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Good Morning year 1/2 and parents,
I hope the first day of your home school went well yesterday and you managed to have a fun filled day!
To prevent information being repeated, please could you refer to the blog post pages for either year 1 or year 2 where more work will be posted on their regularly. 
Miss Huges is doing daily maths activities for year 1 along with the English activities highlighted on the letter. Myself, Mrs Campbell and Mrs Nute will also be updating the year 2 blog at the end of the week ready for the following week. 

For those in year 2 on Friday we planted sunflower seeds. My plant is currently sitting on my kitchen window sill taking in the glorious sunlight! I will update you on my plant growth every Friday on the year 2 blog. 

Hope you are all well,

Miss Adams :) 


Year 2 Maths this week 

For those who have been away...

Year 2's Maths Learning this week was based on Fractions.Here are the resources if your child has been off from school this week, please follow this link to access the Maths we have been covering. It includes worksheets and videos to download to go with what we've been learning.


Useful websites and apps to help with your child's learning 

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SPaG Mats for year 1 and year 2 

SPaG Mats 

Dear Parent/ Carers,

Attached with this entry are the links to the year 1 and year 2 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammer mats as stated in the letter to parents.  Within each of the mats there are three levels of difficulty. Please try and encourage your children to do the middle or harder mat. The answers are on there if needed.

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School Closure Information for Year 1 

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School Closure Information for Year 2 

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Home Learning 

Please share the social story about coronavirus with your child to help with their understanding of the current situation. It may help to relieve some anxiety if your child is worried.

There is also a home school family learning project which you can do as a family if you wish.

The Magic paintbrush story will help your child with the Literacy tasks set out in the school closure letter.

We hope all the resources can support you at home and will update this blog regularly while your child is off school - please do enjoy the Easter holidays though!

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30 Day Lego Challenge 

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Helping your child with English 

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This week  


Year 1

This week in Literacy year 1 have been learning about the features of a dairy and they have written a diary entry based on the Cottingley fairies. Their writing has been focused on themselves putting themselves in the shoes of one of the cousins. They have been thinking about using adjectives to make their writing more exciting and to describe a setting and the fairies.

Year 2

In literacy this week year 2 have also been writing diary entries. They have also placed themselves in the shoes of Frances and thought about the day they saw their first fairy! In their writing they have been focusing on using the features of a dairy to ensure they are using the correct layout and making sure their writing is in the past tense.


Year 1

In Maths this week year 1 have been using repeated addition and arrays to support their understanding of multiplication. They started off using counters to group amounts to show their understanding like this: They initially thought of this as 2+2+2+2 = 8. They then thought of it as 4 lots of 2 (4x2=8).

Year 2

In maths this week year 2 have been learning about fractions, they have been working out ½ and ¼ of shapes and numbers. They have been using counters and bar models to show this.

Wider Curriculum

This week we have been continuing to learn about the Cottingley fairies. The children have loved building and making their fairy houses. They look amazing and the children have taken a lot of time on them. Next week we will continue to focus on our question of ‘Where can we find magic?’ and we will be looking at the magic of growth!


? Please try and find time to read with your child every day.
? Practice the year 1 or year 2 common exception words.
? Complete your Mathletics challenge set

PE is still on a Monday with Ollie Jones. Please come to school dressed in your PE kit (jogging bottoms recommended) but still wearing a school jumper.

A reminder that it is school photos next Wednesday (18th March).


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