School Meals

We are delighted that the government is providing ALL children in the Reception Year, Year 1 and Year 2 with a free school meal.×

All children aged 4 to 7 are given a free cooked meal. 

Parents will still need to pay for meals for children in Key Stage 2, unless you receive Income Support, Child Tax Credit (CTC annual income not exceeding £16,190 and not also receiving Working Tax Credit), or Jobseeker’s Allowance.  Forms are available from the school office.  Please let us know if you are eligible, even if you only have children in Key Stage One or for any Key Stage Two children even if you do not wish to actually claim the free meals as this will mean that your child will receive a Pupil Premium from the government. (See Pupil Premium)

Come and try our delicious school meals!  Parents and grandparents are welcome.  Just let the school know in the morning that you will be joining us for lunch.  Select your child's school dinner from our varied and delicious menu.

Click on menu download link below.

Children and Staff who suffer from nut allergies can develop a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. If someone has a nut allergy it is not just eating nuts that can cause a severe reaction, just being touched on the skin or smelling the breath of someone who has had nuts or a product containing nuts can trigger anaphylactic shock (which can cause breathing and swallowing difficulties). First aid staff in the school are trained to use the Epi-pens (an injection of adrenalin) which is required immediately if this happens. We cannot have nuts in school in any form. So please can we ask that you have no nut products in the lunch boxes or brought into the school as treats? Many thanks in advance for your support in this.


View the following documents within your web browser or download to read later

Cornwall Autumn Menu 2021 FINAL Dated.pdf
Cornwall Autumn Menu 2021 FINAL Dated.pdf
Cornwall Menu Nutrition Report Summer 21.PDF
Cornwall Menu Nutrition Report Summer 21.PDF





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School Inset 1st November - school closed to children for staff training. All children to return after half term on 2nd November.

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