

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Learning Opportunities for the week beginning 18.04.20 

Morning 5B, I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend and managed to get out in the glorious weather. My family and I have begun sea swimming again and are very relieved to have had the rules lifted to enable this each morning.

Please find below:

* Spellings
* 6 in 6
* Home learning pack for classroom secrets which included; daily English and Maths and a reading comprehension
* Home learning pack for Twinkl which includes: writing, Science, Maths mystery, reading comnprehension.

Remember to do what you can......and it's half term next week!! 

This weeks spellings

Challenge words from the Year 5/6 Statutory List


I am thinking about you all! I miss your smiles, I miss your jokes, I miss our chats and I miss seeing you every day. Stay safe and take care. See you soon 
Mrs Birch x

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English and Maths Oportunities 

* This week try writing an adventure story, making a link with our topic of 'Cornwall'. Below I have attached some resources to help you; including an example story.

* Below you will find some other English opportunities: including creating an advert.

* There is a reading comprehension - choose the level that suits you the best....but remember to give yourself a challenge too!

* I have attached this weeks 6 in 6: can you do it in an even shorter time this week?

* There are some addition and subtraction word problems to have a go at. Remember to read them carefully and pull out the important parts first.

* Have a go at some of the multiplication and division questions in the attached booklet.

Also remember to keep reading daily, practice your times tables and have some exercise :)
Have a great week.

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