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The Very Hungry Caterpillar  

For this weeks challenge I based it around the book The Hungry Caterpillar, and WOW our children have done such a fantastic job with it.  It was mainly set to learn days of the week, to help develop fine motor skills and maths and of corusre to have FUN!

K and E did a fab job with ordering their days of the week.

A - did finger print painting and practising her numbers 1-10 and developing her muscles in her fingers all to help with writing in the coming years, what beautiful colours she has used! 

I -learnt one more and one less from numbers 1-10 how amazing is this for a 4 year old?! 

R made a brilliant caterpillar using different recourse her parent even said she was there for quite a while making lots with different lengths enhancing her own learning! 

I am so impressed with all of these children  taking everything in their stride and having a go at everything. Well done everyone!

Miss Whitty 17/05/20


The Very Hungry Caterpillar part 2! 

Even more fun with The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
L- did some fantastic number finger dots. 

I and R - learnt the life cycle of a butterfly how amazing is it to learn this?

K and E made a beautiful  caterpillar face! 

Well done everyone, come back next week to see what they get up to with The Little Red Hen challenge
Stay safe! x
Miss Whitty 17/05/20



17/05/20 - The Squirrels who squabbled.
I hope you like the story this week :)


Storytime 10/05/20 

I hope you all enjoy the story!


Children's book week. 

Last week was Children's book week! 

A few of our Pre-school children took a picture with their favourite book.

They read the book at home with their families.

We at Pre-school encourage the school's approach with reading, each child get's to choose a book from  school to take home and read then they can swap it when they are next in. We also have a lovely reading area where the children can explore books when they want to.  This help's to develop the love of reading. 

Miss Whitty 10-05-20


VE Day! 

Wow! Look at all of the fantsic thing's the Pre school children have been up to for VE day! 

K, made some beautiful bunting using her cutting and sticking skills! 

L, had a tea party using lovely china, being very careful! 

I, made a Cornish cream tea  (Jam then cream) 

A, coloured a union jack flag! look at how neat that is, I can tell she took her time with her pencil control.

I am so impressed with the Pre School children with all of their hard work they have been doing this week! 

Well done everyone. Your next challenge is up on Tapestry now!

Miss Whitty 10-05-20


More fun this week! 

Following on from previous posts ...

S shared his faviourte book with us

N- made a spitfire for VE day! 

K went exploring 

L went horse riding!

We are all so impressed with how much all of our wonderful children are learning and copying with all of the changes they are faced with! 

Well done to every single child out there, From Myself and Miss Ronald!

Miss Whitty 10-05-20


We are so clever! 

Even more exciting learning going on this week! 

R and R made the bumble bee craft, using their fine motor skills to cut and stick, don't they look fantastic?!

P built up her self- confidence by walking and balancing along a long log! I am so impressed!

L freed  the insects from the ice!, using a hammer very carefully. 

We are so impressed with all of the learning the children are doing! a HUGE thank you and Well done to our fantastic parents you are all doing such an amazing job. 

Come back next week to see what we have been up to this week we are also looking at VE day! 

Stay safe and well. Miss Whitty 03/05/20


More exciting learning! 

We have been very busy this week with a nature scavenger hunt, learning our numbers, threading beads to help our fine motor skills

Look at how colourful A's necklace is- she could also say what colours she was using! I'm super impressed.

K and N both did their numbers 1-20! how clever is that?, ordering and recognising them. K also used her scissor skills to cut out the numbers.

L- did his nature scavenger hunt finding something long, something short, something smooth, ect. 

I am so impressed with all of our children, learning at home and taking it all in their stride!

Miss Whitty 03/05/20


3,2,1 BAKE! Pre school had a bake off! 

As we can't be together in our classroom, we have come together another way, through cake! 

I set the challenge of a bake off and the children and their families did just that, they all look super yummy! Lots of our wonderful children decorated their cakes themselves, we have future bakers in our class! 

To make it extra special for the children, the staff who come down to help in Pre- school throughout the week have also baked some goodies, I wonder if you can spot who helps in Pre -school when your in? 

We hope you enjoy our little video of our Bake off, sorry you can't taste them.

We hope you all stay safe!   The Pre School team. 

Miss Whitty :) 03/05/20

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