Local Governance

The Role of the Local Governing Board 

The Local Governing Board of St Cleer and Darite Primary Academies is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who bring a range of skills and expertise, and who are dedicated to supporting both the schools, and indeed supporting the whole of Bridge Schools Trust. Governors meet approximately every half term, to support and challenge the school leadership team, with the aim of improving outcomes of all our pupils. 

Governors report to the Trustees of Bridge Schools. Their key role is:  
1. To provide a balance of challenge and support to school leaders, understanding the strengths and areas for improvement in the school.
2. To be able to articulate these to all stakeholders.
3. In areas where the role of the LGB is to monitor an activity the expectation is that this is an active role. Monitoring could confirm that the item has been successfully addressed or the LGB could make a recommendation or suggestion for improvement.

St Cleer Local Governing Body (LGB)

Darite and St Cleer Academies share a LGB. The governors are from a wide range of backgrounds, professions and links to the school. They involve parents, teachers and other interested parties. They meet termly and the governors play a huge role in monitoring and supporting the school. The LGB also works closely with other Governing Bodies across Bridge Schools Trust to strengthen good practice.

This page is where you can find out about the LGB that supports St Cleer.

As part of the Bridge Schools Trust, the following details can be found on the trust website (www.bridgeschools.co.uk).

  1. Register of interests for accounting officer.
  2. Memorandum of association.
  3. Funding agreements.
  4. Annual accounts
  5. Annual report

Offering Advice and Guidance

Our parent and community governors have a range of different backgrounds and experience and bring many beneficial perspectives to the life of the school.

The role of the Governing Body:

  1. Ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction 
  2. Contributes to the school's self-evaluation and understands its strengths and weaknesses, including the impact of their own work 
  3. Supports and strengthens the school leadership, including developing their own skills 
  4. Provides challenge and holds the Headteacher and other senior leaders to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils' achievement and pupils' behaviour and safety, including using the data dashboard, other progress data, examination outcomes and test results
  5. Uses performance management systems to improve teaching, leadership and management 
  6. Ensures solvency and probity and that the financial resources made available to the school are managed effectively 
  7. Operates in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities approved engages with key stakeholders 
  8. Uses the pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning, including reading, writing and mathematics.

LGB Monitoring at St Cleer Primary Academy

The governing body has a crucial role to play in the life of our school and the effectiveness of governors in carrying out their responsibilities is a central part of the overall effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school. 

Their key role is to oversee the strategic development of our academy. This involves monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness, and offering support and challenge. As well as providing this through LGB meetings, monitoring is a key aspect to their work.

Meet The Governors

Mr Adrian Hines

Chair of Governors; Co-opted Governor

Email: chair-ahines@bridgeschools.co.uk

Responsibilities: Whistleblowing, Complaints.
Term of office: 05-11-19 to 04-11-23

I was appointed in 2014 as a Parent Governor at Rydon Primary School, a 420-pupil school in Kingsteignton, Devon. I was elected to the role of Chair in 2016. At this time, the school was part of the Templer Academies Schools Trust (TAST), a MAT comprising two secondary and two primary schools. Upon taking on this role, I prioritised establishing clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, and sought to develop improved insight amongst the Governing Board members. During this period, I also served on the TAST Board, and chaired the TAST Audit Committee, before stepping aside to lead the Governing Body through a challenging period of change arising from a merger of trusts to form Education South West (ESW), which now comprises four secondary and six primary schools. I am currently taking a lead in developing local governance across ESW, seeking to improve cooperation between the Local Governing Bodies, and between the Local Governing Bodies and the Trust Board. I have also implemented a Trust-wide Governor training programme, and have designed and delivered “Basics of Governance” training within this programme. In developing governance across the Trust I have been working with a National Leader of Governance, and with the DfE-funded GovernorSpace leadership development programme. I am an Associate Board Member of Devon Association of Governance, and have recently been appointed as the Primary Academies Governor Representative on the Devon Education Forum. Outside of school governance, in my “day job” I have over 15 years of experience in leading teams of scientists and software engineers, and of committee work at local, national and international level. My work roles have also involved a number of interactions with the Education sector. My teams have included qualified trainers who are responsible for development and delivery of training materials for a variety of audiences, and I have visiting positions at the Universities of Exeter and Leeds which both involve interaction with both undergraduate and postgraduate training activities. As a public sector employee, I benefit from my employer offering flexibility to enable me to work around Governor duties.

Mrs Nickie Doney

Community Governor
Term of office: 14-02-19 to 13-02-23.

Nickie is originally from Plymouth and moved to the Darite area about ten years ago. She is a qualified Children’s Social Worker who works within the family courts and has many years’ experience working within child protection and safeguarding. Nickie has two young daughters, one currently in Year 2 at Darite and the other in nursery. Nickie is pleased to join the governing board and is hoping to make a positive contribution to Darite and St Cleer schools, particularly in terms of assisting with safeguarding across the schools.

Mrs Louise Marks-Saberton

Community Governor
Term of office: 12-02-19 to 11-02-23

My name is Louise Marks-Saberton. I have two children at Darite who joined in Reception in 2014 and 2017. The school is very dear to my heart having attended myself in the 1980s. I work as a teaching assistant and in my spare time I do a lot of camping and walking with my family.

Mrs Michele Spencer

Staff Governor, Headteacher

I have been a teacher and leader in Education for 17 years and am delighted to be the Headteacher here at St Cleer, in this new and exciting chapter for the school. Originally from the south east coast of Ireland, life in Cornwall feels very natural and almost home-from-home already. A diverse experience gained from being and Acting Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher in London schools along with a passion for the outdoors has led me to Cornwall and to St Cleer. I look forward to building on what works well here as well as building capacity and ensuring children are given every opportunity to reach their potential. 

Mr Tom Whipps

Staff Governor, Headteacher

Tom is originally from Sheffield but trained in Manchester. He taught for several years in larger schools across Oldham and Manchester before moving to Looe Primary. He has now taught in 5 of the 14 schools in the trust and has been head of school at 3 of these.

Record of Governors' Attendance at Local Governing Board Meetings
Key: P = present; Apols = apologies accepted; Apols x = apologies not accepted; x = absent
Jo Burtoft2 out of 367%
Geoff Coles3 out of 3100%
Nickie Doney3 out of 3100%
Jimmy Edwards0 out of 30%
Claire Ivey1 out of 333%
Lauren Johnson1 out of 333%
Steve Murray3 out of 3100%
Louise Saberton3 out of 3100%
Hayley Stacey3 out of 3100%
Catherine Stoate 3 out of 3100%
Mike Thom1 out of 333%
Tom Whipps3 out of 3100%
SPRING TERM 2019LGB 14-02-19LGB 28-03-19
Jo BurtoftPP
Geoff ColesPP
Nickie DoneyPP
Jimmy EdwardsApolsApols
Claire IveyApolsApols
Lauren JohnsonPApols
Steve MurrayPP
Louise SabertonPP
Clare SempleApols 
Hayley StaceyPP
Catherine Stoate PP
Mike ThomPApols
Tom WhippsIn attendance -  P
HoS from 25-02-19
SUMMER TERM 2019LGB 08-05-19
Jo BurtoftApols
Geoff ColesP
Nickie DoneyP
Jimmy EdwardsApols
Claire IveyP
Lauren JohnsonApols
Steve MurrayP
Louise SabertonP
Hayley StaceyP
Catherine Stoate P
Mike ThomApols
Tom WhippsP

Previous Record of Governing Board attendance at meetings
Key: P = present; Apols = apologies accepted; Apols x = apologies not accepted; 
x = absent; (P) = in attendance but not member
NB Curriculum Committee held a meeting in each school so members were asked to attend their local meeting rather than both
AUTUMN TERM 2017Full Governing Board Pay & PersonnelFinance & BuildingsCurriculum (St Cleer)Curriculum (Blisland)
Governor 18/09/201705/10/201712/10/201713/11/201728/11/2017
Geoff ColesP P  
Jimmy EdwardsP  PApols
Jon Finchx    
Hannah GodfreyP ApolsApolsApols
Helen GreenP  ApolsP
Claire IveyP PPApols
Lauren JohnsonPP PP
Steve MurrayP P  
Hayley StaceyPP ApolsApols
Catherine Stoate PPPPApols
Mike ThomP  PApols
Jennifer WalmsleyxPP  
SPRING TERM 2018Full Governing Board CurriculumSUMMER TERM 2018Local Governing BoardLocal Governing Board
Governor 29/01/201826/02/2018Governor 23/04/201816/07/2018
Geoff ColesP Geoff ColesPApols
Jimmy EdwardsApolsPJimmy EdwardsApolsP
Hannah GodfreyPApolsHannah GodfreyPP
Helen GreenPApolsHelen GreenPApols
Claire IveyPApolsClaire IveyApolsP
Lauren JohnsonPApolsLauren JohnsonApolsApols
Steve MurrayP Steve MurrayPP
Hayley StaceyApolsApolsHayley StaceyApolsApols
Catherine Stoate PPCatherine Stoate PP
Mike ThomPPMike ThomApolsP
Jennifer WalmsleyApols 
AUTUMN TERM 2018Local Governing Board
Governor 08/11/2018
Geoff ColesP
Jimmy EdwardsP
Helen GreenP
Claire IveyP
Lauren JohnsonApols
Steve MurrayP
Hayley StaceyP
Catherine Stoate P
Mike ThomApols


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Bridge Schools Trust Board and Local Governing Body Code of Conduct Policy.pdf
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Darite and St Cleer GB membership 2019-20[5197].pdf




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