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Message in a bottle top competition. 

Wow what an amazing half term for Eco Club, we have worked so hard on so many projects.  As you may be aware we recently decided to enter the Message in a bottle top competition, our brief to create a piece of artwork with plastic bottle tops to show what wildlife it can impact.  We began with a design sheet and everyone created their own design (they were all amazing).  We decided to put two different designs together to create our entry a shark and a magpie the St Cleer School bird. After sorting through over 2000 bottle tops and organising them into colours, the artists penciled their designs onto the wooden board. Everyone gave up their lunch breaks to help paint and stick the bottle tops onto our base.  As you can see the finished result was rather impressive.  In total we collected 2500 bottle tops! Thank you to everyone who sent some in.  The left over bottle tops will be recycled and maybe created into another smaller art work that the children can bring home.  Alongside the artwork we were required to write a short story or poem.  Violet West very kindly took this role on herself and wrote the most beautiful poem to be sent in with our entry.  Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good result!  Next term we will be tackling local industries and the use of single use plastics and writing to our local MP,  we will also be making some items to sell at the end of term.





BIG Battery Hunt!  

The big battery hunt has been organised by duracell and Eco club has delivered one of these boxes to every class in the school plus the reception and office! The aim is for us to collect as many batteries as possible and take them to be recycled. Please feel free to bring in any batteries for our collection boxes and we will give a running total at the end of the term on how many we have managed to collected for recycling. 


Easter Wreaths!  

Happy Easter!

In our last session of the spring term we made our Easter wreaths from old egg boxes! Everyone did an amazing job and some who didn't finish managed to finish at home. We have a lot planned for next term and will be creating our own products to sell! 


Eco Club Action Plan 

We would like to share our very own action plan for this year! We will be working on 3 topics, school grounds, energy and litter. We will share updates as we go along. Watch this space! 


Bird Feeders!  

Our first task of the year was to make bird feeders from recycling we found at home. Everyone spent a session planning how they would make their bird feeders and then we all brought in our own materials from home. We hung our handmade feeders up around the school grounds and then waited for the birds to feed. Once the feeders had been there for a while we were able to take part in the Big School's Birdwatch with the RSPB and record our findings! 



The St. Cleer Eco Code

Save our eco system. 
Together we can make a difference. 
Clean up litter, clean our world.
Learn together to be eco friendly. 
Everybody go ECO. 
Encourage people to save energy. 
Responsibly recycle and reuse. 


Welcome to St Cleer Eco Club  

Welcome to the St Cleer Eco Club blog!

We have been working really hard this year so far. Our aim is to achieve the Eco Schools green flag status. The Eco club meets every week after school and works on different subjects to help raise awareness and make positive changes to save our planet. 
We look forward to sharing our message with you! 

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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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