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Friday 14th May 

Happy Friday everyone

We cannot believe that we are at the end of week 4 already! The weeks seem to be whizzing by and we think this is because we are having so much learning fun!

This week’s learning:


This week we have continued to look at traditional stories and we have been devising our own story maps about familiar traditional stories. We listened to a different version of a story called The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, we thought this was great and got us thinking of how we could make our own version. We thought of lots of different ideas and drew our story maps ready to start planning our own traditional stories next week with new characters and settings. 4


Year one children have explored doubling numbers this week and have worked hard at sharing in equal groups (division). Al children have worked so hard and have loved using all the counters to help them make lots of equal groups.

Year two children began to explore position and direction. They have worked hard at describing movement in objects and solving problems involving movement. The children have also explored the language full, half and quarter turn and have been working with their partners to follow directions.

Learning Adventure

This week we looked at the map of our country – the UK, and then we looked at where our country is in our world. We explored the seven continents and also looked at the different hemispheres on the globe and what countries are hot and cold. Next week we are going to make our own globe! We are super excited!


As its Mental Health Awareness week and the focus is nature, we have looked closely at what mental health means and how we can use nature to keep ourselves happy and healthy. We created our very own acrostic poem! We have had to pause our outside ‘cloud shape’ activity as there has been lots of rain, but we will be doing this activity soon.

Please remember to send in a coat hanger ( trouser type one) for Tuesday

PE kits Monday please

We hope you all have a lovely weekend

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans , Mrs Stone and Mrs L 



Friday 7th May 

Hello everyone

Happy Friday!

We have had such a lovely week of fun learning.

Phonics- we have spent this week assessing the children and I am pleased to say nearly every single child has progressed – they have worked super hard to secure their phonic knowledge and apply this to their reading – we are so proud of them!

This week’s learning:


This week we have looked at traditional tales and what makes a story a traditional tale. We have explored the story of The Three Little Pigs and looked at repetitive language closely alongside conjunctions. On Thursday we retold the story without the use of a book, and we acted the story out in groups- it was so much fun, and we all learnt lots!


Year one children have explored multiplication. We have continued to look at equal groups in detail and the repeated addition for those groups. We then progressed to looking at arrays and the repeated addition. The children worked really hard at this even when they may have found some elements a little tricky! Super stars!

Year twos have continued their time journey and this week they have tried really hard to explore intervals of time. They have looked at lots of different intervals of time from 5 minutes to 25 minutes to half and hour or a few hours. They have looked at word problems involving intervals of time also.

Learning Adventure

This week we looked closely at maps, the key and symbols that maps have. We matched symbols and also designed our own for different places in St Cleer. Today we explored a compass in more detail and the four main compass points. We then used a compass and walked around the field figuring out what direction we were walking – this was great fun!


This week in PSHE we continued to look at relationships – this week we looked closely at how we greet others and compared how we may greet some adults/friends differently than others and why.

Please don’t forget PE kit on Monday 

Mathletics activities have been set

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans , Mrs Stone and Mrs L 



Friday 30th April 

Good afternoon

This week has been jammed packed of fabulous learning!

We completed the 100 challenge today and everyone tried so hard – we did 100 star jumps whoop! Thank you for your donations.

Some of this week’s Learning:


This week we have continued to look at non-chronological reports and we have revisited important features of a fact file. We used the ipads to research facts about polar bears and then we wrote a fact file all about them.


Year ones have looked at equal and unequal groups and have been sorting counters into groups of, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Today the children looked at the groups of objects and worked hard to figure out the repeated addition.

Year twos have continued their time knowledge and have worked hard at finding quarter to and quarter past.

Learning Adventure:

This week we started to look at maps of our classroom and our local area -St Cleer. We looked at the four main points of direction, North, East , South and West and we used our knowledge to go for a walk and find the St Cleer Holy Well.


In Science this week the children continued to look at classification and this week the children were learning about animals that may be carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.  

We really have had a wonderful week of learning.


No school Monday as its bank holiday

Full school uniform Tuesday

Fit Friday clothes on Friday

Mathletics activities have been set

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend – enjoy the extra day!

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans, Mrs Stone and Mrs Lozynski



Friday 23rd April 2021 

Good afternoon everyone 

 Well, what an amazing first week back at school! We have had such a lovely week of learning and fun! 

 Some of this week’s learning: 


 This week we have started a new genre: Non- Chronological Reports 

We have looked at non-fiction features in detail and have worked hard to research facts about Stickleback, Seahorse, and Pipefish. We have identified features of a fact file and have edited sentences to ensure they have capital letters, full stops and the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence. We have also begun to prepare our own fact file information to go with our aquariums. Today, in pairs, we painted our aquariums for our final fact file next week. 


In maths year one children have worked hard at revisiting addition and subtraction, we have added small and larger numbers using lots of manipulatives such as cubes, number lines, dinosaurs, and bead strings. Today we worked really hard to solve addition and subtraction word problems.

 The year twos have worked super hard at learning about time this week. This week they have concentrated on ‘o’ clock and half past- it has been great fun using the clocks. 


This week started to look at animals, including humans. On Tuesday we classified lots of different animals into 6 different groups:  Amphibians. Fish, Mammals, Insects, Reptiles and Birds.   

Learning Adventure: 

We started a new question in learning adventure this week: How does our local area compare to the rest of the world? This week we explored our local area, how we come to school, do we live near or far? Where are the local places we visit often and rarely? Lots of children visit Siblyback lake lots! They love it! Next week we are going to look at maps and go for a walk in St Cleer to find key points of interest on the map.   

This week has been jammed packed full of amazing learning. We are so proud of all the children. 


 Fridays – Fit Friday clothes 

 Mondays – PE kits 

 Mathletics activities have been set 

Have a lovely weekend all!

Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans, Mrs Stone and Mrs Lozynski 



Thursday 1st April 2021

Good afternoon

Wow! What an amazing, jam-packed term we have all had!

We just want to say well done to all of the children and parents; it really has been an amazing full term!

This week’s learning:


This week we have worked really hard to write a fantast story. The children tried really hard to recall all the features of good story writing alongside including connectives, conjunctions, adjectives and verbs in their writing.


Year 1’s worked hard at measuring liquid using millilitres this week. They used coloured water and beakers to measure the water. They also looked at different jugs filled at different levels and worked hard to figure out how many millilitres of liquid was in them.


Year 2’s have worked hard at fractions and have continued to work on different fractions in different contexts. They have been looking at how 2 quarters is the same as a half and they have been finishing three quarters of a number and a shape!


This week we revisited the Easter story and how Christians celebrate Easter and we made lovely Easter cards- we hope you like them!



In PSHE this week we concluded our healthy me topic and looked at how we can keep ourselves safe crossing the road, we looked at a lovely story and the children joined in to help the characters to cross roads safely. We learnt the ‘star words’ STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! THINK!


Easter fun day:

Today we have had so much fun celebrating Easter by having and egg and spoon race and also an Easter egg hunt in our forest school! We all loved it!

We hope you all have a rested Easter break and look forward to seeing all the children back on the 19th

Please send in sun hats on return to school so the children are protected when it is sunny.

PE kit on Monday the 19th

Mathletics activities have been set.


Miss Hughes, Mrs Tromans and Mrs Stone 



Monday 29th March 

Good Morning all 
Attached is a leaflet for Easter Wild Tribe activities for your reference. 

Three more 'get ups' and Easter holidays can begin- have a lovely week everyone.

Miss Hughes , Mrs Stone and Mrs Tromans 

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Friday 26th March 

Good afternoon all

We have a had such a lovely week at school ,this week.

Here is some of our learning:


This week we have been preparing to write our own fantasy stories, we have used a range of objects in the class each day and thought of story openers using those objects- we have great imaginations! We have really thought about how we are going to structure our stories. All the children thought hard to plan the characters, settings and what was going to happen in their stories. We will use our plans and begin writing our stories next week!


Year 1’s have been learning about capacity this week and some of our ‘star words’ have been – capacity, volume, full, empty, nearly full, and nearly empty. We have used lots of different containers to pour water into and compare the capacity of the different containers.

Year 2’s have continued to look at fractions this week, they have really concentrated on 1/4 and a 1/3. The children have been halving a number of cubes and then halving them again to find a quarter and they have been colouring shapes in thirds!

Learning Adventure:

This week we have been preparing to make Queen of hearts jam tarts, today. On Wednesday we looked at the ingredients and explored where flour comes from. We went out into the sunshine to do our writing and it was lovely. On Thursday we looked in detail at the recipe and wrote down what we would need to do. Today we made our jam tarts and we loved it, it was so much fun, and we are experts at baking now!

We really have worked so well this week.

PE kits Monday please

Mathletics activities have been set.

If you haven't already , please remember to send in one named toilet role tube for science on Tuesday- thank you 

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hughes and Mrs Tromans 



Friday 19th March 

Good afternoon everyone.

We hope you have all had a lovely week- we certainly have.

This week the children have continued to work so well in class.


This week’s learning:


We have continued our theme of Alice in Wonderland however this week we have concentrated on the question: What is a fantasy story?

We explored features of a fantasy story.

The children have completed character studies on the Mad Hatter and Alice and have also explored whether the Cheshire Cat and the Timid Mouse could be friends and what they could teach each other. We have also revisited the structure of a story, in preparation for writing our own fantasy stories over the next two weeks. Yesterday we enjoyed splitting into groups and acting out scenes form Alice in Wonderland and performing to our classmates.



Year 1 have continued to explore mass and have worked hard to compare the mass of objects and also how to work our the weight of objects using the scales. We have explored grams and have been measuring in increments of 100g.


Year 2 have continued to work on fractions and have tried super hard to understand equal parts. They worked hard at using strips of paper to fold them into halves, quarters, and thirds!

Learning Adventure:

This week we have explored tie dying, the children have loved this and have enjoyed exploring colours and patterns ready for today’s t-shirt dying – the T-shirts are drying over the weekend and will be sent home Monday or Tuesday.


In RE this week, we have explored Holy Week and what that means to Christians. We enjoyed exploring the events of Holy Week and acting them out and freeze framing.


In Science this week we looked at how we can measure rain fall. We made rain gauges and the children really enjoyed completing this task. We also revisited the weather and the seasons. The children have a great understanding of what happens to deciduous trees during each season.

We really have had a great week.

Mathletics activities have been set.

PE kits Monday please

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hughes and Mrs Tromans 



Friday 12th march 2021

Good afternoon everyone

We would like to start by saying how proud we are of all the children this week, they have returned to class with such enthusiasm and although we have had a few tears because they have missed you so much, they have ALL been amazing. It must have been really tough leaving you at home and returning to school!

Could we please ask , to help us to get all the children into class and registered to start our learning, that they arrive by 8:50am - thank you for your support. 

We have had such a lovely week. It has been the second week of our book fortnight and we have immersed ourselves into Alice’s wonderland. We started on Monday with our themed afternoon where we played ‘pin the smile on the Cheshire cat’, we had  a scavenger hunt, we had juice and biscuits and made a character from the cartoon, it really was so lovely to have this much fun whilst we were all dressed up in character too! The rest of the week has been amazing also:


In English this week we have revisited diary entry writing and we have been acting out, watching and exploring Alice’s adventures and then writing a diary entry as Alice. The children have tried hard to remember the features of diary writing and also ensuring they used conjunctions, time connectives, capital letters and full stops and also trying to be really descriptive- we have a class of super stars!


Year ones have been measuring this week using bucket scales and non-standard units of measure, our star words have been: heavier, lighter, prediction, greater than, less than and equals to. We had so much fun using the bucket scales to weigh objects in our class and compare them.

Year twos have been looking at fractions, specifically equal and unequal parts. They have also been investigating whether they can make halves and quarters equally, they have all worked so hard.

Learning Adventure:

This week we have been observing the natural environment in our woodland area, we have then linked that to the wonderland Alice visits and sketched and imaginative woodland using different mediums such as crayon and pastel. We ensured there was no green or brown in our sketches as we used our imaginations to make them spectacularly colourful. Yesterday we collected leaves and sticks from the forest area and today we painted those natural objects to print a picture of an Alice in wonderland woodland!


In PSHCE this week we have been looking at how we remain healthy inside and out. The children worked really well to recall ways we stay healthy.

We have completed lots of fun work this week and we have enjoyed having a FUN FRIDAY today to end our book fortnight.

Mathletics activities has been set.

Please ember PE kit on Monday

Please can each child bring in one plastic pop bottle ( empty ) for Tuesday for our science lesson 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Hughes and Mrs Tromans 



Tuesday 9th March 

Morning all 
I just wanted to say how proud we were of all the children yesterday , they all did amazingly well and adapted back to routines so well! You should be very proud of them all also- so well done everyone! We had such a lovely day and our Alice in Wonderland afternoon was great! It was really fantastic to see all the children, it touched our hearts to have them all back. 
Please remember if you have any questions we are always here to support as much as we can. 

Please also if you haven't sent in wellies can we have them sent in for tomorrow and Thursday

Exciting Learning Adventure activity! -Next week we are going to be doing some tie dying in our learning Adventure and we would love the children to die a t-shirt therefore could we ask if you could possibly  send in a white t-shirt in a plastic bag for next Friday ( it can come in before and we will keep it safe) Please note the t shirt will be dyed to be crazy colours fit for a mad hatter! Please let me know as soon as possible if this is not possible. 

Have a lovely day all 
Many thanks
Miss Hughes and Mrs Tromans 


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