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Year 56   Bridge School Games

Posted 25/06/2022
by Thomas Hazlewood

Bridge School Games

This week saw the launch of the 'Bridge School Games'.  Our class, and St Cleer as a school were competing against all the other classes in all of the other Bridge schools.

We set up the entire field with the activities.  There was a seated throw, a standing long jump, a bean-bag boogie, shuttle shuffles and the killer the speed bounce (it was so tiring).  We had a great time trying to beat our personal best on each of the different activities - but we did choose the hottest day of the year so we made sure we had rest stations and plenty of water.

A big thanks to Mr O'Dwyer for organising the games - we look forward to seeing how we did against the other schools.


Year 45   Sewing Time - Native American Style!

Posted 24/06/2022
by Rebecca Parris

We have had another busy week with lots of exciting things going on.
DT (Design Technology)
Thank you to the parents who came in/were prepared to help support our sewing lessons this week. The children have shown their skill with a needle, each of them making a cross-stitch sample inspired by pictures of Native American weaving.
The whole school is carrying out lessons based around the themes expressed in the book: "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers. This brilliant book was written by Oliver for his new born baby, telling the baby about the world and his life ahead. We kicked off our project by having a walk around our beautiful school grounds and we wrote a collaborative poem based on what inspired us.
We started some mixed-media art which was inspired by North American artists and their paintings of the Yukon, Colorado and Mississippi rivers. We have done some painting and pastel work and now hope to layer it using tissue and collage material.
We have been emphasising to the children the need to have their reading record in school and to make sure they have a reading book and a book for pleasure on the go. Many of them have been receiving bracelet bands, having recorded 25/50 and even 75 entries in their reading records. 
We have been having fun with the Bridge Sports events this week and have been diligently recording our scores. Our class are really good at doing the baton relay, too.
We continue to learn about Judaism and this week we learned about the importance of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (Time for asking for forgiveness). We discussed the word "atonement." We enjoyed tasting apple dipped in honey, a symbolic part of the festival of Rosh Hashanah: hoping for a "sweet" year ahead.

Thank you to the children and parents for your support and hard work.

4/5NP Team


Year 6  

Posted 21/06/2022
by Jenifer Kite

Science investigation: does the size of a ball affect the speed it falls?

Our investigation:
In science, we have been investigating if the size of a ball will affect the speed it falls.

First, we made our predictions. Some of us thought that the heaviest ball would fall the fastest; others remembered our experiment with clay balls and thought that they would fall together.  
We investigated by taking basketballs/footballs, dodge balls, tennis balls and ball pit balls out side to the top of the slide, dropping  them simultaneously and filming them in slow-motion with Miss Kite's iPad. Those who were not dropping balls watched from below.

Fair test:
We made our test fair by keeping the height we dropped them from the same, dropping them together and dropping them onto the same surface. Hopefully, we kept them at the exact same level!

We managed to decipher from the slow-motions that, when successfully dropped, they fell and landed together.
Follow the link to watch the videos of our investigation.

To conclude, we discovered that the size and weight of an object does not affect the pull of gravity, therefore objects will fall at the same speed.


Year 2   PSHE Letter

Posted 20/06/2022
by Marianne Wright

Good afternoon,

Please find attached a letter regarding PSHE this half term.

Best wishes,
Miss Wright


Year 2   Class Photos

Posted 20/06/2022
by Marianne Wright

Dear all,

Please can orders for class photos be handed back to school by next Thursday 23 June.

Many thanks,
Miss Wright


Head's Blog   Welcome to Bridge Schools Games 2022

Posted 20/06/2022
by Michele Spencer


Year 56   Mastering algebra

Posted 18/06/2022
by Thomas Hazlewood

Mastering Algebra

There was a collective groan this week then the class heard that we were focusing on Algebra - but now we really like it!

We started with creating simple expressions, and have become really confident writing algebraic expressions to help us solve problems.  Then we moved on to using substitutions to help us figure our the answers to algebraic equations.

Our favourite lesson has been using substitutions to play a game of Top Trumps!  Once we were confident, we solved a codebreaker too.  Many of our class asked to take the cards and codebreaker home to carry on with their families!

Next week, with our new found confidence, we will begin to look at using formulae and how we can balance equations!


Head's Blog  

Posted 16/06/2022
by Michele Spencer

Thank you for the music!

What a wonderful day we had at STERTS on Tuesday 14th June! Something we have waited three years to do - and we did it in style. Singing Through the Decades, your children took us on a journey that made us smile, laugh, cry and sing a long! We are incredibly proud of each and every one of them. Thank you for supporting us and making a sold-out performance a real highlight of the year!

500 miles...and more!

Who wouldn't walk 500 miles to come and share these wonderful talents - and that was just the parents, never mind the pupils of St Cleer! Thank you for joining in and going on the journey with us!



Posted 16/06/2022
by Rebecca Parris

Recognise this incredible place?
What an amazing day we all had at Sterts on Tuesday! The children sang beautifully and did us all proud. We can`t stop humming the tunes - even in the middle of the night!
This week, we looked at paintings by North American artists of the Yukon, the Colorado and the Mississippi. The children have done some really good initial sketches and have planned a large piece of mixed-media art work.
Next week, we will start sewing our binca (cross-stitch) pieces based on the patterns created on Native American weavings. Thank you in advance to the parents who are coming to help us.
We are now finishing our lessons on Shape and we will be focusing on data handling next week (graphs). Our Year 4s have been undertaking their x tables tests - they have worked so hard and we are very proud of all their efforts.
We have started composing and writing our own "Journey" stories. The children are very imaginative and we are particularly pleased with the richness of their writing. They use powerful vocabulary and they are experimenting with sentence structure.
Next week, we will be focusing (as a whole school) on a book called "Here We Go" by Oliver Jeffers as part of our BOOK FORTNIGHT.
We have been working on our shuttle relay running and some fun activities ahead of our Bridge Schools Sports Week next week.
We will have P.E on Monday.

Thank you so much to the children and Parents/Guardians for all your support.
Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

The 4/5NP Team



Posted 15/06/2022
by Jenifer Kite

By Betty

On Monday 14 June the whole school of St Cleer Performed at the outdoor theatre-Sterts.

That morning nearly everyone was getting ready to get on the coach for a 10 – 15 minute drive. We were all in our Sterts outfits and costumes and many of us were singing the songs.

All the year groups dressed up for the performance: pre-school and reception in 1950s outfits, 1 and 2 as monkeys, 3 and 4 in 70s outfits and 5 and 6 in 80s.

We all got off the coach, put our bags down and sat chatting about the day’s events on the small grassy area outside the Sterts tent where we would be performing that afternoon.

A while later, everyone was called into the tent for a last run through of where and when we would all be sitting, standing or singing and what the order would be for each song. The tent was large and seats were raised up so everyone could see. After the final run through, before the show, we were all called out to eat lunch and, once again, everyone was talking about what songs they would rather sing than others and how some people were feeling a bit nervous. It was a very warm day so after a while the top of everyone’s heads were boiling and a lot of people’s food was heating up or melting. Then it was show time! We all went down to the stage and parents started to arrive.

A little while later everyone was in and we were all ready to perform. All the receptions, pre-schoolers, year ones, twos, threes and fours were all excited. I think the year fives and sixes looked the most nervous. Then the music started playing and all the parents, grandparents and teachers were watching. We sang lots of different songs e.g. St Cleer school song, only if you have a dream and others. All the year groups had different songs: Pre-school and reception sang shake rattle and roll; year 1 and 2 sang we are the monkeys and I’m a believer; years 3 and four sang don’t worry about a thing and super trooper and 5 and 6 sang a mash – up of songs including footloose, going to give you up, eye of the tiger and the final countdown. Then the team leaders came up and said that the next songs were all to do with positivity. E.g. don’t look back in anger, thank you for the music and a few others.

The show ended and we were all taken out the tent to meet our parents to go home after an amazing performance.


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