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Explore and have fun! 

We have finally made it to the 'Easter Break' - although none of us really know what that will bring....and it is certainly going to be a very different one! I'm sure like me, you are very grateful for the brilliant weather we have had!

Please use this time to relax and recharge your batteries, spend time together as a family and enjoy some Easter based activities.

Although I am going to attach some Easter files below, please just dip in and out as you want/need to. I know my own children will need to continue with some structure during this time, but it is also important to enjoy the freedom from learning too!

A website we have been using at home is:
There are a number of Science experiments to have a go at, using basic equipment that you probably have around the house already. 

Please do email if I can assist with anything over the Easter hols but in the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other. 

Much love and best wishes

Mrs Birch

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Classroom Secrets Website 

Before the school closed to children other than those of key-workers, I gave out a log in for the class to access 'Classroom secrets kids'. I know a number of you did not get these details due to already being off school so, will put the details on here for you. 
On this site, you will find packs of learning that have been prepared so that the children can access the learning independently, and also with adult support. 

For independent learning and games, it is recommended that you use Classroom Secrets Kids ( These are packed with fun and engaging content, it is an online learning platform which will assist in keeping the children learning independently.
For more practical resources and worksheets, you can download a free learning pack perfectly matched to the year 5 curriculum at These packs can help continue learning inside the home.

The following log in will access you to the kids site:

Username: 249232childsname   (some of these appear to begin with an uppercase, some a lowercase; try the other if one does not work for you.)
Password: apple (all lowercase)

Have fun!


Spellings - week beginning 30.3.20 

Spellings to learn over the Easter break

Convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -en


Remember to cold test at the beginning of the week, practise during the week (using the strategies we do in class), write the definition of each of the words - using a dictionary or the internet - then re-test at the end of the week. If you get all of these correct at the beginning of the week, see if you can find any more words using this rule. Also, don't forget to keep learning the Year 5/6 statutory words.

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Writing Ideas 

Below I have uploaded files containing some possible writing tasks. These are only ideas, you don't have to do them! Another idea is to write a daily diary while you are at home - you could mention things you did as home learning each day, activities you participated in to keep you busy/pass the time/entertain you, who were you in 'lockdown' with? Did everyone get along, or was it difficult over time?

Key features of diary writing are below on a PDF document. Please note the correct terminology for 'speech marks' is now 'inverted commas' (this is an older document I have and was having trouble changing it on my computer this evening - I apologise!!)

You could also try some creative writing: use a photo/picture/painting/artefact etc... as a stimulus for your writing. I have added files containing word mats to help you extend your language.

Or, just write about ANYTHING that inspires you!

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Maths Planning 

I am about to upload a file containing the long term plan in Maths. This gives examples of the learning objectives we have been following and I have highlighted what we have covered so far. You can use this as guidance of areas to revise and what we will be moving on to next.

I hope you are all keeping safe and managing to get into the garden with the great weather. I have been working from home today and doing home learning with my own children in between; we managed a bit of spelling work, some handwriting, times-tables and reading comprehension this morning. Then we did some art and DT in the garden this afternoon - this included painting the garden furniture and making an outdoor run for our hamster! Great fun! 

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Spellings - week beginning 23.3.20 

Converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ify


Please learn these words. 
Start with a cold test to see how many you already know, then practise the ones you don't.
Remember to look up the definition of each word in a dictionary or online, then use some of the spelling games we use in class to learn them.
I have also attached some files to help you. These include: a powerpoint explaining the rule, a word-search, a handwriting sheet, a look,cover, write, check sheet and a Mr Whoops word muddle.
Remember if you are unable to print these documents, you can use your exercise book. You could always create your own word-search or crossword.


Daily Timetable Guidance 

I realise this may not be practical every day; it is a rough guide to some of the learning you could be doing, to ensure you are covering all areas of the curriculum.
As I continue to update and load learning opportunities, you will find: powerpoints, worksheets, websites, interactive learning games, usernames and passwords to access specific sites, project work, PE opportunities, reading recommendations and whole resource files. 

We understand that not everyone is able to print copies of the work, which is why I gave out exercise books in the packs last week. If you require any other resources that you do not have at home and are unable to get: ie. pens, pencils, rulers, glue, more paper etc, then please ping me an email this week and I will gather what I can for you. Equally, if you would like me to print you a couple of pieces of work off then please let me know too.

Also in the packs last week, I included a reading comprehension book, your Maths arithmetic workbook, your SPaG workbook and spelling book - Please continue to work your way through these, at whatever speed you feel is practical. You do not have to stick to specific pages/units: you can continue from front to back, or just pick out the pages you are most confident in first. With the spellings, I will continue to give you words that follow a spelling rule each week but please also refer to the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list that is stuck in the spelling books.

Time-Table Guidance:

* 15 minutes of spellings

* 15 minutes of times-tables: learn/practice all of the times-tables up to 12x - in order, out of order and with quick recall.

* 20-30 minutes of English Writing: think about the units of writing we have already covered and try to remember the key features of these (I will also upload these as time progresses.) Some we have done are: mythical stories, narrative poetry, stories from different cultures - from a different characters point of view.

* 15 minutes of SPaG: use your workbooks and any resources I add on here.

* 15 minutes of Maths arithmetic - use your workbooks and any additional resources I add on here.

* 30 minutes of Maths revision work: column addition and subtraction, multiplication and division written methods, fractions, decimals and percentages, place value, geometry are a starting point. Bring problem solving into all of these areas where you can too. 

* 15 minutes of reading comprehension: use the workbooks and any other resources I add onto here.

* Read as much as you can, thinking about your VIPERS skills. Even if you are watching a film.....put the subtitles on and read them!!

* Spend time doing family projects, Science experiments, art and DT, play and listen to music and most importantly, communicate with each other: it is so important to share our thoughts and feelings at this unsettling time.

I will continue to add resources as the week progresses, please remember to check into the blog when you can.

Thank you for always working hard - this is your real opportunity to show the ownership and responsibility we have talked about at school so much! I will really look forward to seeing some of the exciting things you have been managing to do! Feel free to email pictures or updates.

Best wishes

Mrs Birch

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Dear Parents/Carers/Children of 5B,

This is going to be the first of many updates you will see from me!
Last week was particularly difficult for us all; the unknown is a very scary experience and trying to keep a positive and calm approach in the classroom, was my main aim as we came closer to the closure announcement. 

I understand the continued uncertainty we are about to embark on, and will do all I can to assist you all with the learning that you can continue with at home. With many parents continuing to work for as long as possible, I realise some of our expectations may be too much to take in at this time. I will add websites, lesson ideas, projects, work-packs and support as much as I can, all I ask is that you try and tap into it as much as is possible for your own current home situation.

It is important for the children to access some home learning so that they are able to keep their brains ticking over. It is difficult to say how long this pandemic will go on for, so for the children to keep on top of their previous learning is really important. 

Depending on the time we remain closed, will also depend on the work that we continue to send to you. 
The school is open to the children of key-workers all of this coming week. If you have any questions or worries, we are there to take your calls and emails. Please do get in touch if you need anything. I am there to assist with any learning queries, or just to touch base and reassure you if you are anxious about anything else. If you email Mrs Haliman (the school secretary) on:, she will forward your messages on to me. Title it with 'Forward to Mrs Birch'. I will get back to you as soon as is possible.

In the meantime, please be safe and take care of each other.

Best wishes 

Mrs Birch


Thank you and Goodbye 

Finally - a great big thank you to Mr Bailey and Miss Collier who have come to the end of their placement with us.
They have been absolutely brilliant PGCE students; the children have found them inspiring and encouraging. 
We wish them lots of luck as they move onto their final placements in a few weeks, then complete their degrees. We know they are going to be great!


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