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More Nativity Songs! 

We Three Kings:

Little Donkey:


Learning in 2W 26.11.21 

Good afternoon,

We've had a fantastic week with lots of learning.

In English, we've started writing our stories based on 'Nobot - The Robot With No Bottom'. 2W are really working on their punctuation (including full stops, capital letters and commas). Everyone is getting much better at this - keep it up!

In maths, we are continuing with money. We've been focusing on the difference between pounds and pence this week. We've also looked at counting coins in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

In science, we've continued looking at materials. This week, we were looking at how tough materials are. We did this by rubbing sand paper on different materials. It was very interesting to see which materials were the best!

In PSHE, we had Barnardo's come in to teach us about healthy relationships and where to go for help.

In history, we've been looking at timelines and discussing chronological order. We needed to make a timeline of Florence Nightingale's life.

Gem, giant, magic, energy, giraffe, jacket, jar, jog, adjust, join

* Monday 29th November - RNLI day - If children want to they can wear clothes that are red, white, blue or yellow and/or wear wellies. If they wish to, children can also bring in a donation for the RNLI.
* Friday 3rd December - Dress up as an elf. If children wish to, they can bring in a donation for Alzheimer's research.
* Thursday 9th December - Year 2 nativity. We have some costumes at school if needed - please just get in touch.
* Friday 10th December - Christmas jumper day

Take care,
2W Team


Learning in 2W 19.11.21 

Hello everyone,

We've had a fantastic week in 2W!

In English, we have been changing our Nobot story to how Nobot lost his arm. In our story, his arm gets used as a toothbrush! Next week, we will be inventing our own stories based on this.

In maths, we have been finishing our addition and subtraction unit. We are now starting to look at money - we've been very impressed by what the children know so far!

In science, we're continuing to look at materials. This week we were looking at how bouncy different balls are. We also discussed how things bounce and looked at a slow motion video of a ball bouncing to think about this further.

In RE, we've continued to learn our Nativity. Please find attached the script below. Children will be given paper copies as well. Please just let us know if you have any questions. We also have lots of costumes at school that we can use.

In history, we looked at Florence Nightingale books from the library. This is some of what we discovered:
- Florence was a famous nurse.
- She was rich.
- Hospitals used to be dirty.
- She had five cats.
- She couldn't leave her bed when she was older.

- 22nd November - Year 2s are having a healthy relationships morning.
- 29th November - Wear red/white/blue/yellow/wellies to school for RNLI fundraising.
- 3rd December - Elf day - dress up as an elf for Alzheimer's research.
- 9th December - Nativity for Year 2s will be at 1.30pm
- 10th December - Christmas jumper day

We are looking at spelling the phoneme /j/ with '-dge' and 'ge' at the end of words.
badge, edge, bridge, village, fudge, age, huge, change, charge, dodge

Have a lovely weekend,
Year 2 team

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Year 2 Nativity Songs 

We have been working hard on our nativity songs this half term with Mr Warrick. Below are the first four songs - Noel Noel, The Nativity Song, Such A Tiny Child and When Joseph Went To Bethlehem. More will be uploaded soon!

This is the season beloved of the year,
Sing a rhyme, Christmas time soon will be here.
Tell the true story of Jesus' birth,
When, as a baby, he came to the Earth.

This is the new star, shining so bright,
Lighting the world on that first Christmas night,
This is the angel proclaiming the birth,
Singing "Hosanna!" and "Peace on the Earth!"

Such a tiny child lies sleeping in the hay;
Doesn’t seem to know it is a very special day;
No one’s told him why all the gifts have come his way;
For he is just a tiny child,
Such a tiny child,
Sleeping in the hay.

When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I think he took great care.
To place his tools and close his shop and leave no shavings there.
He urged the donkey forward them, with Mary on its back,
And carried bread and goat cheese in a little linen sack.

Long ago and far away,
In Bethlehem, a mother lay,
Her new born babe upon the hay,
He was the baby Jesus.
He was the baby Jesus.

Noel! Noel! Let angles sing!
Noel! Noel! Let church bells ring!
Noel! Noel! Let everything,
Sing alleluia to the baby boy!

Shepherds on the mountain cold, 
Awoke when angel voices told them, 
Go and leave your lambs in fold, 
Follow the star to Bethlehem! 
Follow the star to Bethlehem!

Noel! Noel! Let angles sing!
Noel! Noel! Let church bells ring!
Noel! Noel! Let everything
Sing alleluia to the baby boy!


Learning in 2W 12.11.21 

Hello everyone,

It's been a lovely week in 2W. 

In English, children have finished their Nobot stories - we were all really impressed by how well everyone remembered the story! We've also had a look at using apostrophes for contractions. Next week, we will be innovating (changing) the Nobot story.

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction and especially looking at how to exchange 10 ones for 1 ten. It's been quite tricky!

In science, we have been looking at stretching different materials. We had a go at an experiment and writing it up. Next week we will continue to test different materials.

In history, we had an interactive morning learning about Florence Nightingale. We learned about what hospitals were like in the Crimean War and what Florence Nightingale did to make it better. We also used the iPads to look up facts about Florence Nightingale. Did you know she owned an owl?

- 22nd November - Year 2s are having a healthy relationships morning. There is a parent workshop about this on Monday 15th November.
- 29th November - Wear red/white/blue/yellow/wellies to school for RNLI fundraising.
- 3rd December - Elf day - dress up as an elf for Alzheimer's research.
- 9th December - Nativity for Year 2s will be at 1.30pm
- 10th December - Christmas jumper day

From now on, there will be one set of spellings for year 2s.
The year 2 spellings are - race, ice, cell, city, fancy, face, bicycle, spicy, circle, space



Learning in 2W 05.11.21 

Good afternoon 2W,

It's been a lovely first week with 2W - we've been very busy!

In English, we've been learning about Nobot - The Robot With No Bottom. We've been learning the story by heart and talking about what makes a good story.

In maths, we're continuing to learn about addition and subtraction. This week, we've focused on column addition with Base 10, pictures and numerals.

In RE, we're learning about Christmas. For this, we have started looking at our Nativity and Mr Warrick has been helping us learn the songs for it.

In PE, we have continued to focus on fundamental skills. This week we had a Christmas theme!

* Wednesday 10th November - We are having a Florence Nightingale interactive morning. Please see the letter for more information.
* Thursday 11th November - There will be individual class photos.

* Orange Orangutans - sit nip pin tip pip sip lip dip kit lit
* Green Grasshoppers - well pull full well buzz fizz back stick flick pal
* Turquoise Turtles - write written wrote wrong wrap wrist wreck wrestle wriggle wren

Have a lovely weekend,
2W Team



Teddy Bear Hospital

Today we had a visit from Teddy Bear Hospital! This is where student doctors from Plymouth University come to teach us about the body.

There were 4 stations:
1. Handwashing – Children put a special UV gel on their hands and washed them. They then checked their hands were washed with a UV light.
2. Heart – Children listened to their heart beat on their wrists. They then used a machine to monitor the heart rate. Next, children ran around and checked their heart beat after exercise.
3. Medical Equipment – Children looked at different equipment like a torch, tuning fork and pulse monitor.
4. Bones – Children learned that there are 206 bones in the body. Children were given a bone and needed to match it to where it goes on the skeleton.

After this, children had ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’. They told the doctors what was wrong with their teddies and got a prescription and bandages for them.

Here are some quotes from today:
Freya – ‘Your hands carry germs.’
Maya – ‘Covid could be a germ.’
Callum – ‘The skull is in the head.’
Seth – ‘Teddy is a builder on a boat and fell and broke his arm.
Oscar – ‘Ted fell off a pole and broke his head.’
Connor – ‘Teddy is having a baby.’
Crystal – ‘The black bit of the eye gets smaller if you shine a light in it.’
Samuel KC - ‘Your heart pumps faster when it is warm or when you have been running about.’



Good afternoon 2W,

I hope you've had a lovely half term and are well rested!

Here are a few reminders for this half term:
- PE will continue to be on Tuesdays. We will be focusing on fundamental skills this half term (running, throwing, catching and more).
- Fit Friday will continue - please can children continue to wear trainers for this.
- Teddy Bear Hospital is Wednesday 3rd November - please can children bring in their teddies for this.

All the best,
Miss Wright


Learning in 2W 22.10.21 

Good afternoon everyone,

We’ve had a lovely half term and the children have worked very hard so well done 2W!

This week we have continued learning about addition and subtraction in maths. After half term we will be learning about money.

In English, children have finished writing the final copies of their poems, based on the Quangle Wangle’s Hat by Edward Lear. I and all the staff were very impressed by the quality of the children’s writing so keep it up 2W!

In science, we’ve finished our topic living things and will be learning about everyday materials after half term.

In our learning adventure, we have finished learning about old toys. The children were able to talk about their learning really well and remembered lots of activities and interesting things from half term. The Box museum was a favourite! After half term, we will be exploring the question: ‘Why is Florence Nightingale famous?’

Finally, children have finished learning about dance in P.E. After half term, Fit Friday will continue - it’s been really lovely to explore different games and skills, such as racing, balancing, passing and shooting. More information about P.E. will follow at the end of half term.

- Children have Oxford Owl logins in the front of their reading books. There were some children that were away or forgot their reading records, so we will give them theirs after half term. I’ve attached a letter for more information.
- We have Teddy Bear Hospital on Wednesday 3rd November - children can bring in their teddies for this or we can provide some from school. Please can children not bring their favourite teddy in, just in case it gets lost or damaged in school.
- Year 2 will be doing their own nativity next half term. More information will follow closer to the time. Have a lovely half term, Miss Wright and 2W team
- Spellings will begin after half term

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Learning in 2W 08.10.21 

Dear 2W parents/guardians,

It’s been a lovely week in 2W. We have finished our explanation texts and the children’s writing is really improving. We are now moving onto poetry and are learning about the ‘Quangle Wangle’s Hat’ by Edward Lear. We’ve been discussing what this means.

We have also finished our unit on place value in maths and are now moving onto addition and subtraction. This week we have focused on checking our answers and working things out in different ways. Times tables is also going well – keep practicing at home, there has been a definite improvement!

In DT, most children have finished painting their cars and are now onto adding wheels. They’re looking brilliant and will be sent home soon!

In art, children have designed Christmas cards. These will be sent off next week so that they can be made into cards and accessories.

There are a few reminders and dates for the diaries here:

- 14th October – 2W parent consultations will be taking place in the studio from 9-11.30am. From 11.30am onwards, they will be in the library.
- 19th October – 2W are going to the church for Harvest. They have been learning songs with Mr. Warrick.
- 22nd October - Unfortunately there was a mix up with Space Odyssey and Year 2 children will not be attending. 2W parents do not need to pay for it and it won’t be on parent pay.
- 3rd November – We are having a visit from Teddy Bear Hospital. This is where students from Plymouth University teach about hygiene, going to the doctors and more. Have a lovely weekend, Miss Wright


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