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Monday 1st June  

Welcome back from what we hope has been an enjoyable week.
The weather has certainly been on our side.

Please find attached, lesson plans from Monday 1st June to Thursday 4th June. Friday was a planned Inset Day, so I have left this free, but I have added additional maths challenges that can be tackled.

This week in maths we will be describing and comparing different lengths, height and breadth using varied measurements.

We will continue with our topic of 'What Makes China Unique' and look at the way traditional Chinese women dress, alongside listening to Chinese music and making our own drums.

In Literacy, we will be writing for a purpose and encouraging the use of our special friends and red words.

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Monday 18th May 

Another week has flown by again, I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine! We are finally getting closer to the half term !! Hang in their everyone, you are doing an incredible job. I will not be putting any planning on the blog for the following week, but I am here if you need me. I will also aim to put another story on the blog for the children soon.

I have seen some, super, creative work, this week and I am thoroughly impressed with how, enthusiastic the Children have been with their learning about China. So far, we have looked at: the map of China, , the Great Wall of China, Chinese Writing, Dragon Dancing and we plan to continue learning about Chinese Food this week. 

 We will be revising  a range of strategies including using syllables, finding rhyming words, reading red words and set 2 and 3 RWI sounds. We also will be looking at the set sounds 'ur ' and 'er'. If you are working on set 2 sounds, this is perfectly acceptable , so please do not worry.

we will be revisiting doubling , really looking at the concept and language involved in doubling through using lots of playful strategies.

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Story Time 2 


11th May 2020 The Great Wall Of China  

The picture to the left, shows one of the many Great Wall of China , constructions, that the children have been involved in making this week.
In literacy we will be continuing with our phonics and writing about the story The Magic Paintbrush.
This week we will be revisiting subtraction and developing our counting skills, through lots of playful activities.

As usual the planning is attached below, but please do not feel pressured, every one's well-being and family time is just as important to us. A couple of reminders are copied and pasted below.

Please do not forget Mrs Spencer has set the school a challenge, the link is attached.It would be fantastic to see the Reception Children on the video

On line safety at home can be accessed via

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Monday 4th May 2020 

We have made it through another week!!! Well done everybody .
Our topic question is What makes China Unique?
We have now established where China is on the map, so it's time to look at the Great Wall of China. This week we would like you to make your own wall of china.It could be made out of Lego, stones, or even made outside using every day items.You might want to start by looking at the video clip attached to the weekly planning , you could even design and label your wall before you begin.

This week in Maths we will be looking at number and place value.
Some key questions to ask :
How many do I have ? Make the number which is 1 more. Make the number which is one less.
If I make 12 can you make 1 more? Which number comes before 20 etc..

We recommend you watch Numberblocks with your child on Cbeebies IPlayer. It is helpful for understanding how different numbers are made and it is fun to watch! 
Carol Vorderman, the Queen of Countdown has her own website, it looks very good and is 

This weeks learning is attached below, the story we posted can still be accessed via the previous post below.

Mrs Spencer has set the school a challenge, the link is attached.It would be fantastic to see the Reception Children on the video

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Story Time 

We managed to get the pictures to run alongside the story. Hopefully the children enjoy the story!


Home learning Monday 27th April 2020 


A really big well done to the children and to the parents for adapting to Home Learning. I have seen some super challenges and lots of  great learning going on this week. Please feel free to upload your child’s learning onto Tapestry, so that we can help to celebrate all of their wonderful learning.  However, please do not feel pressured into trying to upload all their activities. We know lots of you are also working from home and we are not expecting you to do extra work on top!

There are some really useful websites out there at the moment and if you are looking for reading books, I recommend Oxford Owl for the children's reading and Collins Big Cat for story time books.

BBC Bitesize  are also worth a look.they are offering daily lessons.

On line safety at home can be accessed via

Home learning is attached below, please refer to the letter sound video on the previous blog. Letter formation sheets can also be found on

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Set 3 RWI Sounds 


Monday 20th April 2020 

This week has been a real privilege to see such a great effort from  parents and children regarding Home Learning. There has been so much work sent in to me via Tapestry, I only wish I could put more on this page. The challenges have highlighted learning through play and produced some incredible pieces of work, which I have collated and added to Tapestry. We are here if you need us, so please feel free to use Tapestry to contact us. 

Next week we will be starting our topic ' What makes China unique?' If the children could start thinking about what they would like to learn about China and send their questions to me via Tapestry, I will incorporate them into our learning. I have attached this week's planning and some supporting resources. I have also noticed that Ruth Miskin, has some free support videos for parents, which are worth checking out. .
Your well being is important to us so please only take from this learning opportunity what you feel able to manage or adapt it accordingly.

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Tuesday 13th April 2020 Home Learning. 

Welcome back from what I hope has been an enjoyable Easter. It has been fantastic to see and hear all about  the children's learning. Thank you for all the  posts on Tapestry. Keep them coming as it is great to see and sometimes hear the children, and they show me what the children have been learning and what a fantastic job you are all doing. In what can only be described as strange times. 

I have attached more Home Learning for this week and a daily challenge.I plan to collate the challenges and post them on the Blog Page for all the children to see (mine included.) I am here to help, and can be messaged via Tapestry, if you need me. Have a fun and enjoyable learning week and I can not wait to see all those pictures of the learning that is taking place. 

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