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A Message to Year 6 from Liskeard School 

Transition Challenge

You can complete any of the challenges in any order.

Once you have completed a challenge you can either drop a paper copy of your work into reception (make sure you put your name on it) or email what you have done to

For each challenge you complete you will get a merit!

These will be awarded to you in September. Merits = house points so by completing these challenges you will be helping to win the house competition!

You will also get a special home learning certificate in the post.

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Wednesday 15th July 2020 


Preparations are underway for the party on Friday.
One of the groups has worked very hard to make cookies for you all and they look even better than these. Hopefully, they will taste great too.

The other group made amazing bandanas from material with the help of one of the Year 6 TAs who brought in her sewing machine.
The groups have been working on many of the Liskeard challenges and will have earned themselves quite a lot of merit points before they start in Year 7.

We hope you are all well.
Congratulations to the Year 6 girl who now has a beautiful new baby sister! 
How exciting.
We look forward to seeing more of you on Friday. 


Tuesday 14th July  

Planning your ultimate room!

One of the Liskeard School activites from the Maths team is to look at plan views as well sa other types of elevation. To help us with this we looked at this webpage and had a go at the challenge at the bottom of the screen.

We then used the APP Home Design Lite to make a floor plan for our ultimate room or house. We could then see the room in 3D.

Have a look at the website above and then try to design your ultimate room by drawing it in plan view. If you would liek an extra challenge then you can draw the room from the side or front elevation afterwards. You can do this on paper or by using an App.

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Monday 13th July 

Preparations for the Year 6 party are well under way and we are hoping to see you all then!
Thank you to the parents who have contributed ideas, time, thought and resources (including financial support and plastic for a water slide!) to the event. We really appreciate it.
The Year 6 pupils have also played a large part in discussing ideas, costing up and all round enthusiasm.
A letter is going out with more details about the event.
It will be a very welcome occasion for the Year 6 pupils who have been at school because their play times have really pulled on their patience and good sense. Imagine break time in the summer with no adventure playground, no football (some people would like this!), no games that involve any kind of touching of objects or being close to your best friends. Imagine what it is like to have a friend in another area of the playground and you have to stand behind an imaginary line to have a chat with them. Even as I write this, it seems very hard to believe. The Year 6s here have coped with all of this with no fuss and they have made the teachers and the TAs very proud.
We hope that they have formed a bond that they will never forget. The hardest thing has probably been the fact that they have missed their other friends so much. They have talked about the other Year 6 pupils a lot, so they (you) have also been very much in our minds.
Just for fun, we are attaching these great science experiments that you may want to try out in the holiday. Apologies to parents in advance for potential mess. Outdoors may be best.

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Thursday 9th July 


Do you know what this painting is called and who it was painted by?
See if you can find out.
What are the ten most famous portrait paintings in the world?
Today, we had a go at drawing portraits using this simple step by step guide.
The hardest part was convincing the children that eyes are not at the top of your head,
See how you get on. We would love to see some of your pictures.

We are also attaching some sheets that you may find useful in helping in your transition to Secondary School and give you pointers to help you reflect on your days at Primary School.
You will find some of these more useful than others. They are just for your own reflection.
We hope that you are all well and keeping up with your learning. Reading needs to be at the top of your list. Read a good book when you are out in the sunshine this weekend!

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Wednesday 8th July 

1066 and all that!

One of the tasks that was set by the humanities department at Liskeard was to find out as much information as possible about 1066. This will be one of the first topics you will cover in Year 7. At school we watched this Horrible Histories episode and then looked at this English Heritage website to get as much information as possible about the Year 1066. We then made our own webpages using the App Thinglink. Check out an example below:

1066 webpage

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One of the Year 6 groups today has created a dog agility assault course! Some children have been trainers and some have been dogs - or in one case, a moose..
Today, we have also been making further plans for our party next FRIDAY 17TH JULY. 
This week we have been talking more of the tasks that Liskeard School have sent in preparation for September. You should be attempting these at home if you have not already - all of the tasks are on this blog ready to download so scroll down and see which one you want to start with.

Geography Field Sketch Task

Before takling the Geography task set by the Humanities team at Liskeard school we watched this lesson by Mr Lewis. Have a look before you take on this challenge.

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Friday 3rd July 2020 


Today, one of the Year 6 groups worked really hard to wash teachers` and TAs` cars! They raised about £30 for a very worthy cause - the RSPCA.

Mr L. taught them the important techniques of spraying water and scrubbing wheels - we hear that one of the Year 6 girls had a foaming hosepipe that got out of control, but her skill and determination saved the day...
The other group had a very intense chess tournament going on. Teachers and TAs were involved too and a lot of new techniques and strategies were learned - especially by the adults!

The Year 6 students in school have been a real pleasure to work with and they have been so sensible, thoughtful and helpful throughout this time. They are missing all their other Y6 friends and are looking forward to catching up before too long.
They are allowed to wear their leavers` sweatshirts so they are looking very colourful indeed.
Keep in touch with us.
Make sure you keep looking at this blog because we have some useful information and work for you, but also, Liskeard School have been making regular communications and these are really important for you all.
Have a good weekend.
Take care and keep safe.


Home Learning Opportunities - week beginning 6.7.20  

Dear Year 6,

We hope you are continuing to be well.
As previous weeks, I have attached some learning opportunities for you to access at home. If we can hep with anything, please do get in touch.

It is getting close to the Summer break now and I really hope we will all be able to get out and about a bit more in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed!

Have another great week.

Mrs B

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Wednesday 1st July 

Today, we had a go at making tall towers using scrap paper, masking tape and card. We had a wide variety of really interesting designs!

Also, one group made incredible pizzas. They learned how to make the dough, knead it and create a very tasty pizza using some interesting ingredients.
Pepperoni and sausage was very popular!

You have hopefully seen the video from Mrs Birkbeck on this blog page and we are hoping that you have taken time to look at the challenges.
The Year 6 here have started to work on them and they are hoping to earn merit points ready for September. You can find them on Liskeard`s website. (The video tells you how to navigate there.)
We hope you are all well and are keeping occupied. Please let us know if you need anything. The Year 6s in school are all doing really well and are working hard. They miss you all and are looking forward to catching up with you in September.


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