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Sport Premium Overview


At St Cleer Academy we believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

We have welcomed the Government’s announcement that additional funding will be provided to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.

Sport Premium Grant

Funding for schools is calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between the ages of 5 and 11) as at the annual census in January each year. All schools with 17 or more primary aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil. Smaller schools receive £500 per pupil.

Total no of primary aged pupils at St Cleer School in September 2018 is 268 children.

Total amount of Sport Premium Grant received in 2018/19: £17,340.


 All areas that have received PE premium funding were allocated with future sustainability in mind. Staff have been trained to deliver high quality PE and provide more opportunities for current and future pupils. Through coaching, pupils have shown an aptitude and interest in a range of sports.  This has encouraged them to attend local clubs and develop their skills and interests further, sustaining the impact of the funds beyond the school gates.

What does the Sport Premium mean for my School?

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

At St Cleer School we have split up the funding by the three key areas for consideration; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport. We have decided to spend the Sport Premium Grant on the following:


Raising standards of all our children in Physical Education.

Objective Outcome

Increasing the teaching staffs’ subject knowledge and confidence in delivering  Physical Education.

· Staff to deliver high quality PE lessons.

· Staff to take part in PE CPD.

· PE specialist to support all teaching staff.

· Joining Arena Sports Partnership for the provision of CPD courses.


Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise.

Objectives Outcomes

To increase the variety of opportunities for the children to experience different sporting activities. 

· Children to have access to other sports not covered in the curriculum.

· Children shown what extracurricular sporting clubs are available for them.


To increase the children’s knowledge of the health benefits of sport and exercise and to promote a healthy life style.

· Health and Wellbeing day.

· Visitors teaching the children how sport is used to stay healthy.


Increasing pupils’ participation in extra-curricular sport.

Objectives Outcomes
To increase the amount of competitive sport opportunities for pupils.
· A higher proportion of  children to take part in sporting competitions.

· Becoming part of Liskeard Schools sporting calendar.

How we will spend the Sport Premium in 2018/19-Total Funds- £17,340

Sports Teacher (Mr Oliver Jones)    £9,091

Sports Teacher (Mrs Mary Tyrrell)  £4,500

Arena sport partnership                     £600

Liskeard School Sport Partnership  £1,000

Forest School                                       £500

Staff Training                                       £1,649

Impact the sport funding has had, and will continue to have, on pupils' PE and Sport

The funding is enabling PE and Sport to have a continued high profile at St Cleer Academy. The leadership of Oliver Jones is inspirational for both students and staff. The teaching and support staff always participate in every PE lesson led by Mr Jones and are then inspired to continue the skills taught during the following sessions when Mr Jones is not present.

The high quality professional development provided by Mr Jones, facilitated by the funding, has had the important impact of enabling staff to have the confidence and skills to teach PE and Sport.

The Area Sport Partnership also provides high quality professional training for staff.

Impact on pupils' attainment

The increased physical activity of children has had a positive impact on pupils' focus on learning, behaviour in lessons, readiness and attitude towards learning. Increased participation in sports clubs and sporting activity has developed our children's confidence and self-esteem. Staff and parents have recognised many examples of how learning to be "good sports" in competitive games increases the children's resilience, pride in themselves and in the school, team work, communication, leadership skills and feelings of inclusivity.

How will this improvements be sustainable in the future?

The improvements will be sustained by the secure change that has been made in terms of the school ethos and the enthusiasm and engagement of all staff and the whole school community, including parents and carers. All teachers are now confident and competent in delivering a high quality, balanced, broad, progressive PE curriculum and extracurricular sport. Staff and parents fully embrace our culture that knows that healthy active pupils = better learners.


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Overall Aims of our School Travel Plan.pdf
Overall Aims of our School Travel Plan.pdf
PE and School Sport Action Plan St Cleer-2.docx
PE and School Sport Action Plan St Cleer-2.docx
PE and School Sport Action Plan St Cleer.docx
PE and School Sport Action Plan St Cleer.docx
PE and Sport Report St Cleer Academy 2019.docx
PE and Sport Report St Cleer Academy 2019.docx
Primary T2M Audit 1718 St Cleer.xlsx
Primary T2M Audit 1718 St Cleer.xlsx



Sport Funding Audit.docx
Sport Funding Audit.docx
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Sport funding T2M 2019.docx
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St Cleer progress!.pptx


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