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Mini beast week 

Look at what we have been getting up to during mini beast week!

The Preschool children have been super busy making lots of different crafts! They have also been practising their scissor skills but cutting out bugs and sorting them to having legs and no legs. 

Well done everyone! 

Come back next week to see what they got up to in Dinosaur week. 

Miss Whitty   29/06/20


Key worker week fun 

We have been having lots of fun this week with outdoor learning with Mr Jones! 

We have made pretty crowns using willow and flowers from around the school, we made potions and we even made a pencil using a very sharp knife but we all knew how to act around sharp knives. 

The school train even came back out to play, we all loved playing with this, making sure the track was clear and putting it back on when it fell off. 

Miss Whitty 23/06/20


Elmer week!  

Elmer week seemed quite popular with the Pre-school children, they enjoyed making different crafts using a variety of materials, Milk bottles, paper plates, scrap paper, tissue paper, crafting really helps our children to build up those muscles in their hands and arms to help them with writing later on in their development. They also use problem solving skills. I am so impressed with all of the work they have done they all did a fantastic job what  beautiful colours they have used. 

They also had a go at adding and number formation, ordering the story,  and letter formation. 

Well done to everyone for having a go and always trying hard your learning. We are all so proud of you! 

Come back next week to see what we got up to in Mini beast week!

Miss Whitty 22/06/20 


The Three little pigs! 

The  Three little pigs!

The children's theme for last week was the The Three little pigs. 
They did lots of different activities from building houses, sequencing the story, pencil control and scissor skills. 

I am so impressed with all of their hard work. Come back next week for Elma week!

Miss Whitty 17/06/20


Key worker week. 

I am so impressed with the preschool key worker children, they have all taken a new way of school very well, learning to keep their distance to keep each other healthy, in a new classroom  with new adults. I am so proud of them! 

This week they have been super busy, from learning how stay safe near a fire, bug hunting. To lots of school work, this week my challenge for all Pre school children is based on the Three Little Pigs. These three have being doing lots of number work, practising number formation, having a go at our cutting skills, and colouring.

Well done to W ,W and H! 

Miss Whitty  10-06-20


10.06.20 Home Learning 

Lots of lovely home learning this week.
Chalk number writing, ice cream painting, water writing and nature name making. 


Little Red Hen  

The Little Red Hen challenge.

Look at the amazing work the children have been doing. Writing numbers 1-10 , ordering pictures. Using their fred grip with paining and looking after real life chickens! 

I am so impressed with all of them. 

Miss Whitty. 05/06/20 



The Very Hungry Caterpillar  

For this weeks challenge I based it around the book The Hungry Caterpillar, and WOW our children have done such a fantastic job with it.  It was mainly set to learn days of the week, to help develop fine motor skills and maths and of corusre to have FUN!

K and E did a fab job with ordering their days of the week.

A - did finger print painting and practising her numbers 1-10 and developing her muscles in her fingers all to help with writing in the coming years, what beautiful colours she has used! 

I -learnt one more and one less from numbers 1-10 how amazing is this for a 4 year old?! 

R made a brilliant caterpillar using different recourse her parent even said she was there for quite a while making lots with different lengths enhancing her own learning! 

I am so impressed with all of these children  taking everything in their stride and having a go at everything. Well done everyone!

Miss Whitty 17/05/20


The Very Hungry Caterpillar part 2! 

Even more fun with The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
L- did some fantastic number finger dots. 

I and R - learnt the life cycle of a butterfly how amazing is it to learn this?

K and E made a beautiful  caterpillar face! 

Well done everyone, come back next week to see what they get up to with The Little Red Hen challenge
Stay safe! x
Miss Whitty 17/05/20



17/05/20 - The Squirrels who squabbled.
I hope you like the story this week :)


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