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All you need is love... 

Another great PTA event on the horizon! Save the date and come along!


A Great Song! 

Well done to the KS2 ECO team children who sang their climate inspired 'A great song!' at St Martin's Church in Liskeard on Tuesday.

The whole team will share their song with the school in assembly.

Well done ECO team - we are very proud of you all!


“We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersoll 

Thank you!

It is no secret that Education is under pressure in the current financial climate to meet the needs of the curriculum. This is something that we manage very well but with a little help can do even better. The arts continue to be very important to us at St Cleer and we wanted to thank the PTA for helping us to fund the recent art workshops with Sean Hewitt. The school has benefited greatly from these workshops and we appreciate the PTA's support in this. The team also visited the school library and are full of ideas to make this a vibrant and special place for us all. 
Thank you so much for your support!


What can you do to make the world a better place? 

In assembly this week, we gathered ideas that might make a difference in the world.

We thought about:
- Reducing plastics
- Being kind
- Offering help
- Thinking about how we travel
- Keeping our area clean
- Taking responsibility for ourselves

We also talked about ECO bricks and how we might be able to create some of these ourselves to re-use plastic that might go to waste and end up is our seas and on our beaches. Watch this space to see if we can bring this ideas into reality.

If you are interested in making an ECO brick for school please visit www.ecobricks.org/how/


Welcome to the head's Blog 

Please visit the Head's Blog regularly for news, information and communications from St Cleer Primary Academy.
Michele Spencer
Head teacher


A Creative Start to the Year 

Posted: 09/01/2020
John Wareham

It might only be the first week of a new term but we have been busy being creative and exploring the concept of kindness, peace and being responsible for making our world a better place. Thank you to Sean Hewitt for the workshops he has been running this week and he will be back again with us for one more next week. 


Festive Run at Pensilva 

Posted: 16/12/2019
John Wareham

Well done to everyone who took part in the Pensilva Fun Run oganised by Mr Oli Jones. Judging by the faces you really enjoyed it.

I am so impressed by the motivation to run and get involved. What a fantastic way to spread festive cheer and well-being! Well done Mr Jones and all involved!


Good Tidings and Glee! 

Posted: 12/12/2019
John Wareham

Not only did the Glee Choir put on an outstanding performance Tuesday night, but the had the energy to go and sing in the community at Trago Mills. The enjoyment on their faces and the happiness that they have spread this week has certainly set us all up well for the Christmas period. Thank you so much to Mrs Clack, Mrs Hillyard, Mrs Fry, Mrs Ivey and all involved. It was the icing on the cake to have an accordion accompaniment too!


Festive Friday 

Posted: 09/12/2019
Michele Spencer

Friday was a fun-filled day of festivities. KS2 visited St Cleer church to dress the trees and sing some Christmas songs. We also had a wonderful Christmas Fair. Thank you so much to the PTA and all involved. The harp instrumental provided by Pam was first class and really added a special touch to the event. Your hard work and support is very much appreciated.


Christmas Fair on Friday 

Posted: 02/12/2019
Michele Spencer

Are you a budding baker?

Please see the attached flyer from the PTA...looking forward to seeing some of your festive treats on display in the hall.


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