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Happy Post 

Sunflower News

Hello Everyone, 
I hope you are all keeping well!
I wanted to write on here to show you two lots of happy e-mails I received this week! I received two e-mails from children in our class showing me how amazingly their sunflowers are growing! Isn't it crazy that they were both planted on the same day but they look completely different!

Speak to you again soon,

Miss Adams :)


Keep Smiling :)  

Hope you are all well

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic half term and enjoyed the weather that we have had! I hope the work on both the year 1 and year 2 blogs are keeping you nice and busy, as well as being enjoyable! We trying give a variety of activities for you to have a go at over the week to keep your days exciting. It has been lovely to see some of your creations recently and they really cheer me up when I get them forwarded to me, so please keep them coming :)

I hope you are all keeping safe, and I might be seeing some of you quite soon! :)

Remember I am here for anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch with school to get hold of me!

Sending my love to you all,

Miss Adams 


Happy Half Term 

Hello :)

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have been a bit quiet recently, I have been busy in school looking after the children that are currently in. It has been lovely to see some of your very smiley faces again, Miss Treleaven and I are still missing you all lots! 

I want to wish you a fantastic Half Term break, you all deserve it after this very different half term we have had. You have all put in so much effort with your work and it has been lovely to see some of the work that has been sent through.

Enjoy the lovely weather we have and a well deserved break (you too parents, you have been doing a fantastic job!).

Speak to you all very soon and look out for our May Class 1/2A Newsletter that will be sent out to you all soon!

Kind Regards,

Miss Adams :)


Fantastic Work! 

Butterfly Writing 

Continuing with the butterfly theme, someone different in our class has been learning about butterflies too! 
They have thought about the metamorphosis of a butterfly, written some fantastic writing, hand drawn diagrams and beautifully presented their work! 
Fantastic work, well done! 

I am so very proud of each and everyone of you! 

Miss Adams :) 


Butterfly Update 

Goodbye Butterflies

Following on from my blog post the other day, I have received another e-mail! The butterflies have been released!! 
Look at how the butterfly is sitting on her hand!! 
Fantastic learning, I am sure they are really enjoying flying around your garden! 

Miss Adams :)


Butterfly update 


As i'm sure (and hoping) a lot of you read in our class newsletter, someone in our class has been looking after some caterpillars which then turned into chrysalises and then... BUTTERFLIES! 
That person has very kindly shared a picture of 3/5 that have hatched so far! 
Look at how beautiful they are, I had to show you them!

Miss Adams :)

On a side note, I am sure some of you are aware that during these blog posts I have not mentioned any names. This is because we are not allowed to share any names online on the blog posts, however I still want to showcase the work that has been done. This is why I have started doing the newsletter, this is where I can share work and directly link it to someone in our class as it is being e-mailed straight to you.
Hope this is okay,

Miss Adams 


Hello :) 

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all keeping safe and you are all enjoying the glorious weather we have had! Unfortunately it is quite windy today but I am still hoping to go out for my daily walk later this evening! Have you been going out for a walk with your family?

On Friday 8th May it was VE day, this was celebrated with a bank holiday. Did you do anything nice? We put up some activities and a PowerPoint on the blogs, did you learn anything about what VE day is?

I celebrated by having a scone, jam and cream in the garden with my mum whilst enjoying the warn sunshine! (See picture, I only had half the scone because my mum made HUGE scones!!)

More baking...

Someone in our class has been putting on their apron and been doing some baking with their mum!
They have mad an amazing egg and bacon pie, does it make you feel hungry looking at it? It definitely makes me hungry! She has even made a lovely heart out of pastry for the top! 

I have included a picture of the pie and the ingredients list! Below is the full recipe if you would like to have a go, I think I am going to have a go at this on the weekend! :)

Hope you are all keeping safe,

Miss Adams :)


Movie Appearance!  


As Mrs Spencer has already explained, St Cleer are making a 'Happy' video to the song Happy by Pharrell!
Would you like to star in the video? If so ,you can ask your adults to film yourself or take a picture of you doing something that makes you happy e.g. a wave from your garden, reading a book, yoga, flowers, dancing, being silly, horse riding cooking etc. 
Please then send in to the school via secretary by FRIDAY 8th MAY

I cannot wait to see as many of you as possible in the video! 

Miss Adams :)


Fantastic Art 

Kenyan sunset

Last week Year 2 were set work on the Kenyan sunset. I got sent this lovely picture this morning that has been drawn of a giraffe silhouette with the sunset background! Well Done, keep up this fab work! I always enjoy receiving e-mails of what you have created/ done at home! 

Hope you are all keeping well,

Miss Adams :) 


Hello :) 

Just a note to say...

Hello class 1/2,

Sorry I haven't posted in here for a while, I do hope that you and your families are well! 

I hope you are keeping yourself busy and enjoying the work we have set, along with the sunshine that we have had! It has been lovely to hear from some of you and see some of you whilst I have been back in school! Miss Treleaven and I are still missing all of you lots! 
I hope you all enjoyed reading the April newsletter I created, Mrs Spencer very kindly sent it out to all of the parents via e-mail. It showcased work from our class that I had been sent throughout April, I look forward to receiving more work I can share with you all in our May newsletter! 
Remember if you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail the secretary and she will forward your message onto me! 

Look forward to seeing lots of your work soon! Miss you all and speak to you all again soon,

Miss Adams 

(Please remember to look at the year 1 or year 2 blog pages for work). 


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