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Go Ape 

Go Ape, By Talula

Yesterday, the year 6s went to Go Ape in Haldon forest.

When they got to school, they were very excited. Luckily, they all had what they needed: a coat, their packed lunch, their change of clothes and their suitable shoes.

When they had been told their group, 6K and 6H lined up to get on the coach. To the children’s great joy and surprise, the seats were red! On one side of the coach the seats were in rows of three; however, on the other side, the seats were in twos.

After an hour-and-a-half coach journey, the year 6s got up, stretched and ran off the coach. They and the teachers excitedly swarmed over to the picnic bench and sat down contentedly. Some children thought that the pine cones were as irresistible as sweets; others just couldn’t understand it.

The children headed onto a track in the woods and - despite having already seen the magnificent pine trees- gasped with awe and delight when they saw the treetop bridges, platforms and zip lines.
The children listened to a brief introduction before trying on their harnesses, which fitted perfectly. There were platforms, which held three people, bridges (that were all different – and terrifying – shapes and sizes) that held two people and zip lines that could only hold one person.

After they had completed the low practice course, 6K and 6H moved to the three five-metre-high courses.

When the classes had finished their session, they ate lunch (which for some people meant collecting as many pine cones as possible) before moving on to the games. The first game consisted of filling a bag with soft things to stop a water balloon popping when dropped from a height. Unfortunately, group three (by far the best team) put the tape in the wrong place and the balloon popped!

Next the teams each joined with another team and each enlarged group got a hula hoop. They had to link hands and get the hoop along the chain. If they broke the chain, the hoop went back to the start. Luckily, the red team won and the other team got pelted with water balloons.

Tired but content, the children hopped on to the coach and almost fell asleep on the way back. Many still had deflated water balloons and some had bags full of pine cones. They happily got off the coach at school and went home.

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Adrenalin Quarry, by Evie MT

On 17/5/22 (yesterday) we went to the aqua park, the go kart track and the zip line at Adrenalin Quarry. At around 9:30, we hopped on the coach and it took about 20 minutes to get there.

The first part of this amazing trip was the go karts. We all queued impatiently by the gate for our turn. A group at a time went in to watch a video of all of the rules and guidelines for the go karts. Next we got our balaclavas and hard helmets just before we started racing. It seemed so surreal because everyone that won the race was in kart 30… it must have a glitch!

Next was the zip wire. Some of us were terrified after seeing the drop that took place; others (like Rosie) were super confident and were not scared whatsoever. The instructor soon told us that we had to carry our luggage with us on the way down! Luckily, it got clipped to us so we wouldn’t drop it. We were soon standing on the edge and 3…2…1 we were off sliding down the cliff face. Shortly after, we had our lunch by the edge of the water.

After our lunch we went and got changed with the provided wetsuits and life vests they gave us. We soon headed out to the dock and plummeted into the warm water. The blow up apparatus were very slippery but overall, it was super fun.

To sum up, I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed it and had a very good time out. In addition, Miss Kite managed to go down the death slide and Evie MT got petrol spilled all over her self.



Go Karting!

Check us out whizzing round the race track.



Zip Line!

We LOVED the zip line at Adrenalin Quarry!


BBQ, By Em 


On Friday, we all had a lovely walk up to Mrs Goldsmith's field where we enjoyed the delicious hotdogs that were cooked by Mr Hazelwood and Mrs Goldsmith!

When we first met up, we had an explore around minions and spotted some sheep with little lambs that were absolutely adorable. We had a short break at the top of a hill that you could see donkey pool from which (according to the very wise Mrs H)  is a great pool to take a dip in and have a very relaxing swim. Eventually, after great triumph of lots of hills, we made it to the field where we were all eager to bite into mustard and ketchup-smothered hot dogs and some fizzy pop. When we first arrived to the field, a lot of us raced towards her chickens which were in a huge pen (almost like a mini chicken village!). Lots of sports were played with including football , tennis and catch- we can’t forget about the lushest cookies that we baked on Thursday (they were amazing).On the way back to school we went down lots of narrow rocky paths that you could see lots of fields through and spot lots of different flowers and plants especially bluebells. Unfortunately, we did have to persevere up the steep hill back up to school where we all had a rest and agreed that it was a very successful and fun way to end the week- especially after SATS!

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School Of Rock 

School Of Rock:
by Elowen

This week on Wednesday, we went to the Theatre Royal to see “The School Of Rock” as the first of our four school trips- it was extremely loud, but we all enjoyed it.

At twelve thirty, we boarded the coach and set off. The play began at half past two, and had a fifteen minute interval at quarter past four.

It was about a man called Dewy Finn (apologies for any misspellings) who was kicked out of the band he created, No Vacancy; he couldn’t pay rent to his friend, Ned Shweeble (apologies about spellings again) and so steals his $900 job (it’s American) at “Horace Green” school. He then teaches the children rock music and starts to fall in love with the principal.

Finally ending with much loud music, they (now named “The School Of Rock”) enter and win the “Battle of The Bands”. Dewy Finn is then almost arrested for being an imposter, but the principal saved him by making him a permanent Music Teacher.

The performance ended at five thirty.

Unknown to most of us, someone had a nose bleed waterfall in the middle of the performance! Mrs T however saved the day with her box of tissues. Three cheers for Mrs T! Meanwhile, Elowen’s chair broke and Evie MT was rocking along.

We all had a fantastic time and cannot wait for the next trip.

By Elowen (6K)


8th April 


Friday 1st April 2022 


Friday 25th March 2022 




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