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Very best of luck to all of our Year 6 children next week as they complete their SATs assessments.  The children have worked so hard and have made incredible progress so we hope that they can approach the week with confidence!  We are all so proud of their dedication!


If you have any concerns or questions, please share them.




The Year 6 children absolutely LOVED their trip to the Theatre Royal in Plymouth this week.  We went to watch School of Rock - and many of the children commented on how the theatre performance was even more impressive than the film.

Members of the theatre audience commented on how polite and well-behaved the children were and it was fabulous to see the children up and dancing for the show's finale!

It was a fantastic experience for all - and thank you to Mrs Luker for helping to staff the trip!



Revision...revision...anda VIP

In the build up to the Year 6 SATs, in class we have been revising and building our knowledge of some of the important skills we have learned throughout Key Stage 2.

Here you can see us developing our knowledge of decimal numbers (we were given permission to write of the tables today), different types of words within sentences and also the difference between phrases and clauses in sentences.

We also had a special visit from the cutest VIP (P for puppy) to help motivate us!


Panda bonanza 

Panda Bonanza

We are very proud of the Panda canvases which we painted.  Here are some of our finished canvases!


Acrylic art 

Acrylic art

Year 5/6 have been getting arty with Acrylics.  To link with our learning adventure about China we created our own Panda canvases.

The children spent a lesson experimenting with Acrylic paints - investigating different ways to create a bamboo effect and ways to paint different forest plants.

After that, we challenged the children to use Acrylic paints to mix different colours and shades which they would need in their artwork.  Once we were confident we started to work on our canvases - painting a background a drawing on a panda using a template which we could then paint.


Atoms, Elements, Compounds 

Atoms, elements and compounds

As a final lesson in our topic on changes in materials - we learned about mixtures.

We learned that everything is made out of atoms - and that when atoms join together they create molecules.

We then learned that molecules can either be Elements (all made from the same type of atom), or Compounds (made of different types of atoms).

We had a lot of fun using play-doh to recreate the different types of molecules and recording our models in our science books.  The children were fascinated with this area of science and asked some amazing enquiry questions such as - if we are breathing in atoms, why can't we feel them?


Visiting vicar! 

Discussion with Reverend Becca Bell

This half term in R.E. we have been learning about reasons why some people believe in God while others don't.  We have investigated which are the main religions followed in Cornwall, and also learned about the Tier 3 vocabulary - Atheist, Theist and Agnostic.

We researched reasons which people give for believing in God and thought which reasons were the most persuasive.  We then started to think about how believing in God changes the lives of Christians.  To help us discuss this, we invited Reverend Becca Bell (Priest in charge of St Cleer parish) into school.  We asked her lots of very thoughtful and probing questions.

A big thank you to Reverend Bell - we really enjoyed the discussion.



The world of work

As part of our PSHE work, we have been investigating the world of work and thinking about our own dreams and aspirations when we grow up.

We discussed what our dream jobs might be: anything from airline pilot, professional rugby player to chef and dog-walker!

We discussed which jobs we thought would earn the most money (and learned what a salary is) and why.  We then tried to match the job titles with their average salary.

We were quite disappointed that the professions which were of the most value to society (such as soldier, farmer, nurse) were not the best paid and we didn't think that was fair.  We also had a go at guessing how much Mr H earns but he wouldn't tell us!


Terracotta warriors 

Terracotta Warriors

As part of our Learning Adventure lessons, we examined different sources of information about Ancient Chinese civilisations.

We learned about the Oracle Bones, and also studied the Terracotta warriors in Xian.  We linked our art to try to recreate clay replicas of the Terracotta warriors.  We tried to ensure that our warriors had a similar level of detail to the originals found in China.

Once we had modelled our warriors, Mrs Parris kindly fired them in the kiln and the final step is to add the terracotta colour effect to our models!  The children showed great skill working and sculpting their clay models and are very proud of how their warriors came out.


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