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6th January 2020 

Posted: 06/01/2020
Kathlina Rudd

Our topic will be based on a pirate theme with the overarching question of: Arrgh is it a pirate life for me ? 

If you have any pirate books or items that you would feel would benefit the children’s learning, we would be most grateful.

In maths we will be looking at money and coin values linking it with the composition of numbers.

In phonics we will be concentrating on the recognition of capital letters and drawing on our handwriting and phonics skills to help us write sentences.

We will be reading lots of pirate stories and developing our comprehension and widening our vocabulary.


4th November 2019 

Posted: 04/11/2019
Kathlina Rudd

We had a very busy week last week and managed to celebrate: 
Diwali, Halloween and go into the woods to look at our natural environment.

Thank you to all the parents that have sent waterproofs and wellies in. 

In phonics we will be learning to read and write the letter sounds qu, x, nk, ng. We will also be learning new tricky red words and getting ready for nonsense words.

Diary Dates

6th (3-5.30 in the class room) and 7th (2.30-3.00 and 3.30-5.30 in the Hall) November- parents evening (slots available in the school Reception area.)

Thursday 7th Nov- Flu Vaccination.

Friday 8th-13th Nov-School Book Fair.

10th Nov- Remembrance Sunday.

Friday 13th December- Reception Class Nativity Play. 


We will be looking at weight and capacity and looking at different shapes and size containers, which holds more? Which weighs more? Who has the same? Comparing teaspoons and tablespoons.

This week will be discussing Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday and taking part in a minute silence.  


Reception Class Autumn Term 

Posted: 24/10/2019
Kathlina Rudd

This week we will be learning to read and write the letter sounds th, z, ch qu. We call sounds with 2 letters special friends at this stage in our phonics, and say 2 letters 1 sound. We will also be finding objects that begin or have these sounds in them around the school.

In maths, we have been looking at number bonds for numbers 0-5 and pattern which we will continue to embed in to our learning. Number formation has also been a priority and we will continue to develop this whilst looking at the same and equal to.

This term we are also going to be joining in with the school assemblies on a Monday and Friday. We plan to start the term by celebrating Diwali and looking at Autumn, before getting into the Christmas spirit. As soon as we know a date for the Christmas Nativity we will keep you informed.

Forest School officially starts Friday 1st November and we are very excited about using the woods to explore nature and stimulate learning experiences, which allow children to test themselves; build self-esteem, confidence, independence and pride. Whilst being able to develop new skills and learn the art of reflection. 


Tuesday 8th October. 

Posted: 07/10/2019
Kathlina Rudd

This week we will be learning to read and write the letter sounds h, r, v, y . We will be using the sounds that we have already learnt to make words using magnetic letters and boards. We will be blending the letter/sounds together to read.

In our daily phonics sessions, we practice reading ‘Red Words’ which help the children recognise the fact that there are words that are tricky to read because you can not sound them out in the normal way. We are learning the ‘Set 1 red words’.’  In your child’s book bag you will find a bag of red words for you to practice regularly at home. We will add words to this bag as the children learn them. Please keep this word bag in your child’s book bag.


We plan to visit St-Cleer Church on Tuesday 15th October to celebrate Harvest at 9.00am. We would really appreciate some help with walking the children to and from the church. If you are willing to help, please speak to a teacher.

Diary Dates

Wednesday 9th October –individual school photos.

Friday 11th October-Heli Heroes- optional £1 donation (to the Air Ambulance)

Tuesday 15th October- Harvest (visit to church.)

Friday 18th October- last day of term.

Thank you.


Monday 9th December 

Posted: 07/12/2019
Kathlina Rudd

Here are a list of of all the letter speed sounds that the children have been learning. A really helpful website for parents to visit can be obtained by clicking on the web address below.

A big thank you to all the parents that attended the phonics workshop on Wednesday. It really stood out that by working in partnership, together we can develop the best practice to benefit the children.


Monday 2nd december 2019 

Posted: 07/12/2019
Kathlina Rudd

The children have been very this week rehearsing for the nativity and are very much looking forward to their performance next week. 

The children have written their letters to Santa and posted them and hopefully Santa will send them back a letter in return. Our classroom is starting to look festive with all the children's Christmas art work and decorations too.


This week we will be revisiting our set 2 letter sounds ay ,igh,ee ,ow . We will be moving forward and spelling words that we can put into a simple sentence. We will revisit our dinosaur topic and write about some of the things we learned.


In maths we will be looking at 3d shapes, their names and some simple properties. We will be observing every day objects such as cans, batteries, footballs and discussing their shape.

Please could you send the children's nativity costumes into school on Monday 9th December. This will give us time to do a dress rehearsal in advance. Please can costumes be clearly named and placed in a named bag. Thank you 


11th November 2019 

Posted: 11/11/2019
Kathlina Rudd


This week we will be learning to read and write the letter sounds ay, ee. igh, ow. We call sounds with 2 letters special friends at this stage in our phonics, and say 2 letters 1 sound. We will be moving forward and spelling words that have these sounds in them and reading nonsense words, which we also call alien words.


We will be looking at ordering numbers from 1-10 and 10-20 as well as number formation. We will also continue to develop our understanding on weight through our continuous provision.

Forest School. There are still a few children with out waterproofs and wellies. Please can you ensure that they are in school for Friday.

We plan to support Children in Need and we are doing a sponsored workout – come to school in your PE kit day and take part in a Joe Wicks sponsored fitness video. Children donate £1 to take part.

 Kindness day   We will be looking at simple ways in which we can be kind and how this might affect us. A great story that links to this is Have you Filled your Bucket Today?

Diary Dates

Friday 8th-13th Nov-School Book Fair.

Wednesday 13th November- Kindness day

Friday 15th November- Children in need.

Friday 13th December – Reception class Nativity.

Friday 20th December- last day of term.

13th January- Theatre trip to see The Elves and the Shoe Maker.


Dinosaur Day 

Posted: 29/09/2019
Jacob Lewis

Last week as part of our topic 'What would it be like if dinosaurs were still alive? We dressed up as dinosaurs and had great fun looking at the size of dinosaur bones, discovering a dinosaur egg in our classroom and going on a dinosaur hunt.

This week we will be learning to read and write the letter sounds. : f, b, e, l. we will be using the sounds we have already learnt to make words using magnetic letter boards. We will also be blending the letters together to read.

In math's we will be looking at a number of objects and checking the quantities by counting using amounts up to 20. This will involve estimation skills and understanding more and less. 

Every Friday the children will be issued with a library book to share at home. Please ensure that these are returned by Friday . We now have outside storage for wellington boots and waterproofs, so please feel free to bring in labelled items for your child to wear.


Venturing to the dinosaur era 

Posted: 18/09/2019
Kathlina Rudd

Reception Class venture into history with the dinosaur era

This term Reception Class will be hunting for dinosaurs within the depths of the woods. The children will be putting their knowledge to the test and identifying various species of dinosaurs. Our intrepid explorers will be putting their archaeological skills to good use, digging for dinosaur bones and discovering fossils. Along our journey Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs will entertain us, alongside many other dinosaur themed stories.

Your little explorers have already started their journey by asking questions such as 'where did dinosaurs come from?' and 'what did dinosaurs eat?'. We have begun looking at the history of dinosaurs, looking into how they have come to be extinct. Our final aim is to discover 'what it would be like to be a dinosaur?'.

We are calling to you to help us with our journey into history. Fossils and artifacts are always welcome to ensure that the children get an authentic experience.


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